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Article - Will you vote for the rich kid?

Will You Vote for the Rich Kid, The Handout Kid, or the Hard Worker?

When I think about who to vote for in this coming election I try to bring the discussion back from the rhetoric and look at their character, what they are made of.

The first thing I realized about Willard Romney is that he was a child of wealth groomed for success. He was the kind of preppy had everything private school kid you just hated in high school. He wore suits for gods sake! He was a bully who pinned down the shy long haired kid and cut his hair off. He’s the one whos father took him on a lookout of Detroit while both of them wore their expensive suits and said “Kiddo someday all this will be yours.” He was a high schooler of means, I detested people like these. Evading the draft he spent the time in France on Morman Mission, eating fine cheese and not drinking the excellent french wine. Because they always had this sense of ENTITLEMENT that they were BETTER than the rest of us simply because of their birth and moreover they DESERVED success. It’s this same mindset that allowed Willard to rape healthy American companies saddle them with huge debts so they could declare a “dividend” and put the money in his pocket. Its this money he runs for president with today.

The lessons in life that Willard learned was be greedy, be immoral, be powerful, and the world is yours.

The first thing I noticed about Bari Shabazz is that he was handed everything from a young age. Growing up white in white suburbs with middle class white grandparents he got both that level of comfort as well as receiving handout after handout because he was black. He got a “foreign student” scholarship to Occidental for being from Kenya and got in easily because he was black. He got into Harvard again because he was black and got made editor of the Harvard Law review at a time Harvard was up in arms about the denial of tenure of a prominent black professor. As the campus was up in arms, Obama was the recipient of the diversity price getting the coveted position. A white kid would have taken it upon himself to write brilliant essays about the law week after week to establish himself as someone going places. But as a black with limited intelligence Bari neither had the needs nor the ability to do so. In fact he’s the only sitting editor of the review never to have written anything. But he knew this didn’t matter because his life would continue on the handout train. His wife also didn’t think she could get into Princeton with her terrible grades. “Don Worry Baby” Bari chided, “you’ve got the right callin card” (aka your BLACK!). As Michelle helped the chicago political mob and was disbarred for being pure evil, she was awarded a 350,000 dollar a year “diversity coach” job at a hospital. Another handout for being black.

The lessons the Shabazz’s learned was sit back, chill out, and the world will be handed to you. Work is a suckers game. And by extension, Communism and its handouts are good as well, as taught to him by sex pervert and radical Frank Marshall Davis, his mental father.

Finally we come to Ron Paul. Ron Paul was the son of dairy farmers of modest means. He worked hard for everything he got. During high school he pedaled his bicycle to a pharmacy after school where he worked. He put himself through college and then medical school. When the vietnam war hit and he was called to serve, even though he had a wife and infant he went and served his country. In fact of all the republican contenders he was the only one who served in the military. And from those lessons he is now the champion of peace. Not just promising peace in a political lie like Shabazz. He never turned down a patient who couldn’t pay for his services.

The lessons of Paul’s life can be summed up as be frugal, work hard, and stand up for what you believe in.

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