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Video: The Men Who Made The World FAT

This is a recent British documentary that sheds light on the current obesity problems around the world by tracing it back to the damage caused by the USA food industry way back in the 1970's.

Go to 7.30 on the link and you'll see what I mean.


We have been sold the idea of a low fat diet but guess what they replace the fat with? Lots and lots of sugar!

On a personal level I have looked at everything I eat recently and it's surprising just how much sugar is in everything and I mean EVERYTHING. I've managed to lose 35 pounds in only a few months without upping my exercise. Although exercise can help a bit I have found it cannot stem the tide of the sugary food we put in our mouths on a daily basis.

What helped me was knowing that 5 grams of sugar equates to around a tea-spoon of sugar. So you may get 40 grams of sugar in a small bottle of Cola, meaning of course you are eating 8 tea-spoons of sugar (or nearly 3 table spoons) in that one small drink.

Check every label for sugar. I've stuck to protein (meat based) meals and eaten veg and salad rather than fruit with them (even fruit is high in natural sugar). Try not to mix carbs with protein especially bread (high in sugar), rice and potatoes. You can have bacon and egg though, just without the bread.

Try not to snack inbetween meals (I have a low sugar cracker/wafer sometimes though if I am feeling empty)

Cut down on milk too for a week or so and watch the weight fly away!

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I figured there'd be one

By using the term "calorie-dense"

...you are implying that fat is fattening. Only calorie counters use the term. Why else would you use it?

I apologise for assuming you were *stating* this, and respectfully add that I was addressing this implication, not necessarily your views directly.

In my opinion, which is based on multiple clinical studies, the sugar in the fries is just as bad for human health as the highly processed vegetable oils used to fry it. If the oil being used was healthier, the fat content of the fries would be a complete non-issue.

For my understanding

You seem to be well informed on the scientific side of this argument, and I agree with a lot of what you said. So for clarification:

I do not believe that the term "calorie-dense" has anything to do with fats specifically, therefore I was not implying that only fat is fattening. I don't believe that. A gram of fat just happens to be -more- calorie-dense than proteins and carbs.

What I was getting at was more in reference to foods that are high in calories but low in vitamins and minerals - essentially empty calories(I understand that this is also a generalization, but for the sake of conversation)

My argument has more to do with the line of thinking that we should be eating foods that are nutritionally beneficial, not just foods that are low in one type of calorie (in this case, sugar).

Sugar is unhealthy, but its not the only unhealthy aspect of a diet. Cutting sugar out by itself, while a healthy choice, is not the only thing people should be doing. To state such would be detrimental to anyone trying to gain a solid nutritional education.

Of course I KNOW sugar is a

Of course I KNOW sugar is a carb which is why you read contents and it says ''carbs of which sugars'' Are you being deliberately obtuse?


Your wording is just terribly confusing.

What is an 'obvious' carb?

Why did you say some carbs contain fat and protein?

Do you honestly think the reason fries are unhealthy is because of the sugar content?

Do you think honestly think people should avoid bread for the same reason we avoid soda?

reedr3v's picture

Worth watching, but the producers blame

externals rather than showing the quick, sure path to health is knowledge, available free on the internet, and self-responsibility. The series promotes the idea that consumers are helpless victims, not intelligent people who can choose to wake up and save themselves. (Good for you Jake.)

Also the key role of central planning is not explored nearly enough. The federal subsidies of factory farms, corn, soy, etc; the FDA persecution of small, organic farmers, the dilution of dollar value so everyone seeks more work (less time to grow, prepare one's own food); the always wrong food pyramid guideline no matter how many times it's revised; the monopoly of the AMA and licensed dietitians with their utter ignorance of nutriton, etc etc etc.

Centralized controls always lead to massive unintended consequences. The only lasting solution is personal responsibility and free choice.

Utterly absurd...people used to eat Jello, Wonder Bread and

Kool-Aid - and they weren't obese. And anyone who believes the government has it right - or not - on diets is delusional.

One big factor fueling the obesity epidemic could be this:


Tobacco is an anti-depressant; that's why people smoke. If they don't smoke, they eat, or take drugs, or drink. Ask any former smoker, or any current smoker who has tried to quit.

People who stay on high-protein (Atkins for example) diets for long periods, crave carbs. See research by Richard and Rachael Heller. Too much protein is as harmful as too much sugar.

There is no one-size-fits all diet. Listen to your body.

People used to eat

Jello, Wonder Bread and Kool-aid, yes. But before the introduction of nutrition guidelines by Congress and the USDA, and the urgings of biased researchers to cut our fat intake for the sake of our hearts, people *knew* that those things weren't things you would eat if you wanted to lose weight. In contrast today, if it has a "fat-free" label on it, people have been conditioned to think those things are somehow weight-gain-neutral.

Look at just about any "diet" regimen published from 1800 to 1960 and the overwhelming majority are qualitatively low in carbohydrates. Until "experts" told them otherwise, people used to *know* that carbohydrates made you fat and a greater proportion of their intake was meats and fats.

Cigarette smoking made us fat? Please. People were smoking like chimneys for decades before the obesity epidemic. Why did it only start affecting us in the last three and a half decades?

The fact that you think a low-carb diet is high-protein shows that you haven't done any real research into the debate and are instead just reciting talking points you read on some establishment nutritionists blog or news site. Proponents of low-carb never call it high-protein, because it isn't. This actually makes it very easy to determine whether or not any given health journalist is sympathetic to low-carb or not.

A healthy low carb diet has about the same protein content as the low-fat diet advocated by government orgs and their satellite nutritionists. A healthy low-carb diet is NOT high-protein. Rather it is high-fat. Fat is healthy, fat satiates, fat is essential to our biological systems. The same cannot be said for any kind of ingested carbohydrate.

It's true: there is no one-size-fits all diet. However, as much as you may be resistant to believing it, our very biological makeup and how it responds to different nutrients is proof that a low-carb diet is almost certainly one-size-fits most. I have been listening to my body for almost two years now, avoiding all grains, sugar and starches. My energy level has risen, my blood pressure is down, I effortlessly lost 65 pounds (BMI 30.0 => 21.9) in 14 months and by eating the same way have kept the weight off effortlessly since.

I didn't count calories, or exercise much at all. I ate what I wanted until I was full and never went hungry. After a month or so, I no longer craved carbs, despite what the Hellers concluded in their government-sponsored study. Despite all that, I still lost fat and even gained lean mass. If that isn't listening to my body, I don't know what is.

And in case you want to dismiss my story as just one data point, just google "Paleo", "Primal" or "LCHF" and you'll find I am just one among thousands who are waking up to the fact that what we have been told to eat by "experts" is not based on any real clinical science. Just like I woke up to the Liberty movement, I woke up to low-carb. And not just Atkins; Atkins doesn't explain much to you, and tries to sell you junk "low-carb" treats so you feel you are still eating like you did before. Atkins is really just baby-steps into real low-carb science.

I am talking about a fundamental change to the way we eat. A fundamental change in what we consider healthy and unhealthy, and basing those decisions on what our physiology and body chemistry tells us, not what is dictated to us by committee or organizations such as the USDA with their blatant conflict of interest.

What is the definition of a fad? For centuries up until the late 1970s, if you wanted to lose weight, you cut out the breads, pies, potatoes, pastas and rice. The rise of high-carb/low-fat (and the concurrent obesity epidemic) has only happened in the past 35 years. If any "diet" is a fad, I'd say it's the one currently endorsed by TPTB.

Food Fascism is as abhorrent as any other fascism

Try actually reading my post...

You got this wrong: Cigarette smoking made us fat? Please. People were smoking like chimneys for decades before the obesity epidemic. Why did it only start affecting us in the last three and a half decades?

I did not say that; actually just the opposite.

Your attitude is so condescending and dogmatic that I wonder what your real issue is.

So challenging the current dominant worldview

... is now fascism? I am not promoting any one single diet over another. I am simply telling you to look at the science. Evidence has been piling up that what we are being told to eat today is not healthy for us, and that those recommendations were made (about 35 years ago, imagine that) without any scientific evidence to back them up in the first place. If anything I am condemning a class of diets that include grains, because frankly we have been lied to about their supposed health benefits since the beginning.

Your post claims that quitting smoking causes weight gain, which I suppose, in a roundabout way, is the "opposite" of the claim that smoking makes you fat. But just listen to your own logic. Almost the entire western world is heavier these days. Did all of those newly-fat people quit smoking? You yourself claimed it could be a "big factor". Can you quote a study which shows the majority of obese people today have quit smoking sometime in the past?

The reality is, the decline in smoking these days is less a result of people quitting and more a result of younger people not picking up the habit. How this even remotely explains a dramatic rise in obesity in EVERYONE over the last 35 years is beyond me. Did smoke filled rooms and streets really keep everyone thin up until the number of people who smoked began to decline? It is almost as absurd as those researchers who made the claim that the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere is affecting our hormones and making the world fatter.

There is a simple cause behind the epidemic, and that is diet. It may not be the ONLY cause, but it is definitely, by far, the largest influence. Our diet, at the behest of government and corporate suggestion, has changed dramatically over the last 35 years. I am not just stating this; reams of studies back up this claim. Just read any of the books by Gary Taubes, or Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, and flip to the back where the references begin. You will be busy for quite a while. If you don't want to buy a book, start here: http://healthydietsandscience.blogspot.ca/ This site references over 1,000 journal articles which challenge the nutrition guidelines we have been living with for so long that we just "know" that they're true. But are they?

We have been told to eat unhealthy food for decades now and PLENTY of organizations and corporations have a vested interest in keeping up that POV despite the mounting evidence against it. Every other day there is a new ranting editorial posted by a journalist or doctor promoting the Standard American Diet while slamming diets which exclude grains and encourage consumption of fat. Almost invariably, those same journalists and doctors prove to have some conflict of interest, upon closer scrutiny. Just like the Internet is having a huge hand in spreading the truth of Liberty, it is also making anti-grain information much more widely available. More and more people are waking up to the fact that what they are being told to eat is exactly what is keeping them fat, and that it's NOT due to their own laziness or gluttony.

If you consider relying on clinical science to evaluate nutrition condescending and dogmatic, and prefer wishy-washy sentiment such as "well, there is no one-size-fits-all solution" or that everyone has their own path to weight loss and health, then at least I *HAVE* an issue. On what do you base YOUR claims?

And if you have the habit of knee-jerk labeling as "fascist" anyone who disagrees with you in a logical fashion and brings the facts to back it up, then it seems to me that you are the one who has a real issue, with those who challenge your established world view.

Here's a clue: What we are suffering under right now is already fascism. "Healthywholegrains" and "arterycloggingsaturatedfat" are practically words in and of themselves now. Those who challenge those government promoted viewpoints, even when backed up with scientific study, are ridiculed as crazy, heart-attacks waiting to happen, or worse. A diabetic blogger in SC who began promoting a grain/starch/sugar-free diet on his website was sued by the state's association of dieticians for giving out diet advice without a licence. This is what we are up against: monolithic support for a government edict which has changed the way we think about food for the worse. It has given rise to a nation full of obese, diabetic, sufferers of heart disease and cancer, as well a numerous other ailments which have all risen dramatically in the last 35 years.

The WORST thing is that these people are told they are getting fatter because they aren't following these simple guidelines, when in fact they are. What else are they left to think but: This diet is supposed to make me thin, but I am getting fatter; I guess there is something wrong with me.

There is nothing wrong with people. The diet is wrong, and needs to be discarded.

Grey Wyvern, I like most of

Grey Wyvern, I like most of your points but there is one factual error ie fat gives the most satiety. Actually its protein. Also to be noted is that while protein has 4 calories/gm,fat has 9 calories/gm.

But there is not much wrong with having fat as long as you don't drown your dishes in oil and deep fry them. Not to mention, a bit of fat makes food really delicious :)

Maybe you need to lighten up...


Diet dogmatism is just as bad as political dogmatism (or any dogmatism).

Watch this film - it is eye-opening:


You know Belle, the first

You know Belle, the first thing I think a man or woman needs to have a good life is to have the healthiest body that they can maintain.

Its amazing how many people think wheat and bread are good for them. Or that fruit juices in tetrapacks or cornflakes in milk and sugar will make them healthy.

I agree that food and exercise should not become an obsession but you need balance in everything. But the poster below me is right in pointing out the number of people who just don't know why they're getting fat and believe it is genetic/a curse/their own fault.

If everyone knew about how energy flows in the blood and is consumed in the cell, they would have a much better idea of what to eat.

Agree..but you assume (incorrectly, I believe)

that people are ignorant and uninformed. I disagree with that. Most people do know; they simply choose to deny it. And who are you or I - or anyone - to say what someone else should eat or not eat? As I said before, there is no one-size-fits-all diet.

It might not be their fault that they are fat but it is their responsibility. Not mine or yours.

Sorry belle - you are wrong.

I know many people who have been on what they thought were 'proper' low fat diets and had absolutely no idea how much sugar was in those diets. Why? Because they believed what they were eating MUST be healthy. Very easy to say 'they should have read the label' but isn't it more important that food manufacturers should stop advertising food filled with sugar as healthy?

Oh, ok, let's pass a law that food manufacturers have to

stop advertising food filled with sugar as healthy. It could join the other 1000 or so laws, rules, regulation already on the books about food, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

And who are you to say what is proper for someone else?

Do you understand the concept of Liberty? Do you know the meaning of Fascism? Are you truly a Ron Paul supporter?

Have you swallowed the red pill?

That is a blatant straw man

Fascism... you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The answer is not passing more laws. No one here has made that claim to my knowledge.

The answer is getting government out of the business of nutrition (NIH). Get government out of the business of promoting grain (USDA). Get government out of the business of cherry-picking biased science through grants and co-sponsorships with COI food corporations.

We are here because government began telling us what to eat 35 years ago, and scientists have been falling over themselves since to prove the government's initial recommendations right. They haven't succeeded.

The government needs to stop telling us what to eat. Do you like the government telling us what everyone should eat? Do you understand the concept of Liberty? Are YOU truly a Ron Paul supporter? Really.

Government can tell you anything it wants...you

don't have to believe it. I don't, do you? And if others do, why should that upset you so? Your hostility to those who deviate from your thinking is counterproductive.

Yes, get the government out of the food business. And a lot of other things that is none of its business. But people have a choice to follow or not. And many do, so they will have someone else to blame for their failings.

Fascism: Fascism advocates a state-controlled and regulated mixed economy; [its] economic goal is to achieve national autarky to secure national independence, through protectionist and interventionist economic policies. It promotes the use and primacy of regulated private enterprise and private property contingent upon service to the nation, but where private enterprise and private property are failing, inefficient, or unable to fulfill fascist goals, it supports the use of state enterprise and state property in those circumstances. At the same time, fascists are hostile to financial capital, plutocracy, and "the power of money".

You're right

Government can tell you anything it wants, and you can choose whether or not to believe it. But that is a fool's argument when it comes to nutrition guidelines issued by the USDA and NIH, not because people blindly believe their direct edicts, but because the medical and food industries have taken the advice and run with it.

It is no longer just a matter of whether or not we should trust the government when food companies are doing the pitching of low-in-saturated-fat, fat-free, and whole-grains in the government's stead. Celebrities like Dean Ornish are huge proponents of the government guidelines, in fact he believes they should be even stricter when it comes to fat.

The entire western world has undergone a paradigm shift to a new belief system about food. The food pyramid and MyPlate guidelines are pushed in schools to our kids. Children grow up reading cereal boxes proclaiming that skim-milk and whole-grains are healthy choices; and if you can't stand skim milk, drink 1% chocolate milk instead! When someone asks their doctor about ways to lose weight, the most common response is to eat less and exercise more.

Experts tell people. Teachers tell people. Food producers tell people. Doctors tell people. All of the products lining the shelves and items on menus proclaiming "healthy choice!" are telling people. To the average person who hasn't done their own research, all of these separate sources spouting the same story amounts to overwhelming evidence that what they are saying is true. That this is the way of the world. The vast majority of people don't question any further than that, even you have to admit that.

It is easy to say "you don't have to believe what the government tells you", but the truth is it's not just the government telling us this, it is every individual and corporation which has something to gain by perpetuating this belief. It is not a matter of hearing something and following, the high-carb/low-fat mindset is taught as fact to us from birth.

My hostility to people who deviate... really? I am trying to get people who have been living under a false notion to think for themselves! The only one who seems to want people to stay unquestioning drones believing what the government tells them in this matter seems to be you. But I'm happy that you agree with me that government should get out of the food business. That would go a long way to helping people decide for themselves what is good for them based on their own research.

I think it's time for YOU to swallow a chill pill.

Do you belle, understand common sense? Now this might be a better question. i.e. the more sugar you put in your mouth the bigger you get! Some people can't handle the truth I guess...

I did a quick search and you

I did a quick search and you are right. About one in two Americans checks the labels and one in three check calories transport fats etc, which are not bad figures. What I would dispute is if they know HOW bad some of these things are for their health. For example most people frown upon smokers today but the health risks associated with obesity are greater than those posed by smoking.

Of course, I'm not going to force feed anyone oats and grape fruit. But I'm certainly going to tell them what is good for them and what is bad. It's kind of like preaching the gospel with Christians. We feel the need to give everyone the good news and condemn those who don't listen to eternal hellfire :-)

Agree again...you make rational arguments...

especially about smoking (as an ex-smoker I know). Again, though I believe people do know how bad some things are for their health but resist the truth.

Kinda like Romney/Obama voters. All we Ron Paul supporters can do is put our information out there. Like RP said, people can't "unhear" what they've heard.

I can't lighten up

When people suggest things like Jello and Wonder Bread are normal and healthy to eat so we should all just get over ourselves.

There are people who are desperate and dying because they are being told that the foods which are making them fat are actually healthy for them. They are eating them in moderation, they are eating less and exercising more, but they can't lose any weight. They have no idea what is going on, because everyone tells them that it is THEIR fault they are fat; that THEIR laziness got them to where they are, even though they are struggling their hardest and doing exactly what the experts are telling them to do. And it is heartbreaking.

It's time for this to change. Real info needs to get out there. The past 35 years have been a huge government-led experiment in changing the diets of people the world over. It has failed spectacularly, and a lot of people haven't yet realised why we are where we are right now: rates of diabetes skyrocketing, obesity an epidemic, and people having MORE heart attacks despite the twin blessings of statins and reduced consumption of fat.

So, I'm sorry, but this isn't a topic for levity.

Distorting my words does not validate your premise...

and since stress is the biggest killer of all, you are in serious trouble. Again, I say, lighten up. You can't control everything.

Too much of anything

Too much of anything including protein is bad for you but are you seriously saying that we need such high amounts of sugar loaded into most processed foods, soft drinks and candy bars?

We have been brainwashed into thinking low fat foods are good for us but they are then loaded with sugar to make up for the taste. I don't know what smoking has to do with the subject but had to laugh at your observation as I gave up smoking at the same time as I cut down on sugar and guess what? I lost weight.

I also have eaten lots of veg and salad which I don't think you can have on the Atkins Diet. Yes we didn't used to put on weight but that was in the days when snacking 3 or 4 times a day didn't exist.

Also on reedr3v comment above. People honestly don't realise they are eating sugar when the product is advertised as healthy i.e. low fat or has a tiny bit of fruit and advertised as being good for you e.g. fruit yogurt etc. which if you look, still has lots more sugar than natural yogurt.

reedr3v's picture

Jake you are right that many people

unthinkingly accept societal norms and government proclamations as facts and do not do their own research. Probably a good deal of the loss of practical skepticism of "official" edicts and products stems from their early schooling which taught everyone to sit down, shut up, listen and regurgitate what "experts" tell us is so.

Critical thinking is a lost art among many. Only by regaining individual autonomy and confidence in one's power of discernment can such major social problems be stemmed. I expanded my original reply to make it clearer that personal empowerment is the antidote. The film tended toward the conclusion that people are helpless. Not so, but awakening is the first hurdle and with the free internet we have the means.

Exactly. This is what GreyWyVern does not get...

Force and bullying are counterproductive. People have to find their own way.

Having a debate is not bullying

But I understand, since you haven't voiced any supportable position on this matter, why you might choose to believe that.

Tell me how encouraging people to re-examine the "facts" TPTB have been telling them for years about nutrition is counterproductive. Tell me where in this thread I tried to force people to do anything. Recite the lines I've written which you consider bullying.

If you have valid arguments that my position is wrong or misguided, why are you attacking my character instead?

Congratulations on losing the

Congratulations on losing the weight man. I think diet is the key when it comes to weight loss. Count your calories and you're good.

Most fruit is not so bad though. The key is that there is so much fiber in fruit that we start feeling full after eating it so we don't end up taking unlimited amounts of sugar as in the case of sodas.

You're spot on on dairy and bread but I don't mind having some from time to time as long as they're not staples of my diet.

Being the right weight can make you feel good but exercise makes you feel great. I subscribe to the high intensity training mantra ie brief, infrequent and intense. My core muscles became rock hard after about two moths of this regime and I feel fantastic all week. Give it a go and let me know how it goes :)