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Thank God for Congressional Gridlock

President Obama, in a recent address, commented on the gridlock that exists in DC as a result of the conflict over what direction to lead the country; more government control or less. It wasn’t just a passing observation. The point he was trying to make was that the inability of government to agree on and pass legislation hurts the American people. It’s true that there are apposing ideologies in Congress and, at times, passionate pleads from both sides of the isle fall on deaf ears. But is it necessarily a bad thing for the American populace when government fails to reach a consensus?

The assertion that the problems Americans face are due to partisan bickering is based on at least two faulty premises.

1. Someone in Washington knows what the right course of action is for every American and if he/she/they could get their way we’d all be better off.
2. Our “chosen” rulers could legislate away societies problems if power, sufficient to squelch all opposition, was granted to a select few to implement the CHOSEN PLAN.

It fails to recognize two obvious points of contention.

1. No person or group of persons, no matter how much power they are given or take, can possibly have the foresight and knowledge necessary to manage an economy and decipher, let alone deliver, those things which are required by individuals to live happy and productive lives.
2. There is a real and undeniable history of past legislation that, while it’s intentions may have been upright, has resulted in less than optimal outcomes for the present American people.

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