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Out of Staters: Don't Inadvertently Hurt Dr. Paul! (Nebraska)

You guys ROCK! I know that and I know we all want to help Nebraska for the win!

That said they are dealing with a very fragile dynamic out there. If we show up at Grand Island hootin' and hollerin' Ron Paul, it could hurt us. Those little old ladies in Nebraska are country ladies with old fashioned values and they don't know a fiat dollar from a Fiat car. What they need to see frankly are not so much us as their own Nebraskan Republican brothers and sisters who know how to talk their talk.

The NE Liberty people have gotten this far, so we should trust they know what's needed for the win.

RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!

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Does anyone know if the chair gets voted on tomorrow, or is this saturday?

The chair will not be voted

The chair will not be voted on until early 2013.

Edit: The vote will be by the state central committee, not the delegates at large as it would have been before the chairman decided not to step down yet.

I Find This Post Troubling

Not only because the poster is new, but because I don't think it's wrong to have numbers of people stand up anywhere, peacefully and respectfully, for what is right. People need to be valiant for the truth wherever they are.

My experience is to be wary of anyone wanting others to match their behavior to the locale. Gentlemen and ladies are who they are; well-mannered and groomed, no matter whose company they are in.

I don't know any Nebraskans personally, but they sound like wonderful, family-oriented people. And, I don't think any honest American would object to a well-mannered display of support for the principles Ron Paul represents. We are all Americans, and Nebraska may well prove critically important to every one of us.


they are electing

the delegates not Ron Paul. I think Ron Paul supporters are the most well mannered thoughtful people on the planet but that does not change the fact that a Ron Paul rally in Grand Island might be counter productive. The delegates need to sell themselves not Dr Paul. As for being new I have been working in the Liberty movement since 2007.Dont hold against me the fact that my behavior does not match yours

"The delegates need to sell themselves"?

Not so sure about that. Now, I'm not going to be hypocritical and say I'm going to Nebraska to be part of a rally for Ron Paul, when I'm not. However, if other Ron Paul supporters decide to peacefully observe, why are you working so hard to prevent them from being there? These are intelligent, nice people, regardless of how they may be portrayed. Do you think if they sensed they were being "counter productive", that they would not simply take their leave?

I usually agree with not going where one is not invited, but,it is doubtful the Ron Paul supporters would ever have been issued an engraved invitation to any convention.


Im a National Delegate

and thts for lots of reasons. Some are because I worked my butt off and got our people to the convention. Some are because I talked to my fellow republicans and let them see tht just because Im a Ron Paul supporter I dont have fangs and we have alot of common ground. The fact that Im in my mid 30's helped as well I think. Our state gop cited security concerns prior to our state cobnvention and had security in force as well.Bottom line is as crazy as it is to you or me the gop elite have alot of the old grayhairs convinced we are crazy troublemakers. Also the State Delegates are absolutely selling themselves! They are the ones being voted for. Any distraction away from the State Delegates is bad for their cause

I Agree

that all delegates and Ron Paul supporters must take the utmost care to present themselves well. MSM media has nurtured an incorrect perception that must be overcome with exemplary behavior. While I am sympathetic to Nebraskans who don't want outsiders interfering with internal affairs, this could be an issue of global importance. Therefore, I hope the fine citizens of Nebraska would encourage an air of transparency about their proceedings.


oh ouch!!

well this old lady from NE does know the difference of fiat's.
I also know my mothers do.( both living and both know WHO RON PAUL IS)

Nebraska IS full of old fashioned value, maybe that is why the word of Dr. Paul is what they are listening to.

pssst..not all of us live and breathe cornhuskers--I don't, nor my parents
but...we do live and breathe family and values-could be hell if you come between that.

poster---5 days 5 hours word of advise...DON'T SCREW WITH NEBRASKANS

ok carry on

Thank you savingeveryone's future

for a real comment from a real grassroots PERSON (state affiliation is irrelevant)!!

one of us . . .

is descended from people who went to Nebraska in the 1870s and 1880s, but hasn't lived there for 50 years--and the other one of us lived there for a while and left 40 years ago--

fact is that Nebraskans are a lot like other midwesterners; they tend to be loyal Republicans, I know. But there are exceptions, and some are awake (like other Americans), and some are fast asleep.

We have very fond feelings towards Nebraska; many of the people there ARE very good and very pro-family--

we pray for Nebraska at this crucial time--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


You're an idiot. Contrary to what you people on the coasts think, Nebraska isn't a flyover hick state filled with little old grandmothers who can't tie their own shoes. Talk their talk? I'm shaking my head in disbelief right now.

-a Nebraskan for 30 years

I am from the Midwest and I agree with Drteeth

Why did Iowa matter so much!

Nebraska is a neighbor and very similar demographically . . .Omaha is a pretty large city too . . .and very cosmopolitan . . .

I am really afraid about Laura as the Leader . . .Kansas is another border state as well as South Dakota . . . Minnesota is close but does not touch . . . what is all the fuss here?

Being from the Midwest where everyone knows each other and then working for Ron Paul in Maine . . . being small is a huge plus! You can sway your Grandma . . . if you work hard enough at it:)

This is silly . . . go for it volunteers . . . but remember the Demographics . . . those grandma's will love you if you smile alot and give them warm handshakes. The Grandads will love you too if you bring lots of pretty ladies in as Ron Paul Volunteers:)

Shucks, they're just Cornhuskers

I attended a wedding a few weeks ago, my son married into a Nebraskan brood. They were a bit Lutheran. But after the rehearsal, wedding, when the reception dancing began, these Go Big Red Cornhuskers didn't know when to say the party's over!
My observation: They are pro-family, and have big networks of family all over, not just in NE. They are middle class bright hard working families, and they party just as hard. Besides being Lutheran, or Baptist, or whatever, they worship NE football.

So, they are reverent, but they are not reserved when it comes to what they are excited about. The old ladies and gents are alive and kicking, and have great giving hearts, and talented handiwork.

Just show them love for NE Cornhuskers, the desire and ability to win big like a Cornhusker (NE goes into mourning when they lose, it's not an option; just like a RP supporter)

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

Do What We Do

Do not listen to anyone on here telling you to do something different than what has gotten us to this point. Do what you do best, go and fight for liberty. Be respectful, but do not get pushed around. That is Dr. Pauls message and we should continue to follow Pauls example. Get to Nebraska if you can, and do your level best to help the Paul supporters get their delegate spots. Anyone who tells you to stay away for any reason, is trying to stop us from having the numbers we need to accomplish our goal. We need this state at this point because of the fraud that has already been dealt to us, do not fall for anymore.

No -

This is well-meaning but terrible advice. The campaign does not need droves of out-of-staters converging on the convention hall. For what purpose? It would be completely counterproductive. Listen to our folks on the ground in Nebraska. The only people who should show up are elected state convention delegates and alternates. Use some common sense! That's how we won Iowa.

The numbers we need to

The numbers we need to accomplish our goal have nothing to do with outsiders coming in. It has to do with us getting GOP regulars to work with us. The former will disrupt the latter, and we discourage outsiders from coming and stirring the pot!

And may I ask

And may I ask just where did you get this advice from, to be quite, respectful, unnoticed, not make a scene, sit on your hands and don't say anything unless called upon. This strategy you have, what made you decide to use it, instead of something else. Are you taking orders from someone else. Or did you figure this all out on your own. Little old ladies are all the same no matter what part of the country I visit. I don't see how NE is any different.

Not criticizing. Just asking.

This strategy has worked for

This strategy has worked for us at the county level throughout the state. We know the people and the type of people who will be at the state convention. Arguing over candidates and issues will not help us get a majority of votes this weekend.

You are incorrect to say that we will sit on our hands, however. We just want to fight the battles we can win. Going in guns-a-blazing will get us shot down before reaching our goal. It's strange to me that so many people think that picking fights with a minority of delegates is such a good idea. That doesn't seem very well thought out. Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Is this Monica Serrano's new logon? This is what she told the...

Is this Monica Serrano's new logon? This is what she told the Liberty Live Stream Team just after she sold us out, resigned as the RP State Coordinator for Arkansas and insisted to our Arkansas National Delegates that they should sign a pledge to vote for Mitt Romney in Tampa.

Is this you Monica or is it the RNC or others that paid you off? We are ignoring you just as the Liberty Live Stream Team ignored you.

WE WILL FILM THE FULL PROCEEDINGS IN NEBRASKA! ..with hidden cameras if necessary.

There will be more than one crew embedded there. Attack one independent news crew and you will be on the video of the other ones for sure.


filming is good

filming is good and no Im not Monica you putz Im a National Delegate who wants to see a win in NE and the word is that if we turn this into a Ron Paul rally its going to turn off the little old ladies. They re voting for the delegates not Ron Paul. Maybe what Im hearing is wrong but I think we need to trust what Nebraskans who support Ron Paul just as much as me and presumably you do. If you want to go to NE GO! I am but realize you need to do whats best for a NE win not what you want.

Only so much you can do

Your explanations will never satisfy those who are paranoid. You will always be someone else lurking under an assumed name, a paid-off lackey of the RNC or Romney campaign, or perhaps just a malicious troll. They really don't understand.

Are you a voting delegate to Tampa or an alternate? I was elected to go as well. I'm very excited!



You have been a member for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!

And you want us to just roll over and not say anything more about nebraska because it's all covered.




and thank you.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

He's not even from NE

Ron Paul needs to come to NE
Submitted by paddysforronpaul on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 08:15. Permalink

Ron Paul needs to be in NE for your convention. Apparently Carol has said that the reason she and Ron have not been to some state conventions is because they were not "asked". I think that means (I could be wrong) that the grassroots was unable to manuever through the gauntlet of top down micromanaged system that is the Ron Paul Campaign. We need a way to contact Dr Paul directly. Its been shown time and again that when Dr Paul speaks to a state delegation they tend to vote for him! We need to start a massive emai

This poster has been a member of DP for 4 DAYS!!!!!

watch out you guys! Don't be fooled!!!!!!

So what?

Do you realize that the vast majority of the 2 million people who voted for Ron Paul in 2012 are not members of DP? In fact, they don't even know we exist.

I mentioned DP to the Paul chairman of our state--one of the few winning states for Paul, in terms of delegate plurality. His response? He'd heard of it, might have looked at it once.

The longevity of membership here has nothing to do with the quality of the thought being expressed. We're a bucket's worth of water in the ocean of the Liberty/Conservative/Anti-establishment movement.

I don't mean to be mean, but: Get some perspective. Stop casting aspersions based on a silly standard.

26 weeks?



Scandalous, isn't it? I've been an admirer of Ron Paul for 36 years. How about yourself?

I've been here

since a few weeks after I heard Ron Paul on TV. My husband was in Iraq and I had 2 young sons. He was stop-lossed. We had gotten out of the Army and taken jobs and moved when the Army said no way about 1 week before his contract ended. HE went back to Iraq for 15 months. For an illegal War that has cost this country trillions. Is this good? If you are a Romney implant... just consider what true supporters are here for. We've all been effected personally by the overuse of government. The lack of accountability. God bless.