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NewsBusters taking offense at Rachel Maddow - is Ben Swann next?

Specifically Jack Coleman calling out Rachel Maddow:

"But even if Ron Paul won all 32 delegates in Nebraska, the last state holding a GOP convention this year, he'll have a total of 190 overall -- far short of the 1,144 needed for the nomination, and that much further still from Romney's current tally of 1,522. This according to a running count at the New York Times, a source presumably acceptable to Maddow.

Not surprisingly, Maddow made no mention of any of these figures, since doing so would undercut her premise.

Maddow's claims have nothing to do with what remains of Paul's campaign -- and everything to do, in her capacity at MS-DNC, with pitting Republicans against each.

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Newsbusters is Rush Limbaughs

Newsbusters is Rush Limbaughs written mouthpiece. I know Maddow is not the greatest and I dissagree with her on a lot of things. But Newsbusters is no better as its just a neocon biased rag.

I can't stand it

The number of spelling errors and the overall feeling of unintelligence on that site makes me seriously cringe.