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So what is the game plan for RP delegates in Tampa?

OK, first off I'm not a troll. This is a serious question that has been bouncing around in my head since Oregon had it's Republican Convention fiasco a few weeks back...

It has become more and more apparent that the GOP will stoop to anything to prevent Paul from having a presence--much less a say--in anything going on in Tampa. They will unseat as many as possible at the state level (see MA) and after hearing someone experienced at the 2008 RNC we will not be given ear nor airplay during the coronation of "mittens."

You can bet your airfare to FL that the GOP will not allow any disruption to their $18M crowning of the "robomney." I fully expect:

  • that when announcing the state delegation vote counts, they will cut the microphones immediately after the Romney count is declared. We will not even hear even a mention of Dr. Paul (they did this in 2008 cutting it immediately after the McCain count was announced--silencing the Paul count thus making him invisible.)
  • they will likely have a 1-3 sec. delay which is enough for a censor to clip to commercial or interject an "audio difficulty" should a delegate at the mic go off script. Please stand by. Viewers from home will simply cut to commercial or other prepared content, completely unaware of what had happened.
  • they will eject or completely disqualify from the floor entire delegations who disrupt their scripted plan.
  • Dr. Paul will not be given the floor because it would become immediately obvious by the difference in passion between the two candidates.

I will say I'm as pro Ron Paul as I know how to be, but I can't see anyway that this goes down the way we want it to...

So, that being said, I would strongly encourage each of you to get back in contact with your local Paul leadership teams and find out what you can do to continue to further the cause of Liberty. I'm not admitting defeat, but after the crap I've witnessed in my state, I'm ready to participate at the local level and get some house cleaning done. Change has come to the Republican party whether they like it or not.

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The Week Before

The week before the convention is important, because a lot of the specifics will be determined in the committee meetings. We have some people on those committees, but by no means dominate them.

If we have the numbers...

we can do whatever we want to the rules...

I like the Al Davis game plan, "Just win, baby."

cracker barrrel

I say we meet at cracker barrel in Tampa.....i work there and can get us a discount for breakfast.....Country Boy with steak and eggs...hum?


Is That the One on Hillsborough?

in the Town 'n' Country subdivision?...either way..yum-yum!!!!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


I love Cracker Barrel!

If Romeny doesn't get...

1144 delegates the fire alarms will go off. If not literally figuratively for sure.