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Sportscasters and the Troops

Unfortunantly I've been muting the begining of sporting events for well over a year. It's a sad commentary when I can't stand to listen to patrotic songs anymore. Nice to read an article that indicates I'm not alone.

I find it fascinating how American television sportscasters steadfastly hew to the official line regarding the continued occupation of Afghanistan. During virtually every game, the sportscaster will make some reference to U.S. soldiers who have died or lost limbs during the occupation. The sportscaster will remind us that the fallen and wounded have made heroic sacrifices to “defend our freedom” here at home.

Do you ever wonder whether these people really believe this claptrap? After all, we all know what would happen to them if they instead were to say, “Too bad so many soldiers have lost their lives and limbs for nothing or, to be more precise, for the sake of installing and maintaining into power brutal, corrupt, pro-U.S. dictatorships within foreign countries.”

The neocon community in America would go ballistic and rain calumny on the sportscaster and the television station. More important, the federal government, while emphasizing that Americans enjoy freedom of speech, would undoubtedly begin examining whether the station’s broadcast license should be renewed, on unrelated grounds of course.

Mindful of the possibility of losing its license and scared to death of the neocons, most every television station in the country would immediately buckle, fire the sportscaster, profusely apologize, and beg forgiveness. Most important, the station would immediately change its tune and start preaching the official line — that the troops are making heroic sacrifices to “defend our freedom” here at home.

The entire situation is a real-life version of the “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” The reality is that U.S. troops in Afghanistan are sacrificing life and limb (and killing and maiming others) to protect the existence of a crooked, corrupt, unelected, brutal, tortuous dictatorship.