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U.S. deploys sea drones to Persian Gulf to clear Iranian mines

At 100k per underwater drone which blows itself up each time it blows up an underwater mine...I hope it doesn't find too many mines...and I hope there are no scuba divers around when it does.

The US is just ITCHING to go to war with Iran. They will not stop until they find a way to be provoked. What a country we live in.

WASHINGTON — The Navy is rushing tiny underwater drones to the Persian Gulf to help find and destroy sea mines as part of an American military buildup aimed at stopping Iran from closing the strategic Strait of Hormuz in the event of a crisis, U.S. officials said.

Only 88 pounds and 4 feet long, the unmanned, remotely guided submersibles carry a TV camera, homing sonar and an explosive charge for what amounts to a kamikaze mission: When it detects a mine, the undersea craft obliterates itself as well as the mine.

The Navy bought dozens of the little-known German-made devices, known as the SeaFox, in February after an urgent request by Marine Gen. James Mattis, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, for more minesweeping capabilities in the region, officials said.


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Wouldn't it be cheaper

and more effective to just drag some federal politicians an bureaucrats thru the sea around there until they hit some mine and blow them up?
We have a large supply of them that we need to get rid of.