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What's the One Document You have in Your Possession that gives You the Authority or Jurisdiction to Control my Life?

Moderators, please don't move this to "Off Topic", this topic needs some exposure. Not only for us, but for those who feel they have the right to run our lives, but can't provide us any information other than "Just because I can, that's why".

Now, what is that one document they have in their possession that gives them this supposed Authority or Jurisdiction?

Pretty simple question, isn't it? I mean surely someone in government can answer that question, right? I mean these people are holding very high positions in their corporations (STATE & UNITED STATES INC.), right?

Everyone in government; including City, State, and Local Municipalities have these undying presumptions that THEY have some magic authority over our lives; that they have the right to tax us; steal our homes; our money; our children (CPS); our bank accounts (IRS); our land; our freedom (prisons for profit), etc, right?

Where do they get this Magic Fairy Control Dust? I mean think about this for just a moment if you will:

Do they just dream this $hit up? Or do they get their authority from your lack of rebuttal? If you don't rebut, you must agree, and when two parties agree, it is now law, right?

Ride with me here:

In every single City, Town, State, across the country, there are government offices full of people who just Automagically assume they have the authority to fine you for breaking some statutory code, rule or regulation. Or they have the right to throw you in prison for 20 years at the drop of a hammer because you have some natural growing plant in your backyard (marijuana), or that their own Internal Law Enforcement Officer have the authority to pull over the average American Citizen for not wearing a seat belt; running a stop sign; not using a turn signal; going 5mph over the speed limit, etc, right?

What about those who believe they have the authority to fine your 10 year old child for putting up a lemonade stand without first getting the "Cities Permission" and/or paying a permit fee to do so; or to have a garage sale, etc?

Where does this "Magic Fairy Control Dust" come from? I mean think about it: What gives them this supposed authority over your life on a daily basis?

Isn't the State or the City, just another Corporation? You can look them up very easily to find out, can't you? So if the City or State is just a Corporation, then they must have an CEO, Directors, Employees, etc, right?

Now if that City or State Corporation all of a sudden has a corporate meeting one day and votes to implement a new statute that states "from this day forward, all employees must wear a pink tie to work", does that statute apply to people living in that City or State who are NOT receiving a weekly paycheck from that corporation? Or does that statute, code, rule, or regulation only apply "Internally" to those who are actually employed by the corporation?

If I start my own corporation and I'm the CEO of that corporation, and one night sitting at my office desk, I write up a new statutory rule for my corporation that says "Anyone that decides to work for this corporation that has a 50" Plasma TV, has to donate it to the corporation within 48 hours of starting employment", and I print it off; walk across the street and knock on my neighbors door and say "Hey Bob, I'm here to take your TV. I just made a new rule in my corporation that states anyone who works for me, that has a 50" Plasma TV has to hand it over to me within 48 hours of this notice", and Bob stands their scratching his head with a stumped look on his face, and finally says "Well, okay, I guess it's legitimate; you've got the document right there that says so, and it looks legal and all, so go ahead and come inside and take the TV", and I walk in, grab the TV and leave, who's fault is it?

Is it my fault? Did I commit a crime? I was just F****ing with Bob to see if he'd actually do it, and Kiss My A$$, he fell for it, hook-line and sinker, is it my fault?

Or is it that Dumba$$ Bob's fault for not questioning my authority to take his TV? Couldn't he have said "Hold on a damn minute, how does your internal corporate BS statutory rules apply to me? I don't remember signing an employment contract with you; I don't work for you jacka$$; you aren't paying me, and if you don't get off my porch in 10 seconds, I'm going to Help You Off My Porch with a 12 gauge slug"?

Sure he could have said that, and I would have left with a severe quickness. But he didn't say that, did he? Nope, he just agreed. It worked so nice, that I think I'll draw up another statute that says "Anyone working for corp XYZ, has to pay me $20.00 per/day by close of business as a tax for the luxury of working for corp XYZ", and take that back across the street and present it to Bob.

After he agrees to that one, I'll draw up another one, and another one, and by the end of the week, I'll have Bob's car, his boat, half his land, his dog, his kids Big-Toy, his mailbox, his King Size Bed, his Refrigerator, his Microwave, his socks, his soap on a rope, his other TV, his couch, his recliner, and he'll be paying me a total of $140.00 per/week in cold hard cash.

Now that's a pretty damn nice deal for me isn't it? But Bob sure is getting screwed eh? But who's fault is it? Is it mine? Or is it Bob's, because he has still, to this day, failed to rebut my presumption that he is one of my employees, by forcing me to cough up an employment contract or past pay records which would justify my actions of taking Bob's $hit?

So who's the real Dumb-A$$ here? Me, or Bob?

Well, that seems to be exactly what's happening with Local, City, State, and National Gov't (I mean corporations:). These folks just sit at their desk at night; draw up a bunch of BS codes, rules, regulations, and statutes for their corporations and start knocking on doors; sending out their own internal-corporate revenue agents (police) to enforce their new rules and statutes, and NO ONE rebuts; they just go along and scratch their head; bi**ch, complain and moan to their neighbors, and never one time do they rebut the corporations presumptions. Now who's the real Dumb-A$$'s here?

Corporations are meant to make money, right? But lets say you've got a corporation that only 80 people really want to work for, and the other 6 million in that State don't want to work for you.

You're in this to make money right? You want to make a LOT more money from union fees, corporate taxes, fines, sales, etc. but only have 80 people who've agreed to your BS statutory rules and taxes so they could be a part of your corporation. So what to do?

I mean no one else really likes your corporation, only those 80 people who signed an employment contract, right?

Now it's time to get crafty! What if that CEO and his Directors just start knocking on doors and "hoodwinking" people into believing their statutory rules, regulations, taxes and codes apply to them?

What if, lets say you can "hoodwink" another 2 million people in the State, just like you did Bob? Now the corporation could make some serious money, if you can find 2 million more idiots like Bob, right?

But what about those folks who don't buy your line of BS and demand you cough up an employment contract to show you actually do have the jurisdiction or right to take their stuff? What do you do then?

Perhaps, you just leave them alone, because they know the scam, and you walk next door and hope to find another idiot?

What if those people who have one brain cell left in their head asks What's the One Document you have in your possession That gives you the authority or jurisdiction to control my life and my money"?

There must be a Document somewhere, right? I mean if there is no contract, there is no jurisdiction, right?

Well, unless you've sat down with someone from that corporation and both of you have come to an agreement on your pay, insurance, sick leave, vacation time, bonuses, etc, then is there a contract?

Or is it just "Magic Fairy Control Dust" that's being sprinkled on you?

What if everyone stopped screaming from the rooftops about government abuse; state abuse, etc. when it comes to them violating our Inherent Birth Rights, and when confronted by these power hungry authoritarians, simply ask them one question:

What's the One Document you have in your possession That gives you the authority or jurisdiction to control my life and my money"?

Perhaps these links below will help shake off some of that "Magic Fairy Control Dust":

Who is the STATE?


Do you know your Rights?


They claim Social Security Numbers or the Drivers License is what gives them their authority or jurisdiction?


What if they tell you, that you should hire an attorney?


What if they don't actually know?


What if they were asked about this?


What if the IRS says so?


Who is the IRS?


What if they claim it's the 14th Amendment that gives them authority?


What does a former US Senator have to say about the 14th Amendment?


NOTE: Be sure to read the comments in those links above; there is usually some good input or additions from others on the topic as well in the comments section.

In Liberty and Beyond!

This is not legal advice, just initiating discussion within this community, to help us find some answers; to help us understand what's really happening to us, and why our redress for grievances always seem to fall on deaf ears, and how we have drifted into this chamber of involuntary servitude on our own Land Mass called America.

PS: Their supposed Authority sure seems to be the first document they ever sent you in the mail, which is the "Certificate of Live Birth" as you will see in the links above.

Could this really be a case of stolen identity and larceny by trick? A magicians trick of monumental proportions; a hidden-secret, coercive and deceptive fraud? A constructive fraud against you to enslave you and unjustly enrich the STATE?

Are we all be used as Human Resources and Chattel to pay off the nations debt to a foreign corporation that in 1870-71 dropped anchor on American soil and setup shop? A corporation that bailed out the last legitimate government body we had with a foreign-fiat paper currency, and the collateral for that foreign-fiat paper currency was the future labor of every American Citizen?

Questions-questions, and more questions. The good Dr. Paul says to always question authority doesn't he?

Maybe we should.

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Keep it coming. Fascinating stuff


Good Information You Might Want To Know:

When the majority of Americans wake up and realize these Judges, BAR Atty's, DA's, AG's, any and all supposed elected officials are nothing more than private contractors that only hold authority within their own agencies, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

And when the majority of Americans realize these shysters have been meddling in their estates, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

When theses shysters bring these statutory charges against anyone other than gov't employees, they are not - are NOT bringing charges against the living man/woman (ie: John Q. Public), they are bringing charges against that persons corporate name (ie: JOHN. Q. PUBLIC), because the STATE OF *** or the UNITED STATES can't bring charges against a living man/woman because those entities are corporations.

A Judge and Prosecutors worst nightmare is when the living man/woman enters his/her "Certificate of Live Birth" into the court filings and announces they are the beneficiaries of that trust/estate the STATE or UNITED STATES is bringing charges against, and informs them they are to discharge this matter immediately, because without John Q. Public's authorized and written consent to hold a shareholders meeting against JOHN Q. PUBLIC, they are now in deep doo-doo for meddling in that estate.

John Q. Public is the executor/executrix of his/her living estate and he/she is the beneficiary of the JOHN Q. PUBLIC estate.

Same name - two different jurisdictions! He who creates owns; the government created the Certificate of Live Birth; they own it, you control it.

And when you become of legal age, the living man/woman becomes the grantor/beneficiary (takes place of the parents).

Now we switch from Trust Law to Corporate Law because now you are of legal age, which means you can contract.

Now the living man/woman are shareholders in the Trust; and shareholders appoint Directors to make sure employees provide maximum amount of return possible for investors-beneficiaries, which is YOU; the living man/woman.

The trustees (gov't) are to perform for the Director for the "legal person" aka JOHN Q. PUBLIC.

Here, let Dean Clifford explain it to you:

You should watch this seminar first, so you understand the birth certificate issue and how they are using it against you:

Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk
Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA
Part 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GaxlGTyAE

Then to help you understand what I explained above concerning the Trust/Estate/Corporate Law issue and how to enforce your rights against the criminals, watch his other seminars:

Series 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPj0S9cBxU&feature=relmfu
Series 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNptDhGCLJ8&feature=relmfu
Series 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV7li4wQPb0&feature=relmfu
Series 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSZWocd3CLA&feature=relmfu
Series 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ39uDvxU98&feature=relmfu
Series 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evD2oT6qaVs&feature=relmfu

A paycheck.

That is the document they use to control the herd anyway. I wonder how many people ever did the math on how much of their life they spend trying to earn the money to be able to keep their job? Car, insurance, clothing, meals out, babysitting, whatever. But everyone wants a paycheck - how do I know if your a "real man" until I know how big your.... paycheck is? And it is all PLAY MONEY.
A bit of a tangent rant, but I wanted to bump this and have nothing to add to what you said. Wish I could have said it myself, but you are much more well versed in this than I. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and opinions.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


These videos come to mind.

Public Money vs Private Credit


Yep, and if more people would tell their employers they

do not wish for them to act as an tax collecting agent on their behalf, the world would be a better place.

When people start holding the state accountable for THEIR bills, such as the car payment; the fuel; the tires; the insurance, and of course demand the state pay them a salary for driving a state owned vehicle, they'd find out the state all of a sudden doesn't care to meddle in their affairs any longer.

When you registered your vehicle with the state (because of the 1933 bankruptcy), the state became the certified owner of that vehicle; you are just a designated driver.

Why aren't you getting paid to drive a state owned vehicle?

Thanks for all you add fishyculture, it's much appreciated as well.

Just wondering:

Has anyone found that one document that give local/state/federal government control over your lives and money?

I'm still looking; cannot find it anywhere.

The one document?

Obviously there is no document, but then they don't need a document empowering their right to control. They simply have the legal ability, the money, and the muscle to make your life hell if you don't comply. That's the problem.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

The legal ability; the muscle; the money?

Well, I'm not saying they won't TRY to force their will on you; that's a given. But if they do, are they willing to pay the price themselves?

Just for starters, look up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Now think about this for a moment if you will:

lets say some government bureaucrat sitting at his desk one day decides you are personally liable for breaking some internal statutory code/rule/regulation.

What does he do from there? Does he employee the State National Guard with Tanks and Helicopters to come to your house and MAKE you do something, or does he first send you a letter to give you an opportunity to comply or prove why you are not obligated to?

I'm not saying go to war with these folks; you don't have to go to war. When they send you a letter of noncompliance, you simply rebut with an affidavit. They will either go away or send you a reply, in which time you rebut again if they still have not met your criteria of proving jurisdiction.

Agree with thy adversary quickly; stay in honor of law; give them a chance to rebut your rebuttal. If they can't cough up an employment contract, do you really think they want you to show up in court where there will be lots of witnesses and case law to be established?

I doubt it.

I LOVE it that more people are starting to THINK!

I haven't been stopped for a traffic infraction in over 10 years but I'm constantly trying to think of something clever and thought provoking to say to the officer if/when I do get stopped.

My latest thoughts have been along these lines: You want to see my DL, registration, and proof of insurance? Well, officer, do you know how our president passes executive orders to "seal" documents that he does not want us to see? Well, I'm the president, CEO, and the ultimate authority in control of my individual documents.

Unfortunantly the documents that you requsted, while they may or may not exsist, are "sealed". I cannot show them to you because I have ruled that releasing them might endanger my individual Liberty and security.

I'd expect the officer will not let me operate my vehicle if I told him that, but I'd plan on locking up the car, asking the officer if I am free to go, and start walking while dialing a friend to come get me. As soon as the officer left the scene (hopefully not having my car towed...which he should not because I will never pull over in the road...I always go into the next large parking lot) I'd go get my ride and be on my way.

All your ideas are valid. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole you will find that just by merely using Federal Reserve Notes, you are
acquiescing to do commerce with the United States Corporation. There is of course the birth certificate, marraige liscense, DL, and damn near every other thing you must have or buy that as far as the legal mumbo jumbo goes...somehow is treated as your "knowledge" of willful commerce with the State and in turn you are agreeing to abide by the terms of whatever the hell the State says or does. It really is a big huge scam and a F'd up mess. It's so outlandish that I refused to beleive it for months but anyone that takes the time to do the research will find that what you have written...by and large is in fact true.

All we need is enough people to educate themselves and stop being afraid of the State, the IRS, FICO scores, and summons. If some officer comes to your door with papers to sign...refuse to sign them. Tell the guy you do not choose to enter into a contract with anyone and close the door.

Here is a link to some FREE audiobooks. There is some spooner, mises, rothbard, schiff, and my personal favorite Dr Ron Paul.


I gotta agree

You wrote this without any knowledge of Spooner? Very impressive! You'll love his stuff.

Oh and I hate to say it

But that one document may just be your voter registration. Does it not in effect make you a shareholder with a "vote" toward corporate policies?

I don't believe that's enough to bind anyone.

But lets entertain this idea for a moment: If you register to vote, does that automagically bind you to statutory rules/regulations/codes for the rest of your life?

Lets say for example, the corporation comes after you at some point and says "hey, you need to send in those tax returns, you registered to vote, so you're liable".

Does the act of registering, and voting contractually bind you forevermore to statutory rules/codes/regulation? Just because one registers to do something, does that mean they are now obligated to perform some function of government without receiving pay?

I'm registered to grow tomatoes (an I grow them); I'm registered to carry a handgun (and I carry one); I'm registered to drive my vehicle (and I do); I'm registered to check out a book at the Library (and I do), but does that make me obligated to follow the internal statutory rules of the Sheriffs Dept; do I have to be at work at the Library at 8AM; do I have to show up at the DMV at 8AM?

If I'm receiving pay, then yes. If not, then no.

So you registered to vote; you went down and voted, so for about 30 seconds you were performing a function of government or acting in the capacity of an employee, but did you get paid for it?

I really don't believe that registering to vote contractually binds anyone if they are not actually receiving pay. Slavery was abolished many years ago.

If you set up a lemonade stand in your front yard and anyone who wants to buy a glass of lemonade has to register with you first, does that contractually bind them to follow the internal corporate statutes you've made for you lemonade stand?

Nope. It just means the next time they come around your block and want another glass of lemonade, they won't have to register again :)

Funny you mentioned the stock share or shareholder topic. I started this thread on that very thing:


What if my registration is expired?

...and I am asking that sincerely. Would that help?

My best advice is to be nice, accept the ticket

but don't sign it. If the officer is a complete ass...and insists that you sign it just sign it with a line or check mark like doctors and CEO's do.

The next step depends on how much time you want to spend on the endeavor. If you plan on getting another registration...do it and show the court you did and if you do your homework and say the right things to the judge...you can have the ticket fee waived.

If you are not planning on getting the car registered you really need to do some research into the best way to "Travel" in your car. You can no longer "drive" once your liscense has been suspended but you area allowed to travel. Insurance, again, is tricky but can be handled if you know what NOT to say.

Regardless...be prepared to walk. Unless you have damaged someone's property or injured someone, you have every right to park your car, lock it up and walk away. Unless you want to be charged with resisting arrest...you need to try and maintain your cool. Your primary objective is to put an end to the encounter as soon as possible. Once you are back at your house, you can find lots of ways to delay the payment of the ticket and/or refuse to pay it.

There are a lot of people I know that can no longer afford car insurance. Which means the State suspends their liscense. If people start standing up for themselves we can begin to effect change.

Lysander Spooner, is that

Lysander Spooner, is that you?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Not me, I'm "The South" :)

Who's Lysander Spooner?

If you don't know Lysander

If you don't know Lysander Spooner you're missing out on some good intellect. I highly recommend reading his Constitution of No Authority. His writings are not to be missed!

Carl Miller aka The Constitution Man is another one who really

understands the Constitution. He has several YouTube videos; they guy is a real Brainiac.

I heard him on a talkshoe show one night come on and tell Dean Clifford who was the guest that night, something to this effect:

"I really like your stuff kid, you've got some real good information"

I think even Carl was intrigued by Dean's Trust Law Teachings.

Thanks, I'm unfamiliar. I'll

Thanks, I'm unfamiliar. I'll give him a look.