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That is what every single Ron Paul supporter is!

They that want to keep Ron Paul supporters down will fail because their daughters and sons see the future through the same eyes as us!

This blowback is massive and if Romney gets nominated in the end the obamanation will rain hard on Romney! He has no chance!!

Many will see their mistake on that very day!

The only option for the GOP is Ron Paul!
He is a family man been fighting for freedom and our constitution since day 1. The obamanation will crumble!

And the slaves will be freed.

They all came to see Ron Paul! Nobody came for Romney and Obama! That will be the future!

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Big Bump!

President Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Indeed..you are 100% correct! This is going to Blowback in their faces..I too have said this for a L-O-N-G time. Pray that this continues, because THIS is what its going to take to wake the sheep up. More Fuel For The Flame. The Ron Paul R3VOLUTION is getting stronger by the day..shweeeeeet!

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You are absolutely right.

After reading Confessions of an Econ. Hitman, it occured to me: The same things the bankers/government/big corporation have been doing in South America, Indonesia, and the Middle East, they are doing to us.
We have been invaded from within. Their biggest weapon is our ignorance. So long as no one reads, and so long as controversial political conversation is treated as it is now, America will continue to decline. Those so-called "communists" and so-called "terrorist" were people fighting back. You are correct, we are the blowback.

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