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Our Most Captive Audience, Left Untapped!

One of the hardest parts of spreading the message of liberty is getting people to listen. It can take a good amount of time to change peoples deeply seeded political beliefs. But what if you could send out any information you want, knowing it will be read from top to bottom and probably shared multiple times? Sounds like a good deal, but most people will never take the time to read a large amount of information you send them. Except...... INMATES

Now hear me out. A couple years ago I spent a little over a month in jail (seemed like 5 years) on a possesion of marijuana charge. (we all make mistakes)... but anyways, i was one of very few people to receive a newspaper. Everyday, before i even had a chance to read it, 5 or 6 people would ask if they could get it next. So many people would hound me about borrowing my newspaper I almost didn't want to keep getting it. But the point is... these are people with nothing but time on their hands. Reading material is valuable and passed around. And yes, several are criminals but many are locked up for non-violent offenses or petty things. In either case, its not our place to judge and once they've served their time, they're vote/opinions matter as much as everyone elses. many people in a county jail get out in a relatively short time (unless their headed to prison). And when they're out, their votes are just as valuable as anybody elses. So at a time when political parties spend millions and over analyze everything, why has no one bothered to reach out to these people?

So my idea is... printing off Liberty/Ron Paul material, relevant news articles, whatever you want to write and sending it off. Almost every county has a list of inmates at their jails online, including peoples charges, release dates, and rules for sending mail. Not only will it help grow the movement, you could even send information on local canidates and encourage them to vote in the fall! These people know what its like to have lost their freedom, usually as consequence of their actions... but I don't think once they have it back they'll want to hand it over and no longer have to commit an offense to be incarcirated(ndaa). And they like getting mail. For those that served time on minor offenses, it would give them a way to constructively change the system rather than just blaming it. Several of these people have repeatedly witnessed the erosion of their constitutional rights, LETS SEND THEM THE SOLUTION.


****** on the can they vote issue. People in county jail are either a) awaiting trial (misdemeanor or felony) or b) serving a sentence for a misdemeanor. If your convicted of a felony you will most likely be transferred to prison. So the large majority defintely can vote after they served their sentence (that could include house arrest or probation) ... And im not saying we should try and convince violent criminals to join our ranks... but soo many people will have dui's, pot possesions,public intox and either cant afford to bail out or violate probation and do time). So the majority in a county jail will be getting out, will be able to vote, and will be extremly receptive.

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Nice idea, but they can't

Nice idea, but they can't vote. However, if you make them a real liberty convert then they will talk to their wives, sons, daughters, parents, etc and you will have in the end multiplied the message.

Blessings )o(

Not 100% true...

Only convicted felons can't vote. U can do minor jail time without getting a felony

Great idea

Another idea is to call up these neocon talk shows and talk aboutr Ron Paul. Get a group of people who will call up to the shows so when one gets cut off, the next person can pick up where they got cut off. Spread the info.

I just dont know how effective this would be to their listeners since they seem to hate RP. I would think we could break through to some though, right?

It's not a bad idea - particularly those in jail for a

relatively stupid reason like holding bible study at their home, marijuana possession, shingling their roof, etc. will be eager to convince their friends and family as well.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I was under the impression that they

weren't allowed to vote? If they can vote, that's great! Regardless if they can't, they can let their loved ones know to vote for Dr. Paul because he would pardon drug offenses, hence they could be freed.

On it's face

It appears to be a real good idea.

I think I would have to ask my Sheriff questions about how far I can go because I wouldn't want to join the folks inside for breaking some law I was unaware of.

two thumbs up to check it out!

Thank you for a great idea.

Great Idea

I cared so little about my Liberty until it was taken away.