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Mitt Romney Gets Booed “Showtime at The Apollo” Style At NAACP Convention


Oooooh, tough crowd, eh? Just kidding, it wasn’t that bad, or maybe it was…

While speaking to the NAACP in Houston at their annual convention today, Romney’s criticisms of President Obama and his policies was met with boos and uber shade by those in the crowd listening to his 25-minute speech. When he talked about his hope to get rid of non-essential programs and policies that President Obama has put in place, including “Obamacare,” many in the crowd booed loudly. He tried not to let the heat burn his collar, and kept his speech and smile going. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Romney also felt the heat for saying, “If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you’re looking at him.” I think laughing at that remark would have been more appropriate than booing loudly, but to each their own.

But I’m sure Mitt Romney knew he wasn’t going to be able to impress or change the mind of many in that room, as many in the NAACP stand behind the president, but think of all the hell he would have caught had he passed on their invitation. Ironically, President Obama isn’t planning to speak to the group this election season, but will send Vice President Joe Biden in his place.

Other things Romney touched on during his speech to the civil rights group included his support of traditional marriage in light of President Obama’s support of gay marriage (no boos there from the crowd), and even shouted out his late father, George Romney, and his work with civil rights as if they were his own accomplishments:

“It wasn’t just that my dad helped write the civil rights provision for the Michigan Constitution, though he did. It wasn’t just that he helped create Michigan’s first civil rights commission, or that as governor he marched for civil rights in Detroit – though he did those things, too. More than these public acts, it was the kind of man he was, and the way he dealt with every person, black or white.”


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