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VIDEO Mat Larson Show with TMOT

Mat Larson Show with TMOT and Kerry Corn


First Episode of The Mat Larson Show at Ron Paul Tribune, Mats guests were TMOT Minister Derrick Grayson "The Minister of Truth" tmotofga on Youtube, and Kerry Corn of "Face the Facts" Radio.

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Surprised people aren't checking this out.

It shouldn't be missed! Wish I could bump it up again.


Ron Paul or Ron Paul and no one else. That is the right message for the moment.

Wow.... Just Wow!

I had this bookmarked for listening to in segments (over an hour long) but, it only took a few minutes before I was hooked. Mat Larson does an excellent job of hosting an intelligent discussion/interview. Wish we had him on talk radio for the masses to hear!

The TMOT portion is in the first half hour. What more can I say about TMOT that we don't already know? Okay, there are details about him, personal details about how he came to support Ron Paul but, what he had to say during that half hour should be spread far and wide.

TMOT, if you are reading this, please run for Congress. We need intelligent, charismatic, people like you representing us.

During the Kerry Corn segment, questions from viewers were taken that are worth listening to the answers. If anyone here hasn't heard this yet, please take the time to do so. You will not be sorry.

Best discussion I've heard in a very long time. Thanks, Mat. You, my friend, are the future of broadcasting. Go for the gold.

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Mat did a great job,

he asks good questions and then listens, giving the person he is speaking with enough time to answer. Too many people asking the questions don't really seem to be interested in the answers as they have their own agenda and really just want to give everyone their opinion. Mat is a great example of a young, aware, thoughtful, intelligent American. He appears wise beyond his years, we need more like him.
TMOT was a good listen as always, he never fails to make me want to hear more of what he has to say. Good show, hope there are many more to come.

Go Ron Paul