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Mcdonnell Declares Bain 'Off Limits'

McDonnell declares Bain 'OFF LIMITS'

Posted Jul 13, 2012 9:28am EDT

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia — Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, a leading Republican figure, said Friday that Mitt Romney's time at the helm of Bain Capital isn't part of the record voters should consider in choosing a president.

Asked during a press conference here whether he thought Romney's experience at Bain should be part of his "record," McDonnell shook his head and said "No. No."

"All of these attacks are things that happened after Mitt Romney left as the managing director of Bain — he left to run the Olympics, some of the best Olympics in history in 2002," McDonnell said. "He left to do that in 1999. To the degree that there is any truth to these sorts of outsourcing allegations, they happened after 1999 when he was not the managing director."


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You are hereby ordered to

You are hereby ordered to choose your President by their empty promises instead of their past. There is precedent for this, of course, as we know absolutely nothing about Obama's past so why should Romney's past come into play? [sarcasm off]

Blessings )o(

Uhhhh Really?

So his past has no relevance as to his future actions and decisions as POTUS.. I am pretty sure when you are applying for a job your past experience and actions are taken in to consideration prior to the hiring process..