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California Agricultural region getting chemtrail sprayed pretty bad today

This can't be helping Central Coast wine.. or Central Valley Agriculture, nor any of the Great Plains.

Video I shot of the treasonous spraying today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugxC3NQcJig

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I have seen the same thing in

I have seen the same thing in Sonoma County, Ca... whatever they are spraying I wonder how it will effect the (g)rape vines.. maybe give all that elitist wine a little extra bite.

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Geo-engineering combats Global Warming-NOT!

Why? The publicized reason is to lay trails that fan out, join each other and create a whitening shield to reflect the sun's rays off our planet until we can get out greenhouse gas emissions under (EPA) control. (solar radiation management) Ha.

The real reasons as shown in the links below, are to create drought, augment snowpack, manipulate the weather (such as was seen last week in the mid-west and east), weaken our immune systems, help bring the world population down to a manageable figure and more. Where is the EPA? Sorry, they're complicit (U.N.); refuse to test anything they don't want to test. Where are our politicians? Comfortable with the facts they have been spoon-fed about preventing global warming. They need to know the real facts, and then act, to protect us and the environment.

These are the best links to educational documents, videos etc. out there.
California Skywatch. (They are in other states too, but this is the flagship.) http://www.agriculturedefensecoalition.org/content/geoengine...
The Carnicom Institute site is loaded with scientific evidence: http://www.carnicominstitute.org/ Their classic video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2815320198655156407...
Barium Blues: http://www.bariumblues.com/
Rense: http://www.rense.com/politics6/chemdatapage.html
CHEMWEBS. You've all seen them. Singular "spider" webs sticking to everything, but no spiders. http://aircrap.org/saturday-7th-july-melbourne-chemwebs-chem...
The patents beginning long ago: http://www.thetruthdenied.com/news/2011/12/11/chemtrail-pate...
To see real-time what is flying over you, find your airport & flight tracker at http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/browse/ (Military & rich/special execs are not on it; so if you see a plane & it's not on Flight Aware, you know what???)

My guess is that some day, during the night, planes will fly over, & the masses will have been dosed with something that has been concocted in a lab. Such as the newly mutated deadly flu the U.S. just paid other scientists to create. http://truedemocracyparty.net/2012/05/depopulation-bio-wmd-c... Hopefully, I am very wrong, but you can be ready.

Do NOT get a flu shot (loaded with DNA from about 7 critters, mercury, aluminum etc. & bypassing all of the body's filtering systems. Detox with charcoal or diatomaceous clay. Colloidal silver will boost your immune system and fight off most bacteria, virus and fungi, but will not remove the other metals that are in the mix. Vitamin D3, lots of it, to boost the immune system if detoxing.

So finally they admit they

So finally they admit they are spraying chemicals - but it is just for mosquitoes (yea right). Maybe Sacremento County will go broke too ($120,000 for 2 days of spraying) and stop the madness. Thanks RP Plus Girl for the Huffinton Post link.

No problem! Always glad to

No problem! Always glad to share information I come across. :)

I hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind following me down the woo woo trail. I had gotten one of those early digital cams, 2.1 mps. No built in filters or settings, and a not so great IR built in. But it took pretty good photos.

Well, I spent a lot of time outdoors, grew up on a farm, and was an AF spouse for 6 years. Just saying, I know what the sky should look like, and what aircraft and contrails look like.

One day, Feb. '07, I saw 2 planes completely criss cross the sky above me in 15 minutes. Milked up in 30 minutes. Not long after, I looked outside and saw the strangest sky I had ever seen. I grabbed my camera, and it picked up what looked like the outline of objects, numbers in the sky, other weirdness, almost like a landscape from somewhere else was hovering above.
That got me taking photos almost every day. One afternoon, late after the chemtrails had milked it up, I stepped out on my west facing balcony cam in hand, and sky weirdness does not describe. There were more than a dozen ufo's at very low altitude almost hovering, or moving very slowly.
I saw a dark, sleek craft, oh wow, with sculpted lines, claw like appendages on the front, a bay on the back that was opening, and small saucer looking crafts inside. It looked to be at about 200 ft up, and about a half mile away, just west of the freeway. The pixels and cheap cam didn't yeild high quality, but here is one of several as it changed shapes and released small craft, a bit enhanced, https://picasaweb.google.com/117414712286680096994/UFOSViewF...
I was hooked, got a great camera, and have been taking pics of sky phenomena, chemtrails, UFO's, etc. since then.

Oh, my point, LOL. I think I know why they chemtrail. I think it is to provide cover & chemicals for the UFO's. But, it seems to enhance them instead of hide them once you learn to see the outlines & colors. My observations also suggest that some of these UFO's may be using the chemicals to create cover and weather. Many chemtrails are flown by small ufo's.
I did get shots of a jet flying one early on that left a morse code in the trail that said ET from any way you viewed it. The next day, I got buzzed by a black chopper very low, very close so took pics of it, and then two goons in suits showed up & watched me from across the parking lot. It was like, "wow, the x files are real". hehehehe

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other proof for naysayers on chemtrails?

Most people still think our government is only doing us good. Ignorance is bliss.

its such BS...

why don't they just come out and say WHY!? I'm here in Fresno, CA and it was horrible here today too as well... strange because as mentioned in the video we have had weeks of no chem-trails and all of a sudden I wake up to basically the same view as you show there. just rows and rows of trails. and these dang sheep don't ever look up and wonder why the heck we've got OUR jets up there making fake clouds? or rather, REAL clouds of some unknown crap that we'll all be breathing in?

Recent Article

Recently, I saw an article on the Huffington Post that discussed these chemtrails in detail. They so cleverly stated that they were not condensation trails and went on to admit that there were indeed chemicals being sprayed but that they were good for us. Supposedly we are getting sprayed in an attempt to fight West Nile Virus. Then they even went as far to say that there have been reports of respiratory illness and other ill effects on the human population but that somehow these effects were justified since we are winning the war on west nile virus. This made me sick to my stomach. *facepalm*

updated: edited to add the article link. It wasn't too hard to dig up...


That's unbelievable

A couple years back at an environmental committee meeting on toxic lawncare products, with representatives from a popular supplier and also a representative from Cornell Co-operative Extension present, it was confirmed that:
a) safety levels were based on the weight of an average adult (not child, let alone infant, let alone developing fetus);
b) there were no longitudinal studies available; and
c) tests were conducted for individual products only, not in combination (the typical way they were regularly used) to account for synergistic effects.
(The county banned them for use on county-owned properties.)

It appears from the article that in Sacramento and other cities they are openly admitting to spraying chemicals related to West Nile Virus. And that seems pretty bad, given the known health effects of those chemicals on, particularly, children. But that's not the chemtrail issue. It's quite possible there are multiple substances being sprayed on us, for multiple reasons. We must be told the truth, and consent must be ours - the people's, by a vote after public discussion and disclosure, NOT a small group of elected officials, not when people can so easily be bought off.

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How old are you?




I guess, that Geo-engineering

I guess, that Geo-engineering is government program they admit they are carrying out, that we did not vote on, and it is causing us harm with chemicals such as barium and aluminum when absorbed, drank or inhaled. Etc. There are more than one documentaries covering the subject, and people taking political action.

Do we have any testers

in that area?

i would

but how to go about that?

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And once someone sees this for him/herself?

Can no longer DOUBT their existence... "Con-trail", people have said to me. NOPE! I saw those when I was a little girl...we called them vapor trails and rushed to see them while they were still there.
These linger, and then begin to dissipate with heavy particles falling toward the earth/consolidating with others...

Occasionally, I've seen them so clearly here in Texas - various locations - that it looks as though someone's planning on playing Tic-Tac-Toe...

And Weather Modification IS ADMITTED...by an Agency of our Govt.

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