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Worried by recent events in the Ron Paul campaign...

I've been stewing about the moves the Ron Paul campaign has been making, Rand has been making, and the Campaign for Liberty's Technology Revolution Manifesto that was released a week ago. So... a few observations:

Let's start with the manifesto. It ends with the line ''This is our revolution…. Government needs to get out of the way.''  Why does that make my skin crawl? I think it's because it sounds like it was written by someone trying to speak our language who really doesn't get it. Which is clear after reading the manifesto, which is a wet kiss to the giant federally subsidized monopolies that are as big a threat to internet as the government is.

For a little background, these are the same corrupt companies that colluded with the Bush administration to illegally wiretap American citizens without a warrant. These crimes were retroactively forgiven by an amendment to the FISA act which Obama promised never to sign. So of course he signed it. While most of the GOP backed these violations of the Telecommunications Act of 1934 and the U.S. Constitution because of 9-11, the abuses actually started before 9-11. Giving these companies even more monopoly power is not the solution.

It also struck me as a (deliberate) move further away from the core non-interventionist stance of the movement. Another move away from whatever the establishment is uncomfortable with. Plus, it drives a wedge between the more conservative wing of our movement and the so-called ''blue Republicans'' who are already pursuing internet freedom measures which have wide support.

But this is only the latest in odd behavior from the Campaign for Liberty. I used to head the largest C4L chapter in our state. Now, I despise it. From their inept overpaid management, to their disgraceful treatment of Adam Kokesh, to their abandonment of CPAK after so many inroads had been made, to the downplaying of our non-interventionist foreign polity - this is no longer an organization that grassroots activists should take seriously.

It's not a coincidence that the weird moves by the Campaign for Liberty mirror the weird moves of the Ron Paul campaign itself. How much truth is there to this excellent article by Justin Raimondo? Add in the revelations of Penny Freeman (former Ron Paul Political Director) and the the answer is, probably more than I care to imagine. But it is clear that appeasement of our enemies in the GOP establishment is taking place. And it's not acceptable. And what was going on in the campaign that Doug Wead said can't be discussed for ten to twenty years???

And Rand… f**king Rand. I have to admit, I've had high hopes for that boy ever since I filmed him at an End the Fed rally in 2009. I've heard every excuse in the book for his endorsement of Mitt Romney by Rand apologists but the simple fact is, Romney is the enemy of liberty. You don't endorse the enemy. You don't do it on the enemy's propaganda station while delegates are still being decided. Is he a sellout? A collaborator? Is he one of them? Well he's some combination of those three and any combination is unforgivable. But honestly, we were all way too eager to overlook his openly non-liberty leanings.

Besides being not quite as non-interventionist as his dad, Rand's fetus fetish is a little out of control. While Ron Paul (who has strong pro-life personal beliefs) was voting against a ban on abortion for the purpose of sex selection (because the constitution gives the federal government no authority in the matter), Rand was off slipping a Fetal Personhood amendment into a flood insurance bill? Like many supporters of the Liberty movement, Ron Paul is pro-life, but he understands that this is not an issue for the federal government. He would let the states decide. The Libertarian position is that abortion is not a matter for government at any level. Either way, the ''liberty'' position for politicians at the national level is for the feds to stay the f**k out of it.

In the Senate, Rand may still be the best house in the trailer park. But now he is the Republican equivalent to Democrat Dennis Kucinich after his sellout on Obamacare. A useful idiot who can be counted on to vote correctly on most issues no matter how controversial. But he can never be fully trusted, will never take his fathers place, and will never be the leader of the liberty movement.

Then there's the Tampa cluster f**k. Well after Paul Festival was scheduled for August 24th-26th, the campaign decided to hold it's own rally in Tampa on the 26th. Great I thought! We'll all be there anyway and what's even better - they won't have to waste the donations we sweated blood to give them on a separate venue since the good folks at Paul Festival offered them a free venue that was physically (and legally) separate so the Paul team could have complete control. But they didn't take it. Ron's not even going to speak at the event. So now thousands of us have to trek 8 miles across town to the Sun Dome (and back) in the August Florida heat, at the height of pre-convention police-state security paranoia. Thanks for that.

Still, I'm looking forword to Paul Festival and the philosophical family reunion of sorts these things have become. For me, Paul Festival will be a celebration of everything the grassroots activists have done. It will be the culmination of the Paul wing of the Freedom movement and Ron Paul will always be a hero of that movement. But the future will not be determined by Rand or the Campaign for Liberty, and there will be no place for the Jesse Benton's or Jack Hunter's of this world.

If I could offer Ron Paul any advice (beyond banishing Rand to the kiddie table this Thanksgiving) it would be to spend the remaining 3.3 million dollars we gave you on this campaign. Don't waste it on the Campaign for Liberty or on Rand's future political career. That's not why we gave it to you. Spend it on fighting the establishment at the convention. Don't be so concerned about being respectful to our enemies who certainly have not earned our respect.

But if you won't to spend our money fighting the evil Romneyites, could you at least go out in style by hiring Rage Against the Machine to play at the rally?


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I'm very worried too.

Especially with today's headlines linking Romney with Rice and Cheney.

Paul is truly America's last chance.

I think some people need to

I think some people need to realize that the Paul's are not liberals. They are not pro-abortion nor do they think the federal govt *shouldn't* be involved in abortion. Ron himself voted for Santorum's Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act which is a no-no to big "L" libertarians. I swear I think most Paul supporters on the DP now are just liberals who want weed and abortion legal... Many of them would support Obama just as easily if he promised those things.

Having a hard time understanding why you've been here

for a whole year and this is the very first thread and below the very first comment you've ever posted here. Most people don't have that kind of restraint. Were you sleeping and did you write that before you had your wake up cup of coffee? What made you come out of hiding at this particular time? Just curious.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Frustration? :)

Frustration? :)

I've been reading the Daily Paul since 2008 but the comments seem like pointless flame wars most of the time.

I prefer to post on our local sites that I co-manage:

Looks like you changed the original thread.. right?

The video was about Gary Johnson.. the title was different.

I am not a moderator but next time I will QFT your thread if I decide to comment on it.



I try to change people every day. Do You?

Not sure what you mean? The

Not sure what you mean? The only Gary Johnson link in this post was him talking about Rand.

More drama..

Oh brother..


I try to change people every day. Do You?