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Doug Wead: RNC hires Gary Howard, Ron Paul press secretary

"The RNC hiring of Gary Howard is now coming under attack from Democrats because he was the press secretary to Ron Paul. They say that the Romney camp should dump him because everyone knows that Ron Paul is weak on Israel. Here is the kicker, Gary Howard is an African American and he is a darn good press secretary. That’s why they don’t want him. An articulate, African American Republicans drives them nuts. Hypocrites. . . " (cont'd)


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I notice

that the slimy little "lawsuit worms" are over there infecting Doug's blog comments too.

They present such a good impression, eh?

Without actually hearing a person,

sometimes it is difficult to know if someone is being sarcastic or just asking a question. Please know that what I am about to write is not meant as sarcasm, just a question.

Big T, I have read a lot of your comments lately bashing the lawsuit. In fact I have read so many comments about so many things that my old brain can't retain everything. My honest question to you is: What is your problem with the lawsuit? I haven't been convinced yet that it's such a bad thing. It may not do any good but, are you so convinced that it will do something all that bad?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox


My problem with the lawsuit stems from a long line of observations of occurrences here on the DP over the last few months, which lead me to believe that it is a trap.
It has all the red-flags of a trap, and the result could easily be the disqualification of all participating delegates PRIOR to the convention so that it is ensured that they cannot participate there.

There is no benefit to the "unbinding" part of the suit, because it is clear in legal terms that they are already "unbound", so there is no point to that part of the suit at all.
Secondly, the part of the suit which relates to "presidential elections" and the like, referencing a part of the US Code, does NOT pertain to the election of delegates. It ONLY pertains to the election of the candidates. So, that is not even going to make it.

In fact, there's nothing that's going to make it, and I expect it will all be thrown out.
But the ONLY thing which won't be thrown out is the list of delegates that were involved in the lawsuit, and they WILL be disqualified BEFORE the convention, reducing our impact. They will be disqualified on the grounds of participating in litigation against the RNC/GOP, and therefore are not allowed to participate. And the RNC is perfectly within their rights to do that, and they WILL do that.

People seem to think that everything else is potentially a "set-up" or a "conspiracy", including Ron Paul's staff "selling us out". IN fact, that little tidbit is even part of the L4RP "sales pitch" that Ron Paul's campaign can't be trusted so they need to "take over the campaign". They want to take over the whole damn thing.
But, when it comes to this "lawsuit", we are admonished by the "salesmen" to accept it as all great and no reason to suspect foul play, when there are red flags of foul play all over it.

So, I can't tell you what to think, but I have got my "I told you so" signs all printed up to wave around here after we all take the screwing that we are going to get from this "lawsuit".

A BIG Thank You, BigT,

for taking the time to VERY clearly explain your objections to the lawsuit for me. For the first time, I understand why you have been so adamantly against it: "They will be disqualified on the grounds of participating in litigation against the RNC/GOP, and therefore are not allowed to participate. And the RNC is perfectly within their rights to do that, and they WILL do that."

Your reply to me is the most intelligent thing I've read here in a while. Please consider taking it, word for word, and make a new thread. Perhaps others will finally get the message and we can do some damage control. Once people understand the seriousness of the problem, we can work together for a solution before it's too late.

Like I told you before, you are one of my favorite people here (even when I was a lurker for 4+ years). You have once again confirmed my belief that you can be trusted. Many thanks.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Thanks, Nonna!

I won't be making a thread about this subject, because I don't want to be pushing the issue any harder right now. I have posted about this numerous times, but those who are sold on the lawsuit just don't want to hear it.

Additionally, there have been some bannings from DP of people posting critically of the lawsuit, so I don't want to go too far over the line.

The bottom line now is that the deadline is past for plaintiffs to enroll, and the suit is filed. So, it's going to happen, and whomever is enrolled is on the list.
At this point, we can only hope that things come out better than I think they will, because it can't be stopped now. Hopefully the damage will be minimal. I think that not very many delegates enrolled as plaintiffs, because of the same concerns that I have.

My comment on Wead's blog

"I liked you for a few months Mr. Wead. When the campaign hired you I immediately had reservations given your past association with corporatists and Neocon/Communist scum. Then, through your excellent acting skills, you made me believe you were really defending Dr. Paul and our movement in the media. You even fooled the media tools for a while.

Now, after selling out US and the campaign, you have the audacity to write this Neocon screed defending the genocide and apartheid scullduggery of Israel using $10 Billion per year of Federal Reserve debt we are on the hook for.

It makes me very sad. For a while I thought you were a patriot. Now, I know you are just a summer soldier."
If this guy was a "press" secretary - he may have been the worst one ever. Don't let the door hit you...... I suppose it is good that the RNC it taking this loser. Except he was probably in the Paul campaign as a mole in the first place.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

Freedom's loss, Romney's gain

I get a little queasy whenever I see someone from the official campaign bragging about how someone from our campaign gets hired by an official Republican Party group. Are we supposed to be a revolution or a finishing school for neoconservative staff members? Things like this do nothing but take our best people out of the game. Howard, Beirfeldt (new Iowa GOP executive director), and others like them should look for work electing freedom candidates like Kurt Bills, Thomas Massie, or Gary Johnson instead of going to work for Romney.

Doug if this guy is a darn

Doug if this guy is a darn good press secretary and articulate, Where's he been. Sounds exactly like the kind of guy the campaign could have used.

No --this is an "olive branch" to all of us. I say "no".



Ron Paul campaign staff working for the RNC

Putting out their spin?

Well, I guess we can look at

Well, I guess we can look at this in two ways. We've made a huge impact and they figure they can't ignore us and must incorporate some of his people, or the guy sold out. I prefer to think that we've made an impact.

Blessings )o(

what about a third way....

Maybe this guy is just good at his job and got hired because of that...

He is a press secretary not a policy writer...

Let them have him

PRESS SECRETARY??? What "Press" did Dr Paul get with this guy? Rallys with thousands and not one word in the media! Geeze,good luck with that.(just dawned on me.. maybe the lack of Press shows that he was working for romney all along)


A body can issue press releases

until the cows come home but that doesn't mean that the media will use them.