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a reminder about Democrats

It could very well be that Democrats feel left out on this website, like theres nothing on here for them, or us. There are no requirements to be a D or R. It depends on who you want to vote for in the Primary. The ideology this site promotes is just as fit for the Democrats as it is for Rs, or any other Party. Its fair to say Ds/ Rs have the most likely chance of getting elected, Is have a fair shot. Democrat candidates are needed just as much to promote the goals of this website as anyone is, R, I, Green, you name it. Don't shy away or feel unwelcome if you're a Democrat. It is necessary for Democrats to have the same message the users of this website have & for Democrat voters to support those candidates in the Primaries. Yes, depending on where you are, the Party is going to determine who gets elected. In other words, in your county, if you have a majority R registration, an R is much more likely to get elected than a D and vice versa. Any message thats for an R is for a D, also.

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If the Democrats...

...have been reading this site even just for a short time, they would see that Fox News and the establishment Republicans receive probably much more criticism than anyone else or at least as much as Obama. And actually anyone who visits the site long enough will know that ANYONE can be subject to both praise and criticism depending on their efforts to help or hurt OUR Constitutional rights. So welcome everyone!!!

Anyone that loves liberty

should not feel left out. If they come here curious to learn about him whether they consider Dr. Paul an opponent of Obama, or a possible candidate they may support, I think they'll wind up grasping, at least in part what Dr. Paul and we are all about, and what we stand for.

Back in the Bush days

Back in the Bush days, at the height of my neocon existence, I was immersed in watching Hanity one knight do his usual Dem bashing. Suddenly, as if a ray of light shined on my mind, I thought to myself, this isn't right. My mind struggled to put together what I was feeling and when the fog cleared the thought that I came to was this - We are currently in a war in the middle east. Our soldiers are dying for us and while FOX would have you believe that every single one was a righteous Republican, I knew better. I thought to myself who am I to participate in demonizing my brothers because of their political beliefs,especially given the sacrifice of some. At that moment I decided that as long as my brothers political views are based in Patriotism and love of country that I will always love, support and listen to him even if we don't agree.

Welcome Dem's, If you bleed Red White and Blue instead of Red or Blue, you will be warm and cozy here among fiends.