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Explain This Mitt - How is Your IRA worth $100 million?

Speculation abounds. By August, unless Mitt can take the focus off his financial dealings, Ron Paul may be in good shape in Tampa.




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Mitten Campaign needs a list of 10 K needy recipients of $10 K

Please sign up for your very own personal Mitten gift. His 401K @ $100,000,000 may be redistributed in chucks of $10 K tax free. In this manner, you & 9,999 of your friends will be able to settle Mitten's legal tender score. An honest "get out of tax free" card. Your role is to allow Mitten to gift you & your 9,999 friends $10,000 each.

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It's staring us right in the face

Assuming Mitt contributed $6000/year to his IRA and earned a 10% rate of return it would take 78 years to build to $100,000,000. Backing that out, he started contributing in 1934.

So, it's perfectly clear isn't it?

Mitt is Satan because no one has perfect hair like he does at 80+ years old.

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lol brilliant!

lol brilliant!

How to Own a human

First allow them to break the rules, and in doing so make an easy fortune.

Ohh, and by the way, remind them it can be taken away, their public reputation destroyed, and their Life spent in jail.

In my opinion, this little information release is soft tug on the collar "Now just remember, we own you"

Well, one more flip-flop.

Well, one more flip-flop.

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Here is a theory for Romney's $100M IRA.

How DID he avoid these taxes? How indeed? Are you sitting down? Good because you’ll be shocked—SHOCKED—to know that he did so through telling a very specific type of lie about the size of the initial contributions. But this lie benefits rich people, mostly, so don’t worry, it’s totally legal and above board! And then he told another kind of a lie, that also benefits rich people, so is also probably legal. Except this is less a lie than a kind of an obfuscation, which is kind of complicated so to be fair, Romney probably didn’t think of it himself:

Romney’s campaign has publicly insisted that none of Romney’s foreign investments have allowed him to avoid U.S. taxes. But the campaign has persistently declined to answer questions about a specific, but obscure tax, that Romney’s IRA may have helped him circumvent….

In other words Romney’s IRA may hold stock in Romney’s offshore funds, those funds could have levered up [in other words, been highly leveraged -ed] and yielded huge returns to the IRA [translation: "paid a lot of money to the individual retirement account"]. That would allow Romney not just to circumvent the annual contribution limits, but to avoid a 35 percent tax that would have kicked in if the IRA had taken on the debt-financed investments directly.

Ron Paul is in great shape.

He looks forward to running.

My sentiments not withstanding...
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Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


Goodbye Mitt Romney!!!!!