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Isn't it strange to think that we're funding our own loss of freedoms?

I mean at the end of the day, we're the ones paying the politicians' salary... Sure, the Fed can just print the money out of thin air to finance our massive government, but our tax money helps slow down their inflation and keeps the system going for longer... Just a thought.

Anyway, back to work so I can fund my government!

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withdraw your consent

every time you get paid, instead of depositing all of your funds into a bank (where through fractional reserve banking they can multiply that deposit 9 fold) only keep the amount required for you immediate needs.... bills, groceries, fuel, etc.

go down to your local coin shop and put the rest of it into physical silver, which will grow in value as they debase the currency. this will defensively protect your purchasing power, as well as offensively remove your wealth from the ponzi system....

it cannot be leveraged by the banks, and it also takes precious metal off of the market. JP Morgan has a short position in the silver market they inherited from bear stearns, and it is widely reported to possibly be in the neighborhood of at least 100 to 1... that is, for every 100 ounces traded on the market there only exists 1 actual physical ounce of precious metal.

there will be a physical shortage at some point, as people continue to lose faith in the financial system. it would behoove everyone on the daily paul to be sitting on as much silver as you can acquire when this correction occurs...

historically the gold to silver ratio was usually 10:1 to 15:1.... right now its like 53:1. and on king world news there is a new von greyerz interview where he goes on to say that the coming QE3 by the FED will put gold at 3500 - 5000 an ounce in the next 12 - 18 months, and quite possibly to 10K beyond that....

there is a reason Ron Paul is an advocate of Constitutional currency... because you cant print it out of thin air, and when they print FRN's it only takes more and more of them to buy REAL MONEY>>>>>

so withdraw your consent to participate in this FRAUD OF A FINANCIAL SYSTEM WHILE YOU STILL CAN, because very soon NONE OF US WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO BUY ANY SILVER OR GOLD.

(and go read that interview i mentioned)

Think for yourself......Question authority...

They use our money to control us

We pay for goods and services that pay for corporations. Shareholders own the corporation not the CEO. Those corporations use our money to fund their candidates for public office. This is wrong since voters of all parties buy their services and items. Why should a few at the top decide what to do with our money (shareholders, consumers, workers, community, country who protect them, technology, etc.)?

The CEOs take most of it for themselves with their own boards appointed by them. This is wrong and fraudulent when I went to business college.

Corporations have state charters which are being ignored. Attorney Generals have sold out. American corporations off shored taking whole plants. They stole markets, technology, patents, etc. It was robbery by the CEOs and board. No shareholders, workers or communities agreed.

The Tea Party was formed to stop the huge bank bailouts to foreign banks and end the Fed, etc. (the World Financial Cabal) Why not start at the Constitution and make it clear once and for all that corporations who are wealthier than one voter buying influence be ended? To change the Constitution 2/3rd of the states must approve it.

Why hasn't the Tea Party and Democrats (who are angry about Citizens United Supreme Court case) drive for an amendment? Forget all the others...money flowing in here from foreign interests are destroying us.

Move to Amend should be on every state ballot this fall. Is Ron Paul pushing it? Why not?

If captilism doesn't work, THEN WHAT?

Forget the macro picture and look at the micro picture. Money has to come from somewhere for an individual to survive.

Shelter, food, clothing, computers and cell phones are available and paid through productive labor in society.

Unfortunately labor in our country is too expensive to compete with that of China and other emerging industrialized nations. Take a look at the per capita income of individuals throughout the world:


Note: This entry shows GDP on a purchasing power parity basis divided by population as of 1 July for the same year. USA is ranked twelfth in the world @ $48,100. I paid well over that amount just in individual income taxes last year. The trend is not good my friend!

What is most alarming is that in some socialist nations, as well as ours, the cost of food and/or housing is near zero dollars for individuals on government programs.

and then you die

There is a way to stop!

Keep as much of your labor and consumption as possible outside the NWO and put as much of it as you can into the alternative. This is the only way we can change things. It has to be a conscious, day-by-day effort. Nothing else will work. Trying to elect politicians to change things for us is not enough.


There is a way out!

Governments and individuals,as much as possible, stop dealing in any kind of credit. It is the INTEREST and fees on loans, credit cards, federal debt, that provides wealth for the central banks, billionaires club, NWO. They parasite off our over-spending. Live within your means individuals and governments. End the FED and all global Central Banks. They are parasites.

what about them sending all the troops to war

then listing the same troops as terrorist threats when they return.

we're living in bizarro world.

This has been going on for at least 99 years

When the US citizens let the fed and the IRS in, they started the destruction of liberty.

The IRS is actually worse than the fed, if you can believe it. Hundreds of us that have protested the foreign policy have been attacked by the IRS. It was Nixon's favorite form of attack, as well as others. Obama and Bush have/are enforcing the IRS in huge amounts of power and numbers.

Believe me, the IRS, even if you have done nothing wrong, will bring you to your knees in record time. They will bring charges against you, and force you to accept deals to stay out of jail and bankrupting your family.

We won't be able to defeat them

while we are still using Federal Reserve Notes. They will disappear when we start using gold and silver.

Yeah, crazy!

Everything is so fake! Except for Ron Paul. And people wonder why our support for him is endless. When people see that something is real...they want to grab it and hold on to it for dear life.

I Have Thought About This For Several Years.

Is there, within the Tax 'Code' (of course, a 'code' is a secret language that conspirators use in order to prohibit outsiders from understanding what is being said) a provision that clearly states that any individual who trades their time for currency (a clear definition of 'BARTER', or 'equal value of items being traded') is REQUIRED TO FILE THIS INFORMATION with a 'governmental agency', such as the IRS?
If you are a LAWYER, you could spend several weeks researching this question to its' fullest logical conclusion, as many have, in the past.
You are 'forced' to 'file' (under penalty of conviction of PERJURY, directly abriging the Fifth Amendment), because the 'government' has TAKEN your bartered trade earnings (NON-TAXABLE, under IRS CODE), in the 'hope' that you will get a 'TAX RETURN' (which, under ROMBAMACARE, is now subject to SEIZURE if you do NOT 'PURCHACE' A SERVICE That is your right to refuse).

This all started because of a 'government' INSURANCE program, called 'Social Security'. Of course, this one went 'insolvent' in about '72, but because of the FIAT money manipulations by the banks ('government'), it is being used to EXTORT YOUR BARTERED LABOR.

YES, your 'tax dollars' are SO USEFUL to fund illegal incursions in foreign nations, funding of the U.N., Barry's wife's vacation extravaganzas, DUI checkpoints, The DHS, and AGENDA 21, and the list goes on...

'Under The Table' sounds 'so dirty' (they always use sexual degredation connotations when describing anything that has to do with HONESTY, and when one comes close to exposing their lies, there is ALWAYS a 'sex scandal', in case you haven't noticed).

Think about this, when you go back to your 'JOB' that Nancy Pelosi stated was the 'number one' issue, after the 'stock market collapse and subsequent bailout' of the latter year of the Bush/Obama 'transition, October 2008.


Not strange; very normal. Sad

Not strange; very normal. Sad though.

Not enough votes to cast off the chains politically.

Not enough consensus to even consider casting off the chains by coordinated and justified violent defense.

Not enough guns even if consensus was achieved to cast off the chains violently.

Not enough agreement to even discuss, let alone attempt, to chart a course in either scenario.

Not enough privacy to collaborate in an effective manner to that end even if agreement was sufficient.

Pardon my cynicism, but it is my estimation that our greatest hope lies very ironically in the hands of our greatest enemy: the Federal Reserve.

The sooner they fuck it all up for everyone, the sooner the system ceases to function, the sooner everyone realizes the ingenuity of individual and voluntary action, a la System D: http://dailypolicyjournal.com/2011/11/20/more-evidence-that-...

I See That You Read Cointelpro

How very strange that you are supporting the continuation of the FED.

Some commiesymp from 'Daily Policy (really, POLICY?) Jounal', is using you like a TOOL.

NEXT satement from you:
'Ron Paul Supporters should be hoping that Obama is re-elected, because then the truth about Obama's policies will be outlined to a greater number of sheople', or something like that.


Are YOU one of 'them', or WHAT?
I suppose that KUDLOW and the KEYNESIANS put you up to this comment.
Have you ever even HELD a firearm, much less owned one?
YOU are 'so sad'!


Hey moron, Cite the part in

Hey moron,

Cite the part in what I wrote where I 'support the continuation of the Fed.'

Also, you very clearly did not read the article cited in the DPJ link about System D.

So, to quote something someone wise once wrote on dailypaul:


Or else skip your strawmen BS and address the points I actually made in my post.

Funding Our Own loss of Freedoms or Putting a Gun To Our Head

and pulling the trigger..We may as well start the revolution ASAP, because at this rate we're going to have to fight to keep them from dropping laser guided drone bombs down our friggin chimmeys...

When the end comes, it's gonna be kill or be killed. It is as simple as that. They will never allow us freedom loving americans to live. They know that and so they are preparing right now for our demise.


Patience is one of the Seven Virtues.

Fiat Currency can still be used to stock up with essentials.
This will soon change, but for the moment, the window of opportunity still is open.
THIS issue is INEVITABLE, as many have been warning about (not the least of which is RON PAUL).

As individuals, all we can do is listen and act individually.
AS A GROUP, we can pool our resources, and put up a stong defense.
RIGHT NOW, the 'war' is simply 'informational', and is a battle for the minds of the people.
Even WITHIN the 'battle' that you describe, there may be opportunities to persuade people to choose the correct side. Is YOUR INDIVIDUAL 'survival' more important that the opportunity to sway a few 'lost ones' (who are hungry and desparate), into joining the CORRECT SIDE?
'OUR DEMISE' is well-predicted.

The true test of the mettle of a man is what he does, in the face of certain death.
He who LIVES by 'the sword' shall DIE 'by the sword'. Let those who have the ears to HEAR, hear my warnings.


Excellent point.

Excellent point.

Which Point?

Several 'points' are being discussed.

Are you describing the 'verb' 'point', which shows a linear ACTION (a troop who takes 'point', in an ever-changing exchange between enemies), or the 'noun' 'point', which describes the non-linear, STATIC, STATIONARY description of a PARTICULAR EVENT, either historical, or present?
A 'TURNING POINT', or the 'POINT of DEPARTURE', or the POINT at which a CUSP of UNDERSTANDING is ACHIEVED, for examples?

WHICH PARTICULAR 'POINT' are you referring to?
A NOUN, or a VERB?
The NOUN of 'taxes', or the VERB of 'PAYING TAXES'?
The NOUN of 'a job', or the VERB of 'working'?

Perhaps you could 'flesh this comment out' a little bit, so that we are not misunderstanding your intent in posting.
A 'TWO-WORD COMMENT' is not up to the speed and clarity of the average 'Daily Paul' commenter.
Don't worry about 'typographical errors'.
I make them all the time.


Makes you think

The Government takes 1/2 my money before I can spend it. That leaves me with the other half. Now there are local needs, like my parents, poor people, church etc, that takes 1/3 of my other half. Bills take another 1/3
Now I have 1/6 of my left that I could possibly use to fight and undue what half of money does....

Don't like Income Taxes?

Then go to www.losthorizons.com and educate yourself

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

HAL Holbrook?

I remember that actor!

When 'Educate Yourself.ORG' went belly-up, because GCN put Alex Jones on the headline list, instead of those Rosecrutions, there was a firestorm on 'educateyourself'. HALE-BOPP, and the 'SECRET TUNNELS', and the CRYSTAL POWERS', and ALL THAT STUFF, was confronted by me (I OWN THEIR BOOK!), I was not only kicked off their site, but forced to purchase new computers (talk about MALWARE!), back in late 2008.

It got SO BAD that these 'new-age freaks' forced several trusted sites to change their IP addresses and contact emails, and messed with Alex Jones so hard that he was forced to turn to 'Simple Machines' out of Belgium.

'Rock and Roll' NEVER FORGETS.



Good quote:

"Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one; for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer." - Thomas Paine

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeles

I honestly think our best chance at protest is...

Since our states will most likely not secede, is to sign a declaration that we "individually secede" and we will not continue to support our unconstitutional government. We declare we will refuse to pay our taxes to the federal government in our protest. We refuse to give consent and fund their unconstitutional business.

I think if enough people could do this, they would have a huge problem on their hands real quick. It would be a non-violent protest. Some may be jailed, but if enough people do it, it will send a message, it will flood the courts with tax cases, and eventually those who are charged will be released when things change.

Best Chance to Protest

Your getting close to home. Consider: What if you could perform this protest (not paying taxes) and you discovered that you can do it LEGALLY!! I don't mean in some abstract manner, eg. you deem law to be unconstitutional, so you nullify, yada yada...
NO. You stop paying by putting the feds on notice that you know the law and you are within your rights!! This is no pipe dream! You can engage in civil disobedience by being OBEDIENT to the law.If enough people did it, the beast starts bleeding and dies.
Think I'm dreaming? Ask yourself. Did you read the law? How about reading a treatise on the tax (Hendrickson, Champion, Larken Rose?)
Knowledge is power. Stop funding the beast. WSHIELDS@COMCAST>NET

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

well first off...

Semper Fidelis. I was a Sgt in the Marines from 04-10.

and secondly, are you currently engaged in doing something like this??

There is one easy way

to secede. Move to another country. Where the capitalists are.

Where's that?

Where's a capitalist country?

That's What the South Thought

What the heck do you think happened in the civil war?



it's much harder to wage a war against individuals than it is a group of states/a nation. It's not so clear cut as the south vs. north...you would face the same issues against individuals that you do in Afghanistan or the drug war. At least in my opinion, but I feel what you're saying.

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"it's much harder to wage a war against individuals than it is a group of states/a nation."

I suppose that's what the drones are for.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

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Premature, for one overiding reason.

We have not yet exhausted all avenues for redress.
Mattering not, many have already begun the protest; some vocal, many not.
Ultimately, I don't think it's good strategy because it will create a strawman of "tax scoflaws", which, rather than than expand our base, will retain and deepen the divide.
It would take a strong majority to work. We are not there yet, and there are other ways to starve the beast, with which I agree is needed.

Undo what Wilson did