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Soccer Star (and Ron Paul supporter) Writes Libertarian Novel

(scroll down the newsletter a bit and you'll see the soccer picture with this article)

Garey describes himself as "a lover of liberty, capitalism and sane economic policies." He supported Rep. Ron Paul for the Republican presidential nomination, telling the Washington Post that Paul was "the only one who made sense."

It was during rehab that he decided to write a novel dramatizing on his political beliefs. It is entitled Geauxing Galt. ("Geauxing" is the French/Cajun word for "go.") It is set in the year 2020, in a United States encumbered by ever more intrusive government control of the economy. It pits Wyatt Bourgeouis, a self-made, principled oil driller against corrupt local and national politicians attempting to strangle his business.

BTW, a highly recommend that you subscribe to this newsletter (which is praised by Paul) here: http://www.self-gov.org/
and students especially should check out their free "Operation Politically Homeless" kits

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Galt. How original. But it

Galt. How original. But it definitely sounds like an interesting book.