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The Western financial crime syndicate is history’s ultimate example of a parasitic oligopoly.

Bankers’ Fraud Now ‘Too Big To Fail’

There is more outrageous news out concerning the Western banking cabal, the crime syndicate otherwise known as our financial sector. The news was not that these banksters have openly admitted that they willingly/gleefully participated in LIBOR-related fraud which exceeds (present tense) $350 trillion in scope. No, the news was that this crime syndicate has now proclaimed that its acts of fraud are themselves “too big to fail”.

As the banking cabal’s favorite apologist, it was delegated to Bloomberg to frame the announcement of this obscenity, in its best media spin. Naturally Bloomberg did not use the phrase “too big to fail” when it explained why these bankers must be allowed to continue their crimes:...because structural changes risk invalidating trillions of dollars of contracts.

This euphemism from Bloomberg is, itself, perverse to the point of being fraudulent. The banking cabal has admitted their fraud in this $350 trillion crime spree (more than 5 times the size of the entire global economy). As a matter of law, all of these contracts became null-and-void the moment this fraud was discovered (and confessed).

Indeed, it is a separate (criminal) act of fraud for each and every one of these contracts which continues to be enforced despite being null-and-void as a fundamental precept of the Rule of Law. To demand that these contracts remain in effect is nothing less than a proclamation that the Rule of Law no longer exists. Crime becomes “OK” as long as it’s large enough (or as long as the perpetrators wear expensive enough suits).


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The Bigger they are The Harder they Fall!

I have signed on in spirit to investigate ways to come up with competitive money sources. If you have a minute or two could you check out http://www.dailypaul.com/244168/july-4th-2013-liberty-day-ch...

Perhaps together we can investigate and find a way to quit paying for our own demise.

Let them fall big and let them fall fast before we meet our dimise.

Banksters Criminal Syndicate

has very close & intimate relations with zion & secret societies, & all things foul & evil, e.g. satan. Modern man is shy of mentioning satan, - from where else does the bankster get his evil 'ideas'. So its important to revert to & consult the wisdom of the ancients.

A forgery for Evil mania by only a Satanic jinnius,
a lechery of money-lenders greed for the usurious is the Bank.
Judges and lawmen acquised with interested'ness,
licensed, defended and decreed is this wickedness of the Bank.
Sounds a hoax, freedom, social demon'cracy, ET 'all,
constitutions are designed to disguise and install the Bank.
State, flag and anthem, you name it, have it all,
Priori condition is the "License to $in", how vital for the Bank.
Rabbi, bishop and pundit, stomp the Earth and backbite,
yet no open council of vary'us religions to indict the Bank.


you seem well researched on money and banking...now do some uncomfortable research on the orgins of religion...THEN you will start seeing what the truth really is.

Adam & the Edu on Names..

thank you for your attention. There is no research required nor is it uncomfortable to study the origins of religion, it is related to the beginning of education of Adam.

You may have seen the discussion /debate on a DP thread re Creation or Evolution. I read a few comments then moved out.

Religion is the oldest field of knowledge, and the teaching of Adam were the easiest in education, i.e. names. See the 1st book of the Bible, Genesis 2:19-20
[[ ~ ~ ~ whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20 And Adam called names of all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; ~ ~ ~]]

From then on - to the NT & Revelation, you will find the emphasis on name.