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What is the score in Nebraska?

According to an ABC article, Ron Paul will not even be close to the amount of delegates needed to take the state for a plurality at the FL convention. Other reports imply that this could actually be a contest. ABC news has a history of promoting innacurate information (Dan Rather) yet I am unable to find projections backed up by actual figures that counter one of the only main stream articles to discuss Nebraska. Other than a high percentage of absentee delegates Saturday does anyone have any credible stats?

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Did anyone else think this?

Nebraska is being built up so if RP loses. They can say it's all over.. RP can't have his name entered into nomination at the convention. And they can point to Nebraska as why.
Hope and pray that people wake up in Nebraska and see there isn't any real choice between ObamaRomney.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"


But if he gets the delegates in NE, they will probably say they don't recognize Louisiana.

ABC stands for


Don't believe anything they say. If Romney is winning then you know it is a lie unless otherwise proven.

the head of the Paul team in NE

has come on this site over the past couple days, and she has said that they definitely do not have a majority at the convention. There are 400 TOTAL delegates that attend the convention. She didn't say how many of them were on her side, though. The hope for Ron Paul's team is that other people don't show up or that they can build coalitions with other Republicans. If everyone else shows and it's Paul vs the rest, Paul will lose.


What she said is that a win IS possible, but they will need the help of the GOP regulars to do it, which is not unheard of. Once they see the passion of the Liberty Caucus, it could sway them, since the Chairman already extended an olive branch to them.

It's not impossible. I will just require a bit of campaigning on their part.

that's kind of what I was trying to say

She said that if there are no coalitions built they will lose, but if they do they have a chance.

There you go, making

There you go, making blatantly false statements with absolutely nothing to back it up. There is no way for the campaigns to know how many delegates they have. There is a 100% chance that there are less Romney delegates than the number of people claiming to be Romney delegates, and a 100% chance that there are more Paul delegates than the number of people claiming to be Paul delegates. Those are the only things we can know for certain.

don't shoot the messenger

Read what your team leader has said. Read all of her posts. (by the way, this thread is about Nebraska, not the national convention)


They know who won in various Nebraska districts. Especially with such a low total number of delegates, it is extremely possible for them to have a good count. I think it's safe to say that she doesn't have 199 out of 400, or she wouldn't be calling their contingent a minority. It is surely enough below the 50% mark that she is confident that they don't have the numbers and that they need help.

If you want to talk national convention, though, what is your bet for the final vote count? How many votes will Romney get on the first ballot? You throw out a number, and I'll guess over or under.

There ARE no "actual numbers"

Nobody -- that's right, NO ONE -- knows the score on delegates. Anyone who claims to have numbers either has incomplete numbers or bogus numbers or both. Anyone saying they know what will happen is LYING (or delusional). There are a ton of stealth delegates not reporting to anyone and until convention ALL OF US, even the campaigns themselves, are in the dark.

Dan was with CBS

They all flubbed up in the Bush-Gore election.

thanks for the correction

WOW...CBS has been off my radar so long I confused them with ABC... because I forgot they existed. Even seeing their call letters in your response was like finding a photo of an old classmate mixed in with todays mail. I wonder if they still have the bars and tone early in the morning before their programming starts?