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We Spend $20 Billion a Year to Fight Illegal Drugs, Yet Cocaine Is Cheaper than It Was 30 Years Ago

If the United States’ war on drugs was succeeding, the prices of narcotics should be going up. After all, a reduction in the supply of drugs—the main objective of the government’s efforts—should result in less availability and thus a higher price on the street.

But this is not the result of now decades of law enforcement campaigns to stop drugs from coming into the U.S.

Take cocaine for example. The retail price of a gram of cocaine today is $177.26, according to Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

This price is not higher than it was 30 years ago. In fact, it is 74% lower.

“This number contains pretty much all you need to evaluate the Mexican and American governments’ ‘war’ to eradicate illegal drugs from the streets of the United States,” writes Eduardo Porter in The New York Times. “They would do well to heed its message. What it says is that the struggle on which they have spent billions of dollars and lost tens of thousands of lives over the last four decades has failed.”

Over the last decade, the federal government has spent $20 billion to $25 billion a year on counternarcotics programs that the evidence above shows is not succeeding.


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Holy Crap!

$177.00 for a gram!?!?!? More evidence the government is retarded. I use to sling some cocaine back in the day. I would pay 30 a gram in NYC and sell it for 30 a gram in NJ. I would bet $1000.00 that I could score an 8 ball for less than half the DEA pays for a gram....

Unless the 177 includes the bureaucracy involved in government buying drugs...

The DEA is geting hosed. 170

The DEA is geting hosed. 170 is way too much, they must be buying twice the amount and taking half home foar ""testing"

And Cannabis Hemp...

has gone through the roof..how insane is this? 28.3 grams of a non toxic flower can fetch OVER $400.00 for some good medicinal quality weed..1 OZ for Gods sake! Now even if you got a lousy $300.00 an OZ..think about the property taxes one could pay with a back yard full!! FOOD FIBER FUEL & Medicine folks..its all there for this God Send to be put to use for what it was intended to use it for!!

FOOD FUEL FIBER & most important MEDICINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We MUST fight to get this plant covering our planet! Educate the masses because they are the asses.

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE


Not only is the reported price of cocaine way higher than I remember paying 30 years ago when I was dumb enough to snort it, but the price you quote for weed is ridiculous. Not that I am admitting anything but for that price you should be getting almost a quarter pound.

Good information!

It's nice to be able to present facts to the naysayers, and economic facts are the easiest for the average Joe to understand. Thanks for posting this.

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

Yeah, and I don't know where the DEA is buying their blow

but where I live the "retail" price is about 80 bucks a gram...not $170 like the article indicates. Maybe the State has already included the upcoming hyper-inflation when SHTF happens. lol

Reminds me of the gov't buying $600 hammers

which were actually only $435.

Such a deal!

OTOH, you can use their inflated numbers to show how much sales tax revenue is lost by not re-legalizing the sale of non-approved pharmaceuticals.