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Now it's CETA?! hands off our Internet!

Less than a week has passed since ACTA was defeated by a comprehensive vote in the European parliament. But some copyright activists believe its provisions may get in through the backdoor via the CETA treaty.

­The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a wide-ranging set of agreements between the EU and Canada. Only a small part of it concerns intellectual property, but this part appears to have been lifted from the drafts of ACTA, often word-for-word, as has been revealed by a leak of unpublished treaty protocols.


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Too Many People Waking Up Too Fast.

The powers that be are getting more and more desperate to censor the free flow of information. It seems that they keep introducing a new CISPA/SOPA/ACTA/CETA every other month. Unless the government fakes a cyber attack to scare people, I don't think people will ever accept these bills.

Just when EU kills ACTA, now this?

Ok, on to the next one.

Will they not learn that people's vigilant attention on these Internet restricting bills only grows with each attempt at passing them?? Well, we're here and we're watching and acting accordingly and we're not nearly as tired off it as the establishment is getting. It's good practice actually.

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