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With Freedom Comes Responsiblity

So, eventhough I have seen people posting things such as, "If I don't like you deal with it." OR, "This is a liberty forum, so people can post what they want."

We still should be responsible with our posts. Lately it reminds me of when we first began here and all of those folks who we called, "brainwashed" amongst ourselves, were calling us names like "Paulites", "Paul-bots", crazy, etc. The dailypaul members have now resorted to this antagonistic behavior. ALL the behavior that we were so against in attempting to bring people into this movement.

Now, people are trashing others non-stop that have differnt ideas in this same exact way. This was termed by one poster as "character assasinations." I keep wondering why it is such a battle to post anything on here anymore. Quite frankly, I am shocked.

I get the frustration with the campaign, the Rand Paul supporters and dislikers, the lawsuit, etc. BUT trashing someone continually because you disagree is wrong.

Yes, this is a free site, but can't we all agree that with freedom comes responsibility?

From what I have heard about Ron Paul is that he cannot stand all the infighting. I agree.

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Yes, I have seen that even you have been called a "LFRP

spamming the dailypaul" What a bunch of nonsense.

How is this furthering our cause for liberty, by alienating anyone who would like to take a different route!?? Maybe you could get more to view this by calling it "Invaders against the lawsuit, attempt massive take-over of the dailypaul".

Also, what is up with google stating the dailypaul may harm your computer?? Something is up with that, nothing with my anti-virus, no warning or anything. Have you heard anything?

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Agreed, I do not know who this person is, but it is posts like

these that were never tolerated before and are not really called for.

Crickets! Ah, the sound of .....Crickets!

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And since KarenABCDE aka SchnauserMom aka SchnauserDefender does this "double-post-thingy" I guess it's "kosher" eh?

Karen can't be here right now...she's watching a movie.
A movie entitled:
"Sybyll", it's about multiple personalities.LOL!

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Yes, I too have seen posts from him that are extremely

rude an pulverizing. I do not see how any of this gets Dr. Paul message out there or closer to the nomination. So, my question is how does any of his comments work in our favor, or for that matter, the others that are patronizing and demeaning, as well?

I hear that! Been saying the same thing

How do they think this is helpful? I tried to knock a couple of them off of their pedestal with some shock factor, but it backfired on me. Hope to see you around, keep up the good fight.

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Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U