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DailyPaul under attack

My fellow DailyPaulers:

I believe we're under attack and "divide and conquer" is the strategy.
I think I can date it to it happening when Dr. Paul issued his message to his supporters, in addition to Rand endorsing Romney. Some here looked at it as if he was admitting defeat and that he would not have the needed delegates. Those that saw it this way started threads stating they would now be voting for Johnson, or (shudder) Romney.

Others here saw the message as "it's not over and we've done A LOT better than we ever expected". At no time during his message, did Dr. Paul actually admit defeat, or state that he would drop out of the race. So Dr. Paul ran for president "not expecting to do as well as he's done"? It'd be wise to read between the lines here folks. I think a lot of people here, sadly AND PREMATURELY, threw in the towel on someone that has never given up on us. Dr. Paul has not thrown in the towel yet. Ask yourself why? This is politics, and in the game of politics, you can't show your entire hand. Not to mention that Romney keeps stumbling in this race (a little over 6 weeks to go) as more pressure to reveal his tax records continue, and believe it or not, even MSM is informing the masses of the way his campaign, along with the GOP, have handled these caucuses with their fraud and coercion. All we need now is for MSM to start bringing up the fact that he profited from aborted fetuses and that he was responsible for Obamacare through Romneycare. He was actually booed for 15 seconds by the NAACP today for stating that he would repeal Obamacare. Oh well.....

The other infighting that has developed here has been attributed to the Lawyers For Ron Paul lawsuit. Some here think it's a bad idea and think it will kill their chances at voting their conscience. That's ASSUMING and wholeheartedly having faith in that the GOP will play fair and stand by their own rules. HA! Let the record show. While others here want the fraud brought to light in hopes of restraining the GOP from changing their own rules (as it has done in the past & continues to do) at the convention and in the future. This also has the added benefit of possibly converting Romney delegates into Paul delegates, once they've seen the travesties that have occurred by their chosen candidate. Also, Ron Paul has gone on record in the past stating that he would like to see legal action pursued if sufficient evidence came to light. Likewise, even though it has been brought to his attention many times, he has NOT denounced this lawsuit. WHY?

So aside from differences of opinions here, now that we are a legitimate threat to the status quo, we also have a large influx of trolls - which are easy to spot.

I have ONE simple request; I call for us to stand united WITH Dr. Paul.

If you fall into the one of the groups of Romney/Johnson because you gave up and you truly believe he can no longer win and is unelectable - that is your prerogative and your decision will be respected. However, at least have the decency and honor to not give up on him and his race UNTIL AFTER (in your opinion) he withdraws from the race. It's only six weeks! Is that too much to ask? My two cents and peace to you all.


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Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Just listened - again...

And I think you have the essence of the interview...period.

Susie 4 Liberty

Unfortunately that is ...

out of context, dishonest, spin.

You posted the link, now let everyone watch it.

He said if he was ever asked his opinion, he would advise against getting involved in this lawsuit.

I like your name....crumb....



I know what he said ...

and the link is all over this site.

It should take about 30 seconds to find it.

Do you still want me to do your work for you?

Because I will.

It's solely

your responsibility to provide links to prove what you claim. Or else don't claim it. It's you who posted it and it's you who needs to provide the URL.
No one here is going to do it for you because no one here ever heard Ron Paul say that.

Keepin' it real.

Please listen to me ....

I said I would be more than happy to do his work for him.

No big deal.

Carry on.

I'm assuming this is what

I'm assuming this is what you're referring to...

Please transcribe the part where he "denounces" the lawsuit.

- empty barrels make the loudest noise -

Everybody can watch it for themselves.

I am not going to spin it.

He advised against getting involved in the lawsuit.

It is clear as day in my eyes.

My intepertation is

If you had done things legally to begin with, don't bother.

If you have not done things legally, go for it.

Well ...

he did say that in generalities and then Wolf asked him and pressed him specifically about this lawsuit.

And he said that if people asked for his advice, he would advise against it.

I don't think this is even blurry. It is clear as day.


I meant to say that if you had done things illegally on the second part

If you had done thing legally, don't
If you had done things illegally (not being vetted) go for it.

Darn dyslexia! Sorry and I too think he is clear, but you have to be in tune with RP and many here could frankly give a damn about RP. I think Paul Fest is a perfect relection, RP won't be there, but who cares? I do and why I'm not going to be there.