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Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink

Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink

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Rising costs push California cities to fiscal brink

Throughout the state, local governments are slashing services to avoid bankruptcy. For some, it's too late.

San Bernardino Mayor Patrick J. Morris says the city may have to dissolve its Fire Department or portions of the Police Department, an unavoidable reality when public safety accounts for nearly 75% of the general fund budget. (Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times / July 12, 2012)

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July 12, 2012

Facing the same financial stressors that pushed San Bernardino toward bankruptcy, cities across California are slashing day-to-day services and taking other drastic actions to skirt a similar fiscal collapse.

For some, it may not be enough.


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You have met the criteria to be part of the EU! Go ahead and relinquish your sovereignty and your bailout will be forthcoming...

These are just the first to declare bankruptcy.

It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Good - less government Our

Good - less government

Our city has a volunteer fire department that works great and has zero tax liability.

That i like..My brother belongs to a volunteer fire dept as well