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Can Ron Paul Embarrass the Entire GOP Party in Tampa?

Austin Peterson talks about how Ron Paul already has the 5 states needed to be placed into nomination. Let's win Nebraska, but this is NOT a do or die situation. Watch the interview here


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We will show decorum

But my god we will not be afraid to stand up and fight if we need to!
We will storm them under penalty of prosecution. I would be proud to go to jail in order to try and protect the last free country the world might ever see.

I don't think that it would

I don't think that it would be possible for Ron Paul to embarrass the GOP any more than the GOP has embarrassed itself.

Drain the swamp!

Ron Paul is a member of the GOP, represents GOP principles

He can only embarrass the sinister neocon infiltrators who have corrupted the Republican party, hijacked a notable piece of the TEA Party movement, and sent the U.S. into a death spiral with assistance from neolibs infesting the Democratic party.

We want the income tax eliminated. Continuation of the tax "cuts" is not enough. We want a balanced budget after the elimination of the income tax. We don't merely want Obamacare replaced with Romneycare Lite, we want the federal government wholly recused from the health care system. We want the wars ended. We want a sound financial system. We want justice and liberty.

These are conservative principles, Republican party principles. None of the planks of the Party of Mitt are Republican planks. Time to purge the party of infiltrators once and for all.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.


Ron Paul already has enough states to be put on the GOP ticket ... but go hard Nebraska,,,, head room is better ,,! I am looking to fly to tampa for this ... i'm not from the USA but how can you not love ron paul...

gary gettis

Yeah is the whole NE thing

just a fake rallying cry for more head room. so just in case. if it is more power to us.

Has anyone ever tried to communicate with the Romney

campaign? I have. [just to be obnoxious]

There is NO CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS on the campaign website. Not that I could find. No phone either. Then I looked around and everywhere I looked even on Romney PAC sites and stuff I could never find a way to send them an email.

Romney sends emails to all my different email addresses. I cannot ever send them a cease and desist email. There is no return address.

The way they operate is when you want to send them an email they collect all kinds of information about the SENDER and you can't send them a message.

So I made a message and stuffed it all inside a box intended for one word and sent it ...ha ha.


There has to be an opt-out on

There has to be an opt-out on mass emails or they are in violation of the CAN-SPAM act. http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-complia...

Report them to the FCC if that is the case.

Let me get this straight, we

Let me get this straight, we are in the midst of a Revolution and we are supposed to worry about embarrassment and feelings? Give me a break.

Thank you ...I do believe in God.




...because some of the people that will be there have about the same comprehension of "right & wrong" as an earthworm!
...and embarassing a worm simply isn't possible!


Did anyone catch what Austin Peterson said at 6:51 min? He said something about Ron Paul saying just today in either CNN, or MSNBC that there does come a time when you have to fight. Anyone know what interview that was?




there is something really fishy going on here. Why else would the GOP now start trying to block the delegates from getting to Tampa,and changing party rules at the last minute. They know the delegates are unbound!!!

Ya it's because none of the

Ya it's because none of the delegates are bound. Ron Paul will finally "fight" when he needs to and so will his supporters in Tampa and we will get him nominated. Thats why there is the whole lawsuit thing going. The timing on the lawsuit isn't coincidence it's timed perfectly. The GOP screwed us over and treats Paul supports like crap but Ron knows he's got them by the balls. All he has been doing is pretending to be losing until the big event in Tampa comes. Will bet there will be a huge turnout bigger than the UCLA turnout for his rally. I'm planning on going. I hope they just move it to the Buc's stadium i wanna see all the Ron Paul supporters across the entire US and the world too show up. We got this everyone.. tell everyone you know to come with you to Tampa.

Peggy, I totally heard that and it is in CAPITAL LETTERS

indelibly imprinted forever on my brain!!! He just needed our support!!!





I want to know on what interview he said this. Austin said "just today"
That interview was aired on 7/10 but we do not know when it took place.

What interview was he talking about? Did RP do an interview this week?

I heard on the lawyer phone interview the other day, the RNC

filed their legal response saying the delegates were "bound". I thought the lawyer said they themselves are claiming to have made a mistake saying this when they themselves had intended to say UNBOUND. My understanding is Richard Gilbert is going to file something else in response to this based on their wording using "BOUND'. If I heard right, he says they used BOUND and they should have used UNBOUND and according to him they erred in their own intentions. [please anybody, don't quote me...and I cannot find the phone conversation either]

They said the opposition's paperwork for the lawsuit is in pdf here somewhere, but I cannot find it. Please someone....where is it? This will be down-voted for just reporting the news....


Strong NO!




I think it's going to be historic!

The culmination of President Pauls 30+ years of steady drip, drip, drip, of the truth, truth, truth!

If the RNC does not credential President Pauls delegates...I'd guess they will just take it outside like they had to do at the state level (in several instances) and do the voting there.

Pizza's to be supplied by all the loyal DP'ers. :)

BE IN TAMPA! The HUGE sea of people will show the country and in fact the world that "we the people of the United States" will no longer yeild to tryanny! I wouldn't miss it for anything!


Very strange...

When I click on the video I get a 30-second animation of a man in a Santa Claus hat wearing shades and singing in French. Where is the Ron Paul video?

Um... did anyone else catch this?

Romney is spending money on the air waves to defeat Ron Paul in Nebraska. Hmmmmmmmm... Is any of that money from the RNC? If he is actually doing this. And he is being funded by the RNC. Here is another one for the Lawyers.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

violence between the two campaigns?

umm looked like the gop vs ron pauls people to me. but never the less RT is the only news outlet to treat DR.paul fairly

Very Ear E

Don't take this as a slam dunk we are in! Fight for Nebraska. I don't believe anything any news organization says.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

I agree, still fight for

I agree, still fight for Nebraska, but understand why the campaign is not trying to ruffle more feathers. However, having another 30 delegates can only help the cause!

GOP will embarrass itself without Ron Paul's assistance

He'll just look all the better by comparison.

..they already have, in my

..they already have, in my mind, by the last two presidential candidates they have "picked"..

Interviewer made my skin crawl

Am I the only one who found him entirely creepy, let alone giving out false information (making it sound it the Ron Paul supporters were instigating the violence and such)? compared to him, Mr. Peterson sounded entirely reasonable. It's refreshing to hear all of this questioning of the illogical, vicious mistreatment of the RP supporters.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Yes, he can! Although the GOP is already enough of an


Austin Petersen, Director of Production-FreedomWorks

FreedomWorks? Dick Army's FreedomWorks? LOL ya'll being suckered to let your guard down.

Austin is either the dumbest idiot or the shrewdest psyops there is.
You decide.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Austin Peterson is also Judge

Austin Peterson is also Judge Andrew Napolitano's media relations coordinator, and was executive producer of Freedom Watch...