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How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!


Westbound I-8 in Southern California (an East-West highway that NEVER intersects the international border).

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Holy $#!T, It's happening!

Been reading about this for a while, but seeing it is a whole different story.

Watching this guy keep his cool and respond well gives me even more courage to do the same. I'm super stoked he recorded and posted this.

Also, I'm not the ACLU's biggest fan in the world, but they do provide some good info If you ever find yourself in a similar situation:

Same man was previously brutally beaten by them for the same.

This is courage.

We all need to have his courage and stand with God to oppose evil everywhere we encounter it.

Held his ground.

Very nice. Many people talk the talk about fighting the system but it's these acts of civil disobedience that we need more of. If we had every citizen treat these checkpoints or TSA screeners the same way, we'd get a lot more accomplished.

Bump. This is an outrage.


This is an outrage.