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Democratic brainwashing

You've heard of the most interesting man in the world. This one is the dumbest.


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That is almost unbelievable

But after the "We need to vote for Obama because he's black" idiots who put him in office anything is believable. Democrats are the ones who have led the downfall of this country followed by their neocon brothers and with the support of brain dead people like this.

And it goes to prove that age does not equal wisdom. Or brains for that matter.

This is great.

I just posted this on a forum that I sadly am on that is supposed to be pro constitution, pro freedom, pro liberty but quickly became pro Romney when he declared himself the king.

I will wait for the comments from them before once again posting that Romney is for the NDAA. LOL! Which they will ignore once again because anyone but Obama is their motto.

5 stars.

EPIC, 5 stars.

Thank you for posting this video.


I try to change people every day. Do You?