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2012 Corn: Goldman Sachs swindling again.

Don't fall for the hype you are being spoon fed. 2012 was expected to be the biggest corn year EVER. Even with drought conditions, it WILL be a banner year. Speaking to the guys at the six Corn-ethanol plants within 20 miles, they have another explanation for the price increases: speculators profiting off of drought news. In SD, the corn was 8 ft high on the fourth of July. My friends all said they have never seen tassles on the fourth until this year, it will be a record setter in many parts of the country. And prices will have dropped as usual just in time for the harvest, so the racketeers can then further sell short and profit off the backs of the producers, having already fleeced the consumers. Once again, everything is not as it seems.


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@ ALL Farmers - Please share with us how GMO's are affecting the crop, or how you SUSPECT it could be affecting the crops.

From what I understand, the BT pesticide kills the soil by stripping out all of the nutrients. The pesticide also is causing weeds to become immune to the pesticides resulting in heavier applications, causing accelerated problems. AKA: Super Weeds.

Also I heard GMO crops require more water, further accelerating the depletion of the ogallala aquifer, a much bigger problem that will be felt later down the road in the coming years. We think drought is bad now, we just wait until they kill the aquifer and then lets see how these droughts affect our country.

If we continue down this GMO road we are going to have hell to pay. Also I believe they are using scalar weapons like HAARP to create these droughts. We have psychopaths running EVERYTHING and EVERY PART of our lives.

Farmers everywhere else are talking about how terrible this

year is for corn.

I saw an interview where one was describing how the leaves were curlying up like pineapples.

EVERYBODY want to blame the speculators. This year its the heat.

Totally Wrong

This may the the worst corn crop ever... There is even a chance we import corn into the usa this year. There is no conspiracy here other than the fools that consume 30% of the corn crop for ethanol every year...

Totally inarticulate and all the data that is available refutes your claim of a good corn crop.

Also corn is a physically settled contract managed by the CFTC and traded at the Chicago Merc... they have very tight speculator controls in the grains. This is not due to speculators.

whoa.....my friend

I hate to be the breaker of bad news
but we are farmers in the heart of Nebraska
Tall corn and tassels by July 4th is accounted for very mild winter and very early spring. The farmers planted early.
It really doesn't matter if the corn is 12 feet tall with tassels by the fourth. If the ears don't get any larger and fill out it will be a disaster. The pivots are running 24/7 and not keeping up. The dry-land is all but gone, it is 6 feet tall with tassels and burning up. Will start baling it next week.

Harvest will probably be way early this year, because of the early planting. So instead of October watch the Sept. futures.