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matlarson10: Congressman Says 50% Of Americans Do Not Believe In The Constitution

Do you believe in the constitution or is it outdated and just a piece of paper?!


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Do they not believe in the

Do they not believe in the constitution as written, or the idea of having a constitution that defines a legal framework?

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This is sickening to listen to, but probably true.

I would bet that the percentage of Congressmen who believe in the Constitution is even less than 50%. He obviously is one of the non-believers.

I would have to believe this.

I would have to believe this. It really strikes as though only about 20-25% of the population even tries to give a damn about it.

Interesting, I wonder if this is the percentage of the population that is below average in intelligence.(you know, 50% of the people out there are below average)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

A made up number propaganda and flat out lie

What kind of man is sworn in under something he does not believe in.
No wonder we are is such a condition with ignorance like this in Government.