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Correspondence to my Representative in New York’s 17th Congressional District concerning support for HR 459

*Signed and sent this evening*

Congressman Engel,
I am writing you today to express my desire that you support House Resolution 459. H.R. 459 is a bill that authorizes Congress to do a full audit of the Federal Reserve. Currently, 268 members of the U.S. House have cosponsored H.R. 459. I see that, as of now, you have not yet embraced this idea. I would like to think that my Representative wouldn't shy away from ensuring full transparency of the most powerful institution in our Republic. Congress can, and should assert itself here. This is a matter concerning monetary policy, and you have been charged with carrying out this important task as declared in the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, I feel compelled to add many more reasons for my desire to see you support this bill; I could literally write a novel on this topic alone for your enjoyment, but I will refrain, and I will spare you. Please know that this is an issue of the utmost importance, and you will be doing your Country a great service if you sign on to this.

In Liberty,
Your Constituent

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