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We need Romney on record now! Austrian or Keynesian?

Can someone please get Mitt Romney on record stating if he is an "Austrian" or a "Keynesian". If you are a journalist, reporter, or just a regular person asking him a question in a crowd, ask Romney which economic philosophy he favors!

Please post any other questions you feel we need answers from Romney on here. Not that we will be swayed, but at least we will know where the weathervane stands right now.

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On Thursdays he's usually an Austrian

Depends on the days, really...

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No republican, except Ron Paul, has pushed for sound money.

That is the grim answer, unfortunately.
In fact, the dems and the repubs are all Keynesians.

The term: 'big-spending Keynesian' is redundant.
The term: 'small-spending Keynesian' is an oxymoron.

We already know the answer

Just look at who his economic advisor is....Big Time Keynesian

This subject seems moot. Romney already stated that he

likes what the Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke is doing and would keep him there if Romney was selected POTUS. Whereas Dr Paul is not too pleased with Bernake's record.

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I can see why you'd ask.

It's so difficult to tell what he believes by the way he acts.

/end sarcasm

my guess is that he would say

my guess is that he would say he aligns most with the chicago school with neoclassical leanings.

It would depend on ......

what day of the week it was....


which way the wind was blowing