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Ernie Hancock Reports on Porcfest & More!

Premier Arizona Activist Ernest Hancock reports on his cross-country trek to Porcfest in New Hampshire for The Arizona Breakfast Club:


For those who don't know of him, Ernie is The Man who was the first person to put the name Ron Paul and R3VOLUTION on the same sign. He is also Owner and Publisher of Freedom's Phoenix, an online news portal.

The video is over two hours long, but the main points of interest for those here are:

19:00 Doug Wead
1:29:00 Rand Paul
1:48:00 "The powers that have the power to have the power."
1:57:00 Thrive

I wanted to attend this event, but I ended up in the Video Chat Room at Ron Paul Tribune working with young people until 2:30 a.m. the night before and slept through my alarm. I'm so glad that Frank records these, and posts them on the web, because I ALWAYS get good 'inside info' and excellent background info whenever I get to hear him speak at length.

I hope you do too.

Ed in Phoenix

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thank you for the video Ed

Sorry I couldn't make it there in person