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Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing! and do the opposite of what they say!

I have been noticing some sketchy comments on here that seem completely against what we stand for. Almost every time I check to see how long the person has been a member here. It is almost always a few weeks or less. This Nebraska post on the main page is from someone who has been a member for 4 days.

Watch out and check out members details and comments to get a better feel!!!

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Terrible logic by the OP..

If a wolf is in sheep's clothing and tells the heard of sheep to run away, should the sheep stand still?

I also do not appreciate that you are elevating the trolls to the status of wolves and the Liberty Movement to a herd of sheep..

You are offering great advice, but the way the message was delivered was unfortunate IMO.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Before replying to a

Before replying to a "controvertial" post I also investigate few things. First thing I do is taking a look at the user name, in 90% of the cases is something dumb so there's no reason going beyond that, that's a troll. Sometimes I look for how long that person was a member here and what other comments he made, everyone under 6 moths here is rasing a flag.

I think each user should have attached a score reflecting every positive and negative vote their topics or comments received so we can get an idea about the seriousness of that poster.

Proof Of Membership?

Checking how long somebody has been a member to prove some sort of loyalty is not only cliquey and divisive, but it's also inaccurate. I've noticed that they are certain members on Daily Paul that have been members for years and post nothing but negative crap and some new members with something interesting to say. I sympathize with trying to get rid of trolls but pointing fingers at someone simply because they're a new member is wrong. I'm personally a new member and find it pretty annoying to constantly have the amount of time I've been a member pointed out. So please remember that there are plenty of newer members that aren't trolls and be careful on who you accuse of being one.

we know who you are!!!

BE GONE TROLL! I can tell from your writing style that you are Mitt Romney's nephew, Winthrop Jeffrey Romney III!

Join your Bilderberger friends with your fancy hamburgers and stop casting negativity here! Don't question our cliqueishness and arbitrary standards!

You've only been a member for 6 weeks and 5 days! As if we don't know what that means!!!!!!

So what?

(I may qualify for troll status because I haven't been a member of DP for 2 years or 4 years. I started reading it in '08 but didn't join until January.?

aj78, I notice from your comments that you're policing DP by pointing out how long various commenters have been members. I know you're well-intentioned, but this is a wrong-headed approach.

Do you realize that the vast majority of the 2 million people who voted for Ron Paul in 2012 are not members of DP? In fact, they don't even know we exist.

I mentioned DP to the Paul chairman of our state--one of the few winning states for Paul, in terms of delegate plurality. His response? He'd heard of it, might have looked at it once.

The longevity of membership here has nothing to do with the quality of the thought being expressed. We're a bucket's worth of water in the ocean of the Liberty/Conservative/Anti-establishment movement.

I don't mean to be mean, but Get some perspective. Stop casting aspersions based on a silly standard.

BTW, although I've been a member of Daily Paul for less than 30 weeks, I've been an admirer of Ron Paul for 36 years. I learned of his existence when I was a junior delegate to the Iowa GOP state convention in 1976. Copies of a letter endorsing Reagan were distributed by the campaign. The nation's newest member of Congress, Ron Paul, urged state convention delegates to vote for Reagan. 36 years. Can you trump that?

i love new members

But what I was saying was... if someone starts promoting something other than what we hold dear as liberty lovers.... and then on top of that, that they are new members. Run. That is what I said.

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but your statement: "The longevity of membership here has nothing to do with the quality of the thought being expressed." doesn't pass the sanity check IMO.

No knock against you personally, but here is a FACT. In the last several weeks / months, the DP has been filled with people spreading negativity, knocking activities and actions of Ron Paul activists (ex: the Lawsuit). It is naive to believe that someone who fits this description would not be someone who is "new" to this site.

those of us who have been here for many years, and who can prove it by our memberships, have seen this shift in the DP.

There ARE Trolls here, most if not all of them are "new" members, that sir is a FACT. Now, to say that everyone who is "new" at the DP is a Troll...well that was never stated by the poster, and should not be assumed by you or anyone else.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

not so sure

robot, I appreciate your friendly tone. I stand by my statement, though. Judge the merits of an argument on the quality of its thought. You can't know the motives of the writer. Maybe people from Nebraska are new to the site because Nebraska has become a hot issue and the state folks turned to DP for some fundraising help (without realizing what a can of worms they were opening).

I'm not a fan of the federal lawsuit. Does that mean I have to be a troll? I've been a member for 26 weeks or so. Am I new? When did I need to join in order to have credibility? It's silly.

What's "negativity"? Does all the negativity about Rand Paul and Jesse Benton from longtimers count as negativity? Content of comments changes over time, and people come and go from the site, because circumstances in the campaign have changed over time.

I might take the "Romney plant" "paid RNC operative" "troll" meme more seriously if Romney and Paul were locked in a tight battle for the nomination. They aren't. Barring a miracle, Romney has a lock on the nomination. At some point, all of us will understand this fact. I realized back in January that the slim chance RP had to win the nomination was gone. It hasn't stopped me from doing all I can for the cause, but I understood that's the reality of the situation. The Romney campaign has no need to commission people to write discouraging comments on Daily Paul. The Romney campaign is not that omnipresent and we're not that important.

That's the way I see things. Obviously, you have the right to see things differently. Let's not be too antagonistic toward one another.

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And who are the first ones to jump on this post to try and take it over? The exact same crew that's been doing exactly what you've said.

Come on guys, we know who you are, and we know what you're doing.

Thanks for posting this ashleyjean, but looks like it might become yet another Troll-Hole.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

AshleyJean: I Usually Do

But lately I've run across DPers with more time than I, coalescing with others less senior to push a point by intimidation, insult and allegations of those in opposition being Romney trolls.
I am getting tired of repeating the same answers over and over again and again to people who "should" have noticed the viewpoint I;ve expressed, but continually repeat the same spam over and over.
I noticed your replies in the Nebraska Thread,
Yes there are people posting and "posing" as "officials" or "leaders in organizations such as RLCNE, yet there's no way to ascertain their authenticity.
This same SH*T happened during the NH Caucus/Primary.
Droves of "NH RPers"(?) ordering everyone to stay away!
One was even a member of RP National Campaign supposedly.
I've been voicing my opinion, but have noticed an "axis of evil" that seems to permeate the threads stifling any real discussion, by spamming the threads to bury pertinent info posted by real RP supporters..You tell me..I'm ready to heave ho and abandon this place.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Aw come on

This is a good fight, and it seems the winners don't leave, they get banned. Least we forget, what we have been accused by those who HATE us, is merely a reflection of what motivates them.

We KNOW we are not being paid, nor do we pay much, if anything, to be here; but I bet they are being paid, which is why they can't fathom us. The only reason they are here is that they are being paid, and why they can't figure out why we are here for "nothing".

We are free to leave, but what good is that while we are still free to stay, to fight Ron Paul's good fight?

We are a minority, but it only takes a minority of genuine people, and what awesome people I find in everyone who is being attacked by the pirates that are pulling a mutany. They want us to leave, I don't plan to give them what they want.

Thanks Granger

Your encouragement is heartfelt and rings volumes of truth.
Sorry to reply at such a late junction of time, but there is life outside of the DP,and other responsibilities.
I don't know how you do all you do! And considering the battles ahead it must seem like rolling a boulder up a hill, yet here you are giving encouragement....that's a Christian for ya!
We need more people of that persuasion here @ DP.
Dr Paul leads us by a program of attraction...not promotion.
That's hard to swallow, or understand by many here, but you obviously are of the "knowing" category.
Thanks again, God Bless.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

seeing as though you've been a member for 32 weeks

you wont be missing much when you leave. I have been here since the itme I was waiting everyday wondering if my husband would return home from Iraq to know his 2 young sons.

God bless you and you get perspective.

I've Known That Concern, Personally

..My son, now a former Marine was "over there".
He's been back stateside for the last two and-a-half years.
I hope you are as fortunate as I.

And although I haven't been here as long as some, it was because I was too busy being post-divorce and giving hospice-care to my dying father,then caring for Mom (she's 93yo) and being hospitalized myself...possible exposure related ills from the ground zero (NYC)dig-out attempt.

I wasn't aware of the Ron Paul Movement, but now am.

And I'm almost afraid to ask; Did hubby make it back home?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

yes thank God

he did. but my personal touch of too much government woke me out of my slumber.

I Usually Do As Well

...however, I find it irritating that this site is much like mass media lately in that you have to check out everything to see if it is a lie.

Much on the DP in the last month has been *new liberty mass media* with a little "National Enquirer" stuff thrown in. Add to that what irritates me more than anything. There are people here who are *counting* on all of us being dumber than a doorknob to go along with the stuff they are putting out.

When the DP starts heave ho'ing some of the people who have been asking the real relevant questions about just WHY there is this "evil axis" ...then I say that I understand totally what you are saying Danton. I'm about to heave ho also. This place is becoming a total waste of time...and against everything I believe in.

The agendas AGAINST Ron Paul are way more transparent than some of you perpetrators think. And, I think in the big picture.. LOL.. they are not very relevant.

Nebraska coming up. Look at the confusion and the come-ons out there. Any of you who honestly believe that Ron Paul does not have a plan for Nebraska are really out there in your egos. The man has been around the block in Washington. Do you honestly think he is naive? Some sorta Howard Hughes being flown around in outer space while his staff hijacks his campaign...and you and Lawyers4Ron Paul save him while PaulFestival honors him?

Some of you ARE going to realize after the Convention just how foolish you are being. But it is okay. Ron Paul is a dad and grandfather. He will welcome you back to the real Liberty Party once you see the error of your ways. And you will.


how did that go?

the convention I mean... Ron Paul's plan is that we get behind him and work our butts off.

It always gets darker before the storm breaks

This is no time to abandon ship just because a so called mutany has been pulled by pirates of our rEVOLution. The fact is, we are winning, if that were not the case, they wouldn't be hounding us, eh?

We are their focus because we are winning, so they mock us, twist our words, and work like dogs in a pile to FORCE us to do their will, and we know there ain't no way that's going to happen.

We have seen the light. We are not playing games, they are.

I bet Zsh, since he was banned, is digging under every rock to get to the bottom of this. All they have done is buy him time to focus and make a come back, maybe not here, after all, we could all be on the DP ban list before we know it.

Ron Paul has faced this for decades, Jesus for eons, and we can handle this, for while we may be the minority, just look at who we are. Wonderful people, with wonderful hearts and minds, and the best friends anyone could ever hope for.

We are winning fonta. It may not appear like that when all the dogs are piled on and ripping us from limb to limb, but trust me, this is happening because we are winning!! Hang in there and see the glory, for it is ours.

We Must be Over the Target

Look at all the flak we are taking.....

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Howard Hughes...LOL..In Outer Space

LOL!...Thanks Fonta; And whether you realize it or not....

..You have just "etched" an image on my psyche that's hilarious!!!

H.Hughes meets David Bowie....ROFLMAO!....needed that!

Yes...a National Enquirer "mentality" being "conditioned" by these perpetrators who are here to tear down.....

And although "Libertarianism" is avowed....the free speech has been muzzled....or trampled upon.

It started with rp4pres...(framed)...it continued w/ Michael's China trip (cat's away,mice'll play),
followed by a L4RP Media-Hijack.....and now with:

the "censorship" being effected on a "Liberty" website, latest victim being Zsh-Ninja...He's gone, that's sad.

Liberty in Lockdown....all due to some yahooes, whose real agenda is glaringly obvious...no wonder the "old voices" have disappeared....haven't seen them lately.

Give Time, time...and will refocus on Tampa plans.
Que' Sera', Sera'....whatever will be will be.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

But Of Course

...Liberty Unleashed becomes Liberty in Lockdown.

It is our crazy world where cardboard cutters and underpants bombs rule...and people will swallow just about anything.

Glad you liked my *picture-o-gram* ... LOL.

Do hope the "old voices" regroup somewhere as they often would say something that drop-kicked me in a direction I otherwise would not have considered.

Tampa will be interesting. Then, we can view today's *con-fusion* in a rear-view mirror, so to speak.

Am still trying to master "Political Ponerology" ...the DP is perhaps good 101 landscape in which to view the underbelly of deception and manipulation. Political Theatre at its most absurd!