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It’s All True … Everything They Tell You Is A Lie

Monday, 09 July 2012 22:17 Bob Alexander

What should we do with Occam’s Razor? Cut the Gordian Knot … or our own throats? Now we can do the “To Be, Or Not To Be” two step all day long, but by the time the clock tolls the Midnight of the Soul … what are we going to do? Do we snuff it and light out for the undiscovered country or do we take back the one we live in?

Once Upon A Time we believed everything we were told. While we were being taught how to dress and feed ourselves we were also beginning to learn a bunch of baloney. I learned how to tie my shoes just in time to walk to school to learn about God. As it turned out, I didn’t need to know those two things.

I was in my twenties when I stopped tying my shoes and bought boots and sandals. I discovered that if I bent down to tie my shoes when I had a really bad hangover my head would explode. The solution was different footwear … not abstinence.

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Occam’s Razor Cut the Gordian Knot

Bob's conclusion : [[ We either do something about it or we don’t. We either firmly grasp Occam’s Razor and slice through the Gordian Knot of distractions or we do nothing thus choosing slow suicide for us and everything else. ]]

There is a mix-up or mess-up, admittedly a lot of confusion in human environs. This is all a TEST = (Truth Engenders Sane Thought). Bob has to search more with eyes that can see, and ears that hear, and discernment to sift through the mix of true & false, or fair & foul. It is not wise to abandon the basic (instinctual faith) because it was covered with gaudy material.

From the follies of youth he has matured to solving knotty problems of our age, placed by naughty men who knocked out Knox, it$ not audited.

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Clarification bigmikedude

...so I don't make the same error.

Seems to me that go posted a few paragraphs and then linked under his READ MORE to the original article crediting the writer.

How should he have done it?

And, BTW, I enjoyed this article very much and looked up some of the prior postings of go. Some interesting stuff there. Thanks.


Fonta...Mike fixed my post

My original post does not look like the one you see now. I did it incorrectly in the original post. I think I knew I was not suppose to do that but I thought as long as I put the authors name at the top and included the link it would be okay...but, I've never run a board or site and I do know the DP has had issues in the past so I certainly want to follow the rules as much as possible.

Thanks too for the kind words about my posts. I try not to post things that are not interesting but some of my posts are controversial...it doesn't stop me from posting them but I do try and avoid getting into pissing contests with people that bash me. My intention is never to annoy anyone or upset someone's world view...but I have learned A LOT of stuff over the past few years...and I think people should be aware of what I have found out. Everything I post is easily verified by anyone that takes the time to do the research.



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Thanks Go, for

explaining it to fonta.

Lol, (you know how many times in a month I have to explain that to people and post the same comment I posted to you?)...

I actually have that comment in a saved notepad file so I can just copy/paste it now because I got tired of hunting it down in the guide and copying it and adding the italics.

Roger that.

Corrective action will be taken in future posts. :)