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Christian Science Monitor covers Nebraska & mentions DailyPaul

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haha.... christian and

haha.... christian and science are a contradiction. :D

Usually, those who lose their Christian faith are the ones

who, when they attended their churches, left their brains at home. Your comment sounds very much like you were one of those.

Fortunately, most of us who attend churches, take our brains there with us and we have no problem with science or Christianity.

Come on, it was funny! How is

Come on, it was funny!

How is Christian Science different from normal science anyway?

What did Jeeebus discover anyway?


What would you know of it? Did Bill Maher tell you that?

Nice article!

Seems like the grassroots in NE have things in hand. Stay calm and focused.

I have read we already have plurality 7, 9 and 11 states. Lots of talk of only 4 with waaay too much pressure being put on NE. Looks like media spin for when the GOP turns the screws again. Fight on!

Really, ausscyn, your threads aren't being ignored. It just takes time for people to see them.

Thanks for posting this!

It's not really a bad thing

if it gets us mobilized here in Nebraska. We're rather used to being overlooked so when it seems as if we have a hand to play, we will take it. AND it brings attention to all those asleep to the neocon machine here that maybe, just maybe, something is awry.

Once again,

something topical just gets ignored.

Are you trying to make us go away?