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Harry Reid: Romney ‘couldn’t be confirmed as a dog catcher’

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested Romney would never win Senate confirmation for a Cabinet position because "he won't show anybody his tax returns." But as Politico reports, Reid took that criticism a step further on Thursday, saying that Romney couldn't even win confirmation to be a "dog catcher."

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Reid is a douche for sure but

Reid is a douche for sure but to be fair I wouldn't vote for Romney for dogcatcher either.

And Sheriff Joe says that

And Sheriff Joe says that Obama couldn't get vetted for a job as a janitor with his faked credentials and fraudulent documents, so what's Reid's point? Ugh! The corruption is truly unfrigginbelievable.

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This, from the guy who faked

This, from the guy who faked a bomb in his car so he could get elected to the Senate.

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Reid is such a principled man...

...yeah, and repubs are about useless. If they had any hoonies, they's say, "OK Senator Reid, show us your guy's birth certificate, draft card, college transcripts, etc, and then we'll show you our guy's tax returns."

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