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Spy Sat Agency Let Child Molesters in Its Ranks Go Free

WIRED article thats more about bizarre use of polygraph testing on potential employees (title is a lil misleading)... but not hard to imagine a lot of creeps would be applying for these jobs.

The National Reconnaissance Office — the secretive Pentagon agency in charge
of spy satellites — is supposed to safeguarding Americans and American
interests from foreign threats. But the agency has done an incomplete job, at
best, at protecting American children from its own employees and job applicants.
According to documents obtained by the McClatchy news service, a former
California substitute teacher who sought a security clearance from the National
Reconnaissance Office confessed during a lie detector exam to molesting an
elementary school student. The agency never informed police nor the school
district where the incident allegedly occurred. An Air Force lieutenant who
confessed to assaulting a child in Virginia was never reported to either the Air
Force or police.
Like many of America’s national security services, the Pentagon’s spy satellite
agency screens employees and applicants with polygraph machines. The so-
called “lie detector” tests are supposed to stop spies, and polygraphers’ questions
are officially limited to national security questions in order to protect employee
privacy. But whistleblowers now say the polygraph program is “squeezing every
personal secret out of people without regard for the consequence.” Which
wouldn’t be so bad — if the NRO actually reported to the police confessions to
serious crimes like child molestation extracted during polygraph sessions. But
McClatchy could not confirm that this took place. The agency responded that
criminal confessions were “forwarded to appropriate authorities,” but didn’t
provide more information to the news service.


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