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Ben Swann asks-Did Mitt Romney Commit A Felony By Failing To Correctly Report His Status At Bain Capital?


If this or something else is a smoking gun against Mitt Romney and the Ron Paul campaign knew all along it would explain why Ron Paul and the campaign appeared to have rolled over and ceded to Romney.

If Romney gets embroiled in a scandal, Ron Paul is in great shape at the convention to be the nominee since he is the only remaining viable contender

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If Ron Paul had done this,

If Ron Paul had done this, would people on this website be calling for him to be kicked out?

Perhaps Romney broke the law. Perhaps he committed a felony. But he broke a law that was stupid and amoral in the first place.

Look, if he killed someone, sold things to terrorist, exposed government secrets, defrauded his customers, abused someone, etc., I get it, throw him out.

But not telling the IRS something that wasn't their business anyway? Unless I am missing something?

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You have to remember this is a dirty game

Obama might not want him exposed instead he would have leverage over Romney possibly facing prison time if he exposed him.

So he could have him throw the fight and still put on a good show.
If the truth is to come out it will be by individuals getting the papers handing it to the SEC not from Obama just my opinion.

I think there is a problem

I think there is a problem with a candidate if you have to ask multiple times if what he did was a crime/felony.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Mitt supposedly has already

Mitt supposedly has already made his choice, Pawlenty, my guess. And from what I understand if they win, Mitt will take the oath of office and then retire retroactively, while still being the president he just won't be in charge. Also he has asked the the $400,000 or so they pay the President be paid to an account in the Caymans.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Time For Romney

To move forward and become the "Bane" of the Republican Party.


Nader pounded on the SEC, sued them repeatedly, and now the SEC teams up with bain to out Romney? LOL

Romney wins this one.
Here's Nader's latesy lawsuit against the SEC http://www.nader.org/uploads/seccomplaint.pdf

The Obama campaign has just killed Romney with this.

All that will be necessary is for the SEC to ask the firm for any and all investment thesis papers. An investment thesis is what the junior partners at a firm bring to senior management. If the junior partners have any e-mails from Romney discussing concern or asking questions about the investment, he is screwed. Romney owning 100% of Bain tells me he is an absolute control freak. Any guy who wanted to truly retire would give another exec 5% stock in the firm and a nice salary. That's the standard way this stuff is done. All that will be required is to show that Romney killed a deal or two from the VC's that work there, with any e-mail or files. The SEC will have a field day with him, and he will be in deep crapola. Guys like Romney love to exert their power in these situations and will kill deals if they know of another investor who they don't like is involved in a deal. The VC community is very small and very tight together. Most went to college together. Those that have bad blood keep it that way permanently.

Either way, I think this is the Godsend we needed to get Ron Paul elected. With the media's assistance, this should blow up the entire election. All it will take is a few MSNBC Obama re-election campaign staffers to continue talking about this and not let it go away. Since Obama is the President, he could order the SEC to investigate Bain and seize all documents and e-mails related to this investigation.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


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Romney IS Bain Capital

..at least that is what is usually said about individuals who are the sole owner, CEO, top level manager and most if not all the important positions of a company.

Yearly board meetings are required for every corporation, and if he holds all the board positions, then the meeting "takes place in his head" (which an attorney once told me).

As far as I can gather, Romney established the company, was heavily involved until the business practices became routine enough for him to go do something else.

Regardless, high level corporate positions (managers and up) have fiduciary duties.. ahem. He is not without blame.

But his fiduciary duties are to himself.

But his fiduciary duties are to himself.

As the owner of ALL the stock it's not like he's going to institute a shareholder suit and sue himself for cheating himself, eh?

= = = =
"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

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What I meant about Fiduciary Duties was..

You made me re-examine what I wrote.
I guess what I was trying to say was a bit fuzzy.

My exposure to "Fiduciary Duties" was in a court setting, trying to hold a manager responsible for their actions (we won 11 of 12 counts as defendants against their pre-emptive legal attack ..uhg). The person was legally liable/responsible for (some of) their actions and in-actions to the business owners/partners.

The best I can say is that I am referencing Fiduciary Duties to put more weight behind the idea that Romney has legal responsibilities due to the positions he holds in Bain Capital, regardless of his actual action or inaction.

So, I guess I'm reaching a little and don't know enough to make the full argument.

My impression/hunch is that a legal argument can be made to counter Romney's claim of not being involved.

Very nice post


You know it suddenly dawned

You know it suddenly dawned on me why Obama picked Joe Biden. Biden is the former senator from Delaware, the incorporation capital of the united states. He certainly has the social connections to all of the cliques in Wilmington. If Romney has done something felonious, he will be found out.


may have commited a felony?

I thought I read an article on here about Obama admitting in a book to using drugs on a beach when he was younger or something.. isn't that also a felony?

I guess they may have to disqualify both of them.

If Obama used drugs that's

If Obama used drugs that's his personal problem (I don't endorse the use of drugs); whereas Romney owing Bain affects the lifes of many people and lying to the SEC is a serious felony.

If Obama Used Drugs

while putting people in jail for 10 years for drug possession, that's a serious moral felony in my book.

That's called hipocresy.

That's called hipocresy.

A better question would be

A better question would be "Does it even matter?" Romney is the republicans chosen one and as such he is not subject to the law the same way a lesser person would be. At the height he has attained in American politics he'd have to do a lot more than that to get indicted for crimes.

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Sure, It Matters. Romboids Re-boot!!

Ironically, maybe Obama will be the one to help get Ron Paul into the white house.

If Obama's people make a big enough of a fuss about Romney, maybe to Romney-bots will have to re-boot.

Um. Yeah. Also, Romney has not been chosen at the RNC.
Anything could happen between now and then.
..car accident maybe?
..angry victims of Bain Capital take him down.

Who knows.



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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

Hold on hold on hold on wait

Even if he was just a "figurehead" and not actively involved he still OUTRIGHT LIED as he said he "left" Bain capital and had nothing to do with them after february of 1999.

He did NOT leave, he remained president, CEO, sole stockholder AND chairman of the board.... AND collected salary for three years after. "Left" my ass. No matter what the outcome is he's in trouble either way

Just you wait and see... As

Just you wait and see... As ascendent godhead, he will be untouchable... lol

WOW - He owns 100%???????

All this time, I was under the impression that he owned PART OF Bain Capital, that he went to work for Mr. Bain and worked his way up to CEO. Seems like he said he was a "partner."

How did he come to be SOLE OWNER of Bain Capital???

Well, one thing I know FOR CERTAIN is that ANYBODY who owns 100% of a company is ABSOLUTELY involved in the overall management of that company. He might not be hands-on. He might not be involved in day-to-day decision-making. But he is involved. He might have another corporation that he or his wife or a trust owns that is a "consultant to" Bain Capital, and maybe through that company he makes decisions. What ever the deal is, anybody who owns 100% IS going to be involved in decision-making.

And, let's not forget ...

Mitt Romney owns 100% of Bain Capital -> Bain Capital is the major shareholder in Clear Channel Communications -> Clear Channel owns Premier Radio Networks -> Premier syndicates radio shows, such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and others who have been bashing Ron Paul all this time.

Not exactly surprising, but what is new to me is that Mitt Romney is not just a former executive, but the CURRENT OWNER of these radio programs and HE DECIDES HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE!

Since Romney REFUSES to state ANY political positions with any specificity (hey, it worked for Obama in 2008), the ONLY thing people can cling to is that Romney is a "business man." But the more we learn about his business, the more people will find things they don't like.

People on the fence about Romney are gonna fall off that fence -- to Obama or a non-vote.

Doesn't Ben want to add any value and move on?

where was ben when romney was winning all of the primaries? ben just smashed romney's conservative rivals.

drop it - it is way too late. why doesn't ben expose obama's past history?

as everyone knows and the op stated, paul's corrupt campaign conceded to romney a long time ago. and they never took him on in the first place. they never had intentions to be in a race with romney.

ben should focus his time on other things, like on how to prepare for obamaney's formal victory in november.


There were no "conservative rivals" except Paul.

Santorum, Gingrich, and Bachmann are progressive leftists.
None of them ever had a "conservative" bone in their bodies.


newt and perry and huntsman are all conservatives.

santorum is cons enough, but he is a psycho case, but paul's pal romney is a bigger psycho case.

bachmann is a witch and traitor.

you are falling into the false paradigm of left/right and cons/liberals. as it stands, it is all one and the same, with fictiious differences among leaders who just like to fight for no reason and then make backroom deals to make sure noone can play the game.

paul's ideas are infact libertarian and not republican, but his actions and staff are republican and not libertarian. hence, paul can't win.

you are just helping estab/romney and islam out with your lies in saying that all cons rivals are like romney, and then leaving romney along while bashing romney's cons rivals, which then uplifts the secret politician of your choice - romney.



Newt and Perry are both HUGE progressives.
Newt is pretty much an outright communist.
Perry promoted the Nafta Superhighway which is total NWO.
The NWO is communist.
Huntsman is just a NWO commie who was ambassador to China.

Were you born mentally incapacitated, or did something hit you on the head?

Which part of Tel Aviv are you posting from?

lib is an obvious troll

Just not annoying enough to be banned, he needs to step his game up

Yes, I realize it.

I just play with lib from time to time, sort of like "trolling the troll".
Since it's obvious the site won't ban it, I play with it like a cat.

Lib is part of the success of

Lib is part of the success of Dailypaul. We have a lot of neocons reading the Dailypaul and that's great. Go figure they need to get their news from the heart of the liberty movement 'cause the neocon media is a total failure. :-)