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“Technology Revolution” Intentionally Passes Torch To Rand Paul

I’ve seen much debate on the Campaign for Liberty's "Technology Manifesto," and many are questioning why Ron and Rand Paul would sign off as supporters on a document that is fundamentally flawed in many libertarian principles (particularly IP). The answer to me seems very simple. This document sets the stage for Rand Paul to take up the torch and carry the Campaign for Liberty as his fundraising support and information arm just as his father did. However, Rand Paul’s politics do not follow lockstep with libertarian values like Ron’s and that is where we see why and how this document is so key.

The “Technology Manifesto” professes its love of internet freedom, while mainly toeing the conservative line, which intersects libertarianism in this case at multiple points. This plays into Rand Paul’s wheelhouse, as someone who has made internet freedom one of his main issues during his time in office, and even cited the cause as one that he knew Ron Paul supporters were ardent about during an interview on Sean Hannity’s radio broadcast

Of course, Rand Paul’s support of Romney produced a massive backlash from the liberty community, and Rand now needs a document, co-sponsored by Ron Paul, that (broadly) supports the cause of liberty, while also staying more or less in line with traditional conservative thinking. Rand Paul is using this document (and I suspect many more in the coming months) to slowly work in his politics, which are more aligned with mainstream conservatism.

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