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GQ Magazine on MA-17: Who's Afraid of These Ron Paul Delegates?

GQ Magazine: When I asked the Romney campaign why the 17 delegates had been rejected, they referred me to the Massachusetts Republican Party. But the party, in a statement from the Allocation Committee chairman, says it was the Romney campaign's decision to bounce the 17 Paul supporters:

"Governor Romney's campaign, through its representative on the Allocation Committee, made the decision not to certify certain delegates and alternate delegates who were unwilling to sign and return on time the affidavit sent out by the Allocation Committee affirming that they would cast their vote for Governor Romney at the National Convention in Tampa," the statement reads. It concludes with the committee's agreement that the dispute over affidavits constituted "'just cause' for not being certified as national delegates."

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It's like they're tossing us

It's like they're tossing us evidence so we can sue their asses.

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from his government." - Thomas Paine

(╮°-°)╮┳━┳ (╯°□°)╯┻━┻ "RON PAUL 2012 DAMNIT!"

did anyone see his follow-up post?


It's titled, "On the Other Hand, Paulites, This Seems Like a Tad Much", and refers to the lawsuit. Not surprisingly, he thinks that's a step too far.

I agree

suing for hot coffee, calling 911 for mixed up orders and the such are all good things. Suing to defend the electoral process and the rights of the citizens - well that's what ties these courts up and wastes tax payers dollars.

the attempt of the lawsuit

is to rewrite the electoral process, not to defend it. Don't pretend for a second that if Ron Paul had won the primaries and was about to be nominated that you would think this lawsuit was legitimate. Can any intellectually honest person who is currently trying to unbind delegates say that they would be doing the same thing if these delegates were bound to Ron Paul and the supporters of some neo-con candidate who Ron Paul had just beaten were trying to overturn the results? However, I can say with complete confidence that no matter what side of the voting results I was on, I would oppose a lawsuit like this.

I have to disagree with you

I believe the spirit of the lawsuit is to hold to the rules. This is not rewriting the process - it is ensuring the process is followed. The rules state they are not bound. Hence, we are NOT trying to UNBIND them - we are trying to show they were never bound - and as such there is no need to unbind what was never bound to begin with.

As they say in sports - that's why we play the game(See "undefeated" Partriots for better understanding of why we play the game and don't just anoint winners).
Ron Paul read the rule book, he developed his plan according to the rules and followed that plan. Now that his plan is working - those who bet on the wrong team want to change the rules. Well too bad - Romney had the same rule book - he should have studied harder.
Your whole premise hinges on a phrase I disagree with "won the primaries". Well - he got some votes and that is PART of the process - but not all of it. They don't give you 6 points for going 99 yards - they give you 6 points for crossing the goal line no matter how many yards(or how many votes) you get. Romney didn't go the extra yard - he didn't "win" anything. They quit and now want to cry foul. Too bad - those are the rules.

You would think the opposite

If Ron Paul was winning right now... That much is certain.

Ron Paul himself doesn't even agree with your interpretation of the rules. No one important does. We're not just anointing Mitt Romney arbitrarily. We're saying he won because he really did win. Though the result is not official, it is inevitable. Anyone pretending the race is not over is making themselves look silly. Ron Paul is pleading with you to stop living this fantasy, and he accepts that Romney is the winner.

You are not correct

Delegates, like candidates, are VETTED by parties. Many are called, few are CHOSEN, as the central committees and town councils have the obligation by law to VET folks who want to be candidates and delegates representing their communities, not themselves.

Depending on the state, they are bound. Here in CA, every republican candidate, issued to the secretary of State, THEIR list of delegates. We had an election, 05 June. Romney won a whopping 75% +. I observed the polls in my county district, going to the polls and taking a hand count, asking questions about provisional ballots, tendered ballots, and then I challanged the county clerks registrar's office for information. Everyone, from poll worker to the assistant regisrar, worked with me, and I could find no problems or injustice.

So Romney's delegates are going to Tampa. Romney's delegates were vetted by Romney AND the committees, to make sure they could afford to go, signed Oaths to the Constitution and Party, and would stay in the appointed hotel, would attend meetings and events, and those that needed some help, are being helped, by Romney's supporters, just like Ron Paul's supporters reach out to help Ron Paul's delegates. Since Romney won CA, our Republican central committees and clubs, thow parties, meet and greets, and raise funds for THEM.

It could have been us, but too many of us did not bother with being vetted by the central committees. All these GOP folks know is what they see on MSM, and it's not good. I am waking some up, but I sure could use help.

Not GQ Magazine at all...

Its a blog post in a subsection of "News and Politics" on GQ.com

If it was actually printed in the magazine, that would be a much
bigger deal.

Contestant: Pick your own voters

In what contest or election do you get to pick your own judges or electors? Have you EVER seen a fair, impartial contest in which the judges, electors, or voters were chosen by one of the contestants?

Every time I read about this, I get more angry. What kind of republic or "democracy" is this? They are openly admitting that they are cheating!

Who in their right mind would consider this as fair? Romney gets to choose who all goes to Tampa to VOTE?


...Buncha "ijots"...

Has anyone posted a copy of the court filing

in Massachusetts? Which court? What county was it filed in?

Call me doubting Thomas, but I prefer to see concrete evidence before doing my happy dance.

oops...double post


Hero Worship Bluff

Sounds like the committee let the Romneyite rep hijack the process; they must have really been "humbled" and "honored" and cowed by the proximity to the next failed presidential candidate.

So silly, since it is their worship that puts Romney in that position, not anything about Romney, himself.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Ron is the fly in Romney's ointment and his campaign

and money backers are going to do anything to get him in the White House. The corrupt power grab is as blatant as ever in history. Wow just wow.


Isn't This what Parents do?

Parents that don't want you to do something but are too chicken to argue -- "Mom, can I do this or that?" Mom says, "Go ask Dad" "Dad, can I do this or that?" Dad says, "Go ask Mom" Get them both together and all they say is "We'll see" And so it goes. Geez! Sounds like this chicken RNC when it comes to the youth! Can't get a straight answer because they know they are full of S*it!


My kids had that game down to a science.

They'd ask me if they were allowed to do something and I'd respond "go ask your mother". They'd ask mom and she'd say to ask me. They then would tell me mom say's she doesn't care.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

he I recognize that guy

in the middle! :-)

I just contacted the Romney

I just contacted the Romney campaign and told them if the MA delegate situation is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will not be supporting Romney either in Tampa (I'm a delegate) or in the general election.

This is not how we Republicans treat elections (by ignoring the results) or newcomers.

And this is why I have not participated in the...

...numerous "No one but Ron Paul" threads that have popped up on the DP.

Politicians try to appeal to voters who are "in play". Telling a politician like Romney (or his even more numerous GOP supporters) that we would never, EVER vote for Romney in a million gazillion years just tells them that they can just ignore us because, after all, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by listening to us.

You said that you are a delegate and said that "if the MA delegate situation is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will not be supporting Romney..". THIS might do some good.

The Virtual Conspiracy

You're right. If they feel

You're right. If they feel they have nothing to lose they'll continue to crush us.

I don't like your post. Go

I don't like your post. Go vote for Romney.

LIBERTY2ME's picture


Can you post the contact info for the Romney campaign on this site? I think that is an EXCELLENT idea. All delegates that feel the same as you (or me), in fact you don't even have to be delegate, you can just simply be someone saying that if they don't clear this up the right way, I am not going to vote for Romney in the general election.


OH boy

The blame game.
How interesting.


Just want to make sure everyone visits this link:


... In case they go straight to reading the article and miss it

Sent an email to my Florida person

Hope it helps.

Info for Maryland

For Maryland: The committeeman/woman are listed as

Joyce Terhes National Committeewoman
Louis M. Pope National Committeeman
but no contact information is availible.

The chairman is Alex X. Mooney Chairman chairman@mdgop.org

Telephone and fax numbers for the Maryland GOP are:
p: (410) 263-2125

f: (410) 269-5937

website: http://www.mdgop.org


It's actually the MA-17 plus at least one

That being myself. I got screwed out of my slot because the MA GOP refused to count the provisional ballots. This happened to at least 1 or 2 others. So it's potentially the MA-20. But that's ok I don't need the publicity. ;-)

You'll Find Out In Tampa

All the lawyers in the universe ARE NOT going to change the outcome of the convention, its nominee, or the general election.

Romney is already following the "John McCain Nice Guy" playbook...it's hard to believe Mitt was ever elected to anything but serving at the local temple - watch old clips of "The Incredible Spineless Man" take on Teddy Kennedy and you'll understand why all the money bombs in the world won't change anything.

They're (establishment politicians)gonna give us all another 4-year long Obama enema...bend over, America.

Be seeing you.

robot999's picture

Well I'll tell

you one thing. I'M NOT GIVING UP!! I've worked to hard, and I owe it to every Ron Paul supporter to go to Tampa with a WINNING attitude, and a plan to get Ron Paul the nomination. Go ahead, call me a dreamer, or some other loser name - i don't care, I'm contenting to fight against the evil that surrounds us. And God dammit, I'm so tired of the loser mentality... it ain't over till its fucking over!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa