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Video: The Men Who Made The World FAT

This is a recent British documentary that sheds light on the current obesity problems around the world by tracing it back to the damage caused by the USA food industry way back in the 1970's.

Go to 7.30 on the link and you'll see what I mean.


We have been sold the idea of a low fat diet but guess what they replace the fat with? Lots and lots of sugar!

On a personal level I have looked at everything I eat recently and it's surprising just how much sugar is in everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I've managed to lose 35 pounds in only a few months without upping my exercise. Although exercise can help a bit I have found it cannot stem the tide of the sugary food we put in our mouths on a daily basis.

What helped me was knowing that 5 grams of sugar equates to around a tea-spoon of sugar. So you may get 40 grams of sugar in a small bottle of Cola, meaning of course you are eating 8 tea-spoons of sugar (or nearly 3 table spoons) in that one small drink.

Check every label for sugar. I've stuck to protein (meat based) meals and eaten veg and salad rather than fruit with them (even fruit is high in natural sugar). Try not to mix carbs with protein especially bread (high in sugar), rice and potatoes. You can have bacon and egg though, just without the bread.

Try not to snack inbetween meals (I have a low sugar cracker/wafer sometimes though if I am feeling empty)

Cut down on milk too for a week or so and watch the weight fly away!

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I lost 50 lbs by stopping

I lost 50 lbs by stopping eating any food with corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup. I changed to cane and raw sugar. Corn syrup is in everything. Its used as a filler and sweetener. I changed nothing else and the pounds melted away. Read the ingredients. Forget looking at how many grams of sugar. Its the type of sugar. I still drink cokes (cokes from Mexico have sugar, not corn syrup).
That is all I did. Along with a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar each day.

People have shown that the

People have shown that the cigarrette tax does very little to stop people from buying cigarrettes. We're talking about a relatively small sum of money; food is also an addictive drug. When you are hooked on sugar and processed foods, you are hooked!

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

How I Lost Weight

In 2010 I lost about 18lbs. going from 132 to 114. I'm only 5ft 1 and have a petite build anyways. I kept eating carbs with and w/o protein, but I stopped drinking juice and soda (only about 1-2 times per week, cut down my ice cream habit, ate less fast food, and reduced my portion sizes. I only exercised for a month and lost maybe 4 pounds. The other 14 lbs simply came off by changing my eating habits.


Here's a great diet, it would

Here's a great diet, it would be tough the first 10 days or so because the body would crave for sugar, but is the most easy diet. My mom did this and lost 20 lbs in 5 weeks, she's having a pretty actibe fife style (gardening, walking, doing stuff around the house) and my sister just lost 15lbs in 3 weeks but she's doing also Tae Bo.
I should add that alcohol, soft drinks should not be consumed during this diet. Also sometimes my sister is eating fruits between meals, so eating few fruits is not a big deal.



This site needs more truther/conspiracy videos - great direction to go in!!!

most likely, we're not fat

most likely, we're not fat because of the foods we're eating, we're overweight because we are not active as a population like we were for thousands of years before the current "convenience age".

That is such an outdated

That is such an outdated opinion. It has been proven, for instance, that 5 year olds move around exactly as much as they did 30 years ago but are overweight. Why? Because of high sugar snacks 3 or 4 times a day and processed food with lots of sugar.

Don't buy into the BS. If you read my post you will see I didn't even up my exercise. In fact I have done less exercise (because of a damaged shoulder) but still lost weight because I cut down on SUGAR.

I first heard of this

person on the Peter Schiff show and I did slim down using his suggestions.


"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Being skinny

doesn't mean your healthy either. I agree Sugar is the main culprit....it's not just bad for you but keeps your body addicted to it like a drug. Just about everyone in America is addictive to sugar/carbs and use this as their main fuel source. I believe after reading the Paleo websites that this shouldn't be. Fat is meant to be your fuel source. I take a simple approach, what was meant to be food? To me it's Meat, Veges, Fruit, Nuts. Thats what you would eat if stranded on an island or some remote place. Everything else is junk.

Tongue in Cheek -- no more doublefat burgers please

One way to get people to shape up is to do away with the individual income tax and replace it with a "fat tax". I guarentee you if most over- weight folks had to pay a tax based on their BMI they would shape up in a hurry.


but also tyrannical.

fortune favors the bold

Always Been A Skeptic

I've always been skeptical of "low fat" items. Even as a child I avoided them because I thought that just meant more chemical processing to reduce the fat. I'm a skinny man, and though I realize that is partially due to my height and metabolism, I really do watch what I eat. And I have never regarded fat content, because it never made sense to me. You NEED fat. It's natural. It's in meats. But what isn't natural is these crazy amounts of sugar, like you pointed out. Think of candy before the industrial revolution. Or, heck, think of some European candies today. It's nothing like what we consider candy here in the USA.

People think a lot of times that I'm skinny because I'm just lucky, or I was born with some sort of superhero metabolism and can eat whatever I want. But I don't I don't eat red meat, or generally anything that comes from a cow. I rarely drink soda. My coffee is black - no creme, no sugar. Anyhow, I don't get low-fat anything. I get organic food as much as is possible in Oklahoma.

Anyhow, just a though with no scientific data to back it up! ;) Remember, Jesus said not to think about what you eat. Or if you don't remember, there you go, I just told you. He said it.

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Four words: Don't eat too much...I basically lost over 30lbs

in a span of 5 months with some sporadic exercise. With simply not eating too much, counting calories and a mix of following low glycemic index foods,minimal amounts of salty and sweets and nearly eliminating starchy stuff like bread, cereals and esp rice (country staple). Now I'm closer to my BMI since my teen years, my lipid panel results are outstanding (even I keep eating red meat) and my blood glucose levels are in low normal ranges...not to mention my blood pressure levels are hard to believe. All solved just by losing weight and most especially by...NOT EATING TOO MUCH.

Good for you! It's amazing

Good for you! It's amazing what removing grains from your diet can do. I've been relatively low-carb for over 3 years and paleo for a year and a half and I've realized all of my body image and health-related goals. All this just by eating what we've evolved to eat (which ain't bread and pasta, trust me). www.marksdailyapple.com is a great place to start if you want to get healthier or just want to lose the fat.

Whenever this sort of topic

Whenever this sort of topic is brought up by people, they always leave out the calories.
Yes, the indepth explanation and causes of weight gain and loss is more complicated than simple numbers, but the basic principle here is still true for most people:

Take in less calories than you burn and you will lose weight.

Everyone wants to limit carbs and fat and all this other stuff, but when it comes right down to it, limiting calorie intake is the best way to control weight. Obviously though, if you limit calorie intake an then eat tons of sugar(there are calories in sugar etc), you are defeating the purpose, but the point here is limting intake while doing things in moderation.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

A calorie is a calorie

... and "everything in moderation" is the false advice that helped us get into this mess.

Gary Taubes posits an interesting analogy: Say you have a room which people can wander in and out of. At one point the room becomes full of people. So you ask someone: "Why is the room full?"

An answer such as: "Because more people entered it than left it" is patently ridiculous because it tells us absolutely nothing we didn't already know. What we REALLY want to know is: what was in that room that so many people found interesting and made them stay?

If people are getting fatter, of *course* it's because they are eating more than they are burning. But WHY? Simply saying they are taking in more then they are burning does not answer the question of WHY they are getting fat.

We need to stop thinking of obesity as an energy imbalance, but as a disorder of fat storage. It is a disorder within the hormones the body uses to store fat, the most important of which is insulin.

A calorie is not a calorie by a long run

because you cannot ingest a "calorie". Calories do not exist. They are a measure of potential energy stored within a cell and that cell comes in a package deal with other stuff. It matters greatly what form the calorie came in and not just fat vs carb vs protien. The vessel - the actual food which holds the fat/carb/protien is vitally important to how the body handles the potential energy as well - not too mention the other vital things your body needs in addition to calories.

Frankly we need to call obesity what it is - laziness and lack of pride.

Laziness and lack of pride

... are exactly what obesity is NOT. Frankly, such statements are insensitive and uninformed. What do you say to the overweight individual who eats hardly anything, and exercises hours each day and doesn't lose weight? Plenty of those people exist and your blanket "laziness and lack of pride" diagnosis is a slap in their face. No wonder depression and suicide are common among the overweight and obese.

All three - obesity, laziness and lack of pride - are just SYMPTOMS of a deeper problem: hormone dysfunction caused by malnutrition, mainly overconsumption of carbohydrate.

I'm not at all sure what you were trying to say in your first paragraph though.

Gary Taubes article

Thanks for mentioning Taubes: Here is a link to his New York Times article explaining how the low fat dietary recommendations were never proven to reduce obesity. He emphasizes the role of public policy makers much more than this film does. Basically the obesity epidemic got worse after the new dietary guidelines came out in the 1980's and at a rate faster than fast food consumption. Now the low fat mantra is so engrained in the research community that many still dismiss alternate hypotheses as quackery. (I agree that the low carb hypothesis is not proven)



Great issue

Understanding the misinformation put out by the USDA and the MSM and educational establishment is one of the things that really woke me up about the problem of the corporate welfare state. It is an issue that the average person will be able to relate to. My weight is directly dependent on how many carbs I eat.


King Corn

If you like this video then you should watch King Corn.

Check out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/BereanStudent

Don't mix carbs with protien?

Eating less, and applying moderation with anything you eat will result in positive results. Keep preaching that, because its great advise.

What you shouldn't do, however, is advocate arbitrary and asinine 'rules', such as (avoiding carbs with protein). Following dogmatic nutritional advise akin the the atkins diet or the new paleo fad will only serve to drive a person insane when it comes to figuring out what they can and can't eat. I assure you, your weight loss had everything to do with that fact that you we're consuming less calories, not avoiding carbs like the plague when you're eating BACON. Good grief. There is a science to nutrition. Its not reading a horoscope.

People have been eating

"paleo" for hundreds of thousands of years. They have only been eating high-carb/low-fat for a few hundred, and *especially* so in the last 35 years.

So which diet, exactly, is the fad here? And during that same period, what has been the trend line for obesity?

There certainly is science to nutrition. Take a browse in this archive of 1000+ journal articles:


Browse long enough and you'll soon realise that the "everything in moderation", "a calorie is a calorie" and "eat less, exercise more" mantras are false and not based on any science whatsoever. This advice actually helps dieters justify "splurging" on unhealthy foods as long as they come in below the calorie count. Then they are left wondering why they are so hungry all the time and aren't losing weight.

It is time for the high-carb/low-fat fad to run its course and be dismissed to the dust-bin of history.


Certain diets are more beneficial than others, regardless of how 'right' they may be in regard to human anthropology.

You and I are on the same page, so I don't know where the disagreement is occurring. Do you think I was somehow advocating eating whatever the hell you want, as long as you respect your calories? Certainly not, I was simply responding to the OP's misguided advise on a subject they clearly haven't spent enough time researching.

This is a very tricky and complicated subject, and there is a lot we still don't know. That doesn't mean I can't interject when I see somebody giving random advise that isn't actually helpful.

Eating less calories and not over eating any one food item is very basic, simple advise to give to anyone. I'm not saying its 'perfect', or 'right', I'm just saying that's about all the helpful information provided in the OP. Telling people to avoid eating bread with their bacon is bad advise, and stupid to boot.

I'm actually eating full

I'm actually eating full meals which include meat, veg and salad.
You do have a point that carbs and fat contain protein. All I'm saying is we also know that obvious carbs like fries and rice do have higher sugar content. However I will be going back to brown rice when I have lost another 7 pounds and will have a more balanced diet. But to lose weight initially you do have to cut out the sugar.

Carbs and fat contain protein?

What? What is an obvious carb? Do you know what a carb actually is? Do you know that sugar IS a carb? Fries are unhealthy because they are FRIED in lots of calorie dense, nutrient light oil (fat), not because of sugar.

You're on the right track, but educate yourself before you start worrying about educating others.

You don't know

What you are talking about.

Fat doesn't make people fat. Study after study has concluded this.

Fries used to be cooked in a very healthy saturated fat: beef tallow. Then some researchers came up with the idea that saturated fat raises your cholesterol and thus causes heart attacks. It's a theory which clinical science has NEVER, to this day, proven with data to back it up. So why is it that today we all "know" that saturated fat is bad for us? Maybe it isn't?

In any case, the anti-saturated fat lobby made fast food restaurants switch to a "healthy" unsaturated oil made from vegetables. Isn't that great? Oh wait, it wasn't, because that replacement oil turned out to be hydrogenated (AKA trans-fats) which clinical studies quickly showed to cause inflammation and subsequent heart attacks.

When they discovered this, the anti-saturated fat lobby was quick to pretend they had been against trans-fats all along and pressured the fast food chains to switch to a "healthy" poly-unsaturated oil such a corn, canola or soybean oil. Whew, problem solved. Or is it? The body requires two kinds of poly-unsaturated oils for optimum health: Omega-3 (which you hear so much about) and Omega-6. The ratio of O-3/O-6 in most fats is pretty even. Omega 3 is higher in meats, especially fish, while Omega 6 is higher in plants. A very nice reason why humans are omnivores and require both!

A problem arises when almost all fat a person ingests is from plant sources. In the average diet 50 years ago, the Omega 6/Omega 3 ratio may have been around 3:1. Today, however, that ratio is more like 25:1. All mechanically extracted vegetable oils have an unnaturally high Omega 6 count compared with Omega 3. Subsequent studies have shown high levels of Omega 6 without the balancing effect of Omega 3 cause inflammation and possibly heart disease. Funny, I think we've heard this story before...

So when you say that fries are unhealthy because of the oil, not because of the sugar, you are half right. The oil used by the vast majority of fast food chains to fry their potatoes is practically unfit for human consumption. Better they should go back to using healthy animal fats such as beef tallow or even lard, both of which have never been clinically linked to heart disease. The same can't be said for the ubiquitous processed vegetable oils we are using today.

As for the sugar content of potatoes being unhealthy? Sugar is what's making us fat, not fat. Calorie-dense vs non-calorie-dense is complete nonsense. In fact, studies have shown the opposite: people who eat a supposedly non-calorie-dense starchy snack before a meal are more likely to eat MORE than people who eat a calorie-dense fatty snack.

Educate yourself.

Don't extrapolate my argument

You're trying to paint my argument as if I disagree with you.


I never said fat makes people fat. I was trying to highlight the ridiculous non-point made by the OP that fries are a bad food only because of dat dere sugar.

Fries are bad, IN PART, because of sugar. It also doesn't help that in consuming fries you're also consuming a large amount of calories in return for very little nutritional value, especially considering the volume in which they are consumed. How can you honestly say you know what you're talking about, yet reject the idea that calorie density plays a part in overall health?

At the end of the day, a person is going to be either healthier or unhealthier depending on the decisions made in regard to their diet. You don't HAVE to do any one thing. I CAN eat food high in sugar and maintain overall well being, but it may not be easy or enjoyable. The OP stated that you HAVE to cut out sugar in order to lose weight, and that's just flat out wrong. Sugar is not the be all, end all of unhealthy dieting.

What a ridiculous statement

What a ridiculous statement ''I CAN eat food high in sugar and maintain overall well being'' What kind of well being are we talking about here? Moderately overweight or obese. I could be wrong though, maybe you are a marathon runner? That's the only way you could burn off your high sugar diet.