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The Spreading Scourge of Corporate Corruption

Interesting New York Times article. Almost 75% of Americans feel that corporate corruption has increased in the years since Obama took office - although Americans have lost trust in more than just the financial industry and corporations.

"...The misconduct of the financial industry no longer surprises most Americans. Only about one in five has much trust in banks, according to Gallup polls, about half the level in 2007. And it’s not just banks that are frowned upon. Trust in big business overall is declining. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe corruption is widespread across corporate America. According to Transparency International, an anticorruption watchdog, nearly three in four Americans believe that corruption has increased over the last three years.

... After years of dismal employment prospects, Americans are losing trust in a broad range of institutions, including Congress, the Supreme Court, the presidency, public schools, labor unions and the church."