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WikiLeaks wins case against VISA

I gotta say, Iceland is on a roll!!



According to a press release posted on the whistleblowers' Twitter account, the Reykjavík District Court has ruled that Valitor, formerly known as VISA Iceland, violated contract laws by blocking credit card donations to Wikileaks.

The court also ordered that the donation gateway should be reopened within 14 days otherwise Valitor will be forced to pay a fine of $6,200 daily.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said "This is a significant victory against Washington's attempt to silence WikiLeaks. We will not be silenced. Economic censorship is censorship. It is wrong. When it's done outside of the rule of law its doubly wrong. One by one those involved in the attempted censorship of WikiLeaks will find themselves on the wrong side of history."

Read More: http://www.rt.com/news/wikileaks-visa-court-case-040/


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Uh oh. Iceland better be

Uh oh. Iceland better be careful. Any more independent decisions that the CIA doesn't like and it could wind with America liberating it and installing a democracy.

Fantastic news! Another win for Liberty...and

the free market.

This is great

I wish wikileaks would come out with some more leaks about Monsanto.

Give it time, I'm sure it'll happen

Truth is leaking through the cracks day by day and cannot be stopped now. If it's not WL it'll be another site. Too many are motivated to seek and expose truth. Looks like the entire nation of Iceland is on board, so it can and will continue to happen.

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