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Realistic, long-term thought vs Paranoid, short-term thought

I'm convinced the national staff made some serious errors in running the campaign. I'm equally convinced that the kooky behavior of some Paul supporters cost us just as many or more votes beginning in January. Look at how the tone of DP changed once the votes started coming in and they weren't what people wanted/expected. Then the conspiracy and paranoia ramped up to a fever pitch.

We would have a sounder judgment of these things if we could put this campaign into historical context. It's unique in some ways, but it's in a long tradition in other ways. Every time Pat Buchanan lost a primary election in 1996 were the results fixed? Were the voting machines rigged? Were votes programmed to be flipped from Buchanan to Dole? Was Jesse Benton sabotaging the Pitchfork Brigade? What about Robertson vs. Bush in 1988? Or Reagan vs. Ford in 1976?

Who was to blame? It must have been some "they" engaged in treachery. Or perhaps it was a set of circumstances, one of the most basic being it's very hard for an anti-establishment candidate to beat the establishment within the GOP on a national scale. It's happened once during the past century: Goldwater in 1964. That doesn't mean such efforts are wasted. It doesn't mean there haven't been many victories at the state and local level.

This do-or-die, all-or-nothing rhetoric encourages disengagement. If every election is rigged, why bother to vote? If corrupt party leadership has total power over everything, why bother to stay involved in the party?

If you want to hate on the Republican Party and be a Libertarian or an anarchist, fine, but don't pretend that you were ever serious about winning the Republican nomination for Paul. The rest of the Republicans, at least, could see that you weren't serious and that undercut your argument.

In other words, they knew you weren't a "real Republican." You were a Paul follower. Then it's easy to dismiss everything you say, especially if you announce in advance that you'll never vote for any Republican except Paul. There's nothing wrong with that stance and there's a lot right with it, but when you announce it you lose all credibility in the eyes of the people you're trying to convince and you fulfill their argument that Paul people aren't real Republicans, that they're just hitching a ride on the party but won't be involved in the long run.

As much as I like Ron Paul and as much as I continue to support his effort, there will be a different Liberty-Conservative-Insurgent-
Anti-Establishment candidate pushing the envelope 10 years from now, and a different one 20 years from now, and 40 years from now. Let's not be so myopic and dramatic. It lends credence to the widespread perception that Paul and his supporters are nuts.

For what it's worth, this is my perception as someone who's been involved for 35 years and will be a delegate in Tampa.

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The "all or nothing"

crowd does not want to follow Ron Paul's instructions to fill the Republican Party with our supporters and 'become' the new GOP.
They are more interested in playing around with 3rd Parties, or hating on the GOP, or wanting to go back to the Democrats.

Sure, the GOP behavior has been terrible against us.
Some here think we're trying to 'become' that, and that's totally false. We just have to push our way thru that on our path to becoming the majority there. Then we hold sway in a major Party, and that can have BIG effects.

People who can't build on small successes will never see a big success. They think everything is like getting a lucky winning number at the lottery, and nothing is worth working for in the long term.
It took the PTB more than 100 years to get us where we are now. They didn't succeed in one election cycle, and neither will we.

Thanks for being a voice for reason

Dovetails with a post I put up from a few weeks ago:


Hope you'll take a look...

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods


radiofriendly, I remember reading your post at the time and agreeing with it. Not surprisingly! Small l-libertarians have a reputation for being rationalistic, but there's a lot of emotionalism at the grassroots level of the Paul campaign. Passion is great but it needs to be tempered by reason. And humility. Ignorance and arrogance are a bad combination.

I know our kind of messages to the movement are not welcomed by some. Also, I feel a little bad because almost all of this zeal-without-knowledge is well-intentioned and for a good cause. But, still, much of it isn't helpful and it produces unintended consequences. When the consequences happen, those who helped produce them simply blame it on the conspirators. It's a never-ending cycle. And, of course, some conspiracies and double-dealing do exist so the fact that some of that occurs reinforces the idea for some that such anomalies explain everything.

I'm just afraid that those who are riding the wave of wishful thinking re: the federal lawsuit or stealth delegates are going to be crushed when Romney wins the nomination in Tampa. Then what happens? Do they all leave the Republican Party with a giant "Screw you!" How does that help in the long run? That's exactly what Bill Kristol and the neocons, what the Rockefeller Republicans want us to do. That's not conspiracy thinking; they say these things openly. We're not wanted in the party. Let's not give them what they want. Again, if you're an anarchist or a Libertarian, then you'll approach this subject from a different angle. That's fine, but your helpfulness during Republican primary contests will be very limited.

Sound Reasoning

Win, Lose or Draw the deliberate efforts of those who hold your view are integral to this revolution. I celebrate your stamina and genuinely support your approach at this moment in history, though I am of a different faith.


BigT is right. It is not 'all or nothing.'

The NO-thing requires equal reason, deliberateness, stamina and faith.

Shared values matter more than concerted action. I'm with you.