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2 Cops Go To Far And Tase Man For Not Showing His I.D

This just shows you what the world is coming too, when you have to show I.D or be tased! the only satisfaction I get from watching this video is how much knowledge of the law the two people in the video have! makes me proud, that there people out there willing to fight for there rights! so beautiful man... let's get this video out there ya'll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB5sZkicqEo

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At the end of the video: Cop

At the end of the video: Cop says: "All we asked him for was his ID." Now the tax payers will be paying for another lawsuit.

Who pays cops or

Who pays cops or firefighters?

juan maldonado

His best course of action

was to never open his mouth. Act deaf & dumb.

That was on my mind too..

I would have replied to the cop with the following questions:

"Do I have the right to remain silent Sir?"

"Am I free to go? Am I being detained?"

"Do I have the right to remain silent Sir?"

"Am I free to go? Am I being detained?"


I wonder how they would reply.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

Sorry. This Video Is Not A Good Example..

of a civil rights violation. Not even close. The man will lose in court. He commited an infraction (jaywalking) and is required to identify himself to the police so he can be cited/ticketed. One can argue that the cops are nitpicking, or selectively enforcing minor laws, but this is a no brainer from a legal standpoint.
The man is not required by law to produce a photo ID or "documents", but when suspected of an offense he is required to at least provide his name and birthdate to the police. This suffices for "I.D."
One can applaud the man for standing up for what he believes is right, but from a legal standpoint he is wrong and will sadly be quickly educated on what the law really is.
If there's an attorney out there feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this.

The crime was being black in a mean society.

You defend the state here. The man is correct no victim no crime. He was not putting anyone in danger or inconveniencing anyone. So where is the crime. Where is the love. Wake up and see that legalism is wrong. Look what America has turned into North Korea.


He has no right to behave

He has no right to behave like this! Tell me something if you see a cop or cops beating a guy to death( just like Rodney King) would you start helping the guy? Once you understand the constitution it will set you free? You made me laugh with the jay walking comment, you were joking right?

juan maldonado

It's Just A Legal Point

We don't know what the specific infraction was (or if the cops made it up). I just mentioned jaywalking because whatever he did was likely something similarly innocuous and harmless. The man was clearly abused by the police, but his mistake was thinking he knew the law and that he didn't have to identify himself. I feel bad for the guy and despise these officers for overreacting the way they did. If the guy had given his name and the police still abused him in the same manner, then he would probably have a nice lawsuit against the city.

What do you mean? Jay walking

What do you mean? Jay walking is crime!? I didn't know lol

juan maldonado


Wasn't he on a bicycle on private property after coming out of the check cashing store? From the video, I'm not sure an infraction was committed

Yup she said they stepped out

Yup she said they stepped out of a place and the cop approached them, then asked him for his I.d. How crazy is that?

juan maldonado

Jaywalking on his bike?


Are you cheerleading for the possible death of a non-violent citizen?

What about the tase though?

The guy wasn't doing anything threatening. I guess it could be argued that he "resisted arrest" in the sense that he didn't allow his hands to be pushed behind his back (though the cops put a cuff on his right hand). However, what was he being arrested for? Stating his rights? Not showing an ID?

Plus it feels like there are so many laws that the cops can probably almost always argue that a person is breaking some law. Again, that incident sure didn't say "free society" to me.

Jurisdiction and code are what matter here...

...and insofaras your observation that there was a stated infraction by the pi...I mean...the police officer, you are right. In most jurisdictions there would be an automatic need for a perp (suspect) of a crime (code violation) to show his ID upon request. He need not say anything as, at the point of the request, an investigation has been engendered and a suspect implied...

I'd just like to know when being an abject "pussy" became a police job skill....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

I had to turn it off

I made it to the 2:55 mark and then turned it off. That was horrible. I loved the line when the guy turned to the cop and said "arrest him" (meaning the other cop). I wonder what basis the cop thought he was justified in seeing that guy's ID. The "perp" seemed like a normal guy to me. He wasn't being threatening. He was just stating his rights. The cop didn't like that though and it seemed like he wanted to see the guy's ID as a show of power. It seemed like getting the guy to show his ID was a form of intimidation. Partly in the sense that "he will submit to my command and show me his ID" and partly in the sense that "it will be intimidating to him if he knows that I know who he is. I've got him on record now".

I am absolutely amazed though that the cops didn't take the woman's camera. Maybe they tried later in the video though. The stuff I saw in that video certainly doesn't make me feel like I live in a "free society", that's for sure.

yeah I know,it's hard to

yeah I know,it's hard to watch right? this is why I honestly hate cops! they almost always act this way!

juan maldonado

never mind.

never mind.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Now these are two people I

Now these are two people I would take to war with me! and I've been to war before.

juan maldonado