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DEBATE: Should Iran be Allowed to Have a Nuclear Weapon?

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Why not ask

Should Israel be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

Iran leaders have already said it's a sin to have nuclear weapons, or at least that's a rough translation, they've also stated only evil doers want to have nuclear weapons which is why they don't have any.

Why those in our government like Rand Paul want to terrorize this innocent country is beyond me. Perhaps Ron Paul might want to enlighten us on why his son hates these people so much.

People were up in arms when North Korea got nukes

They were preaching gloom and doom about as soon as N. Korea got a nuke they'd use it on S. Korea, American bases there, or our naval ships. I believed N. Korea was just crazy enough to actually risk their obliteration in order to strike at S. Korea and/or the USA.

What happened? Exactly nothing.

N. Korea uses their nuclear weapons program just like the rest of the world does... as a deterrent so they aren't constantly bullied by other nations.

I suspect that if/when Iran gets a nuke they will use it in the same way. As a deterrent so they aren't dictated to by others. That's the real fear amongst the West, not that they'll instantly strike at Israel (which would be pure suicide), but that they won't be able to force Iran to do whatever they want nearly as easily.

Besides, it's very hypocritical for us to expect other nations to respect our sovereignty when we don't respect theirs. There is nothing about the UN, US, or any other nation that gives them the right to decide what technologies another country can, or cannot, possess. It really comes down to the fact that whoever has the power is in a position to force others to do what they want... same old story for how long now?

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Do you have some right to decide?

I sure don't.

Its actually a right to a country to get 20% Uranium built up

I once saw a Ron Paul Video drilling Hilary Clinton about how we are breaking our own rules but not allowing Iran to get uranium under the UN rules. I know everyone hates th UN on here but americans act like Iran can't have any because they don't like israel. By not allowing them to continue to enrich uranium but letting every other country do it is picking favorites and against our own rules. It doesn't make sense but what does? So yes they should have uranium and should be able to get a Nuke because i think they would more than likely blow themselves up during lift off relieving us as caretakers and because Israel has one of the most incredible armies and defense depeartments around and have stated several times that can handle Iran and don't need our help.

A better question would be: Should American President's........

....that have claimed the right to murder anyone, anywhere, anytime around the world, including their own citizens, be allowed to have the power of causing nuclear Armageddon?

Your question implies that we

Your question implies that we have some sort of authority to make that decision.


Nice one.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

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Yes. Pakistan. North Korea.

Yes. Pakistan. North Korea. Japan. China. India. Russia. Canada. Do you think think the UN should decide... hell no. To each their own. It's a free world. How many "pre-emptive wars does the world have the bloodlust to engage in?


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